piercing of nails For any woman, fingernails can become realdecoration or accessory, just get the courage and turn to a master who can professionally make a work of art out of your nails. The design of nails can combine a manicure with rhinestones, sequins, modeling, appliqué and others. Separately, one can distinguish such an original means to decorate a manicure as a nail piercing. To date, nail piercing is one of the most popular nail plate jewelry that many fashioners like. Naturally, like any other piercing, it is based on piercing. Previously, nail piercing was fond of only informal youth, but now this jewelry is worn by housewives, businesswomen, and just creative girls. Nail piercing is as popular as the application. The procedure of piercing is absolutely painless and safe. Nail piercing can be performed only on healthy and strong nails. Do not try to conduct a nail piercing at home, it is better to use the services of a master in a beauty salon for this. Look before you do the nail piercing of the photos of the artist you like. So you will be sure of a good result of the procedure. If you decide to do nail piercing at home, do this on false nails or with a special set for piercing the nails. Never try to use a needle instead of a special drill to pierce the nail! You can damage the nail plate or get injured.

How is the procedure done?

To begin with, that the earring does not damage the nail andwell held, nails strengthened with acrylic or gel. If you do not want to damage your own nail, you can build up acrylic or attach special tips, which then will be attached to the earring. After strengthening the base of the nail plate, you can proceed to the second stage of the procedure: with the help of a small drill, the master will make a small hole at the tip of your nail. If you nevertheless decided to carry out piercing at home yourself, then during the puncture, make sure that the drill remains exactly perpendicular to the nail, only so you get the right hole. The drill should be applied from the back side of the nail plate, and the other side of the nail should be placed on something resilient. Most importantly, when you do piercing on the nails how to make the right puncture. Do this very carefully, gently pressing the drill bit so as not to damage the nail. The last, final stage is the attachment of the earring itself. The master, with the help of special tweezers for the design of nails, fixes on the nail a special decoration (chosen for your taste). Now everything is ready! If you have pierced your nails, and not on tipsy, then as the nails grow, the puncture needs to be updated or taken off. There are several types of jewelry for nails. They can be in the form of carnations or in the form of rings. Different types of earrings are attached differently. Most often, women of fashion choose their rings for piercing. They can be single, triple, can snake, be ellipsoidal, etc. A ring can have a flat wide rib on which a pattern is applied. On the rings are fixed pebbles, beads, rhinestones, and, sometimes, and small pendants. The second type of decoration - it's carnations. Types of carnations can be conditionally divided into earrings from solid metal and earrings with inserts. Carnations are fixed with a small nut and are varied in shape. The shape of the cap of a stud earring can have absolutely any shape: from a geometric figure to different flowers, suns and so on. In order not to injure the finger, shorten the tip of the stud earring with special tweezers, just do not make it too short, otherwise the earring may fly off and get lost. In addition to the usual ornaments in the form of a stud earring or ring, it became popular to use multi-tier ornaments. For example, chains that connect a ring in the nail plate with a bracelet or ring. At the height of popularity, also pendants for the nail piercing with special springing locks. They perfectly fix your decoration and are easily removed and dressed. Pendants for the nail can be of different shapes - hearts, fish, locks or keys. They can be gold and silver, and can be made of simple metals. Pendants on the nails adorn their owner and give the image extravagance. Try to pick up the jewelry so that it fits well with your other jewelry - chains, earrings or bracelets. So you will ensure the integrity of your image. Jewelry for piercing can be bought in the store - their range is quite large. If you like originality and creativity, you can make earrings yourself. For this, as best as possible, fit rings from the old chain, which you can attach any suspension. The most elegant piercing of nails looks on the French manicure. Most girls stop the question from the piercing of nails: will the decoration in everyday life interfere in the kitchen or at work. But the reviews of clients with piercings suggest that you get used to a cat in a couple of days. Piercing is done on nameless fingers or little fingers, since they are practically not involved in daily work. Thus, you reduce the risk of cracks, nail breakage and loss of jewelry. If you do a nail piercing procedure at home, then before drilling the nail, cover it with varnish. Then wait until the varnish is completely dry and proceed to the drilling of the nail. Be careful, if you have weak and thin nails, the piercing can lead to stratification of the nail plate. While you are wearing an earring on your nail, you should take certain precautions so that you do not get caught up in jewelry for something and do not break your nail. Nails are often damaged, decorated with hanging earrings. If possible, remove the earring at night or when doing household chores. When everything is ready, the result will definitely please you. You will get a beautiful and original manicure for a long time, perfectly complementing your image. Fantasize, create your new image, approach the matter creatively. Do not be afraid to experiment and your nails will not be left without attention. We advise you to read: