manicure at home Even the most expensive, large and exquisitethe diamond on the finger is not able to change the unpleasant impression of her mistress if she does not have a neat manicure. Remembering the expression that the eyes - the mirror of the soul, you can confidently continue: the hands - her business card. Unwelled brushes with peeling bright spots of nail varnish silently tell the people around you the whole truth about you, about your habits and your inner world. "I simply did not have time to look into the salon!" - you can say in your defense. However, to justify this reason, frankly speaking, is rather weak. Any girl should be able to do manicure at home on her own, regardless of whether she has the time and money to visit professional institutions or not. Well-groomed - one of the most priority signs of beauty, which should not be neglected in any case. Especially since it's not burdensome to do your own pens and make a manicure at home - it takes quite a bit of patience, certain skills and some tools.

Tools for manicure at home

To perform a manicure at home, you will need:

  • Scissors with sharp tips - with their help you can give the nails the right length;
  • A nail file is better if it's not metal, but glass or cardboard. They are less traumatic for thinned nails;
  • There are also various tetrahedralsaws-buffs with abrasiveness of varying degrees on each face for grinding the nails. However, it is best to apply it only to artificial nails. A natural nail can withstand only very gentle grinding, and even then not more often a couple of times a year;
  • A wooden stick is a hoof or a spatula. Sometimes the role of the hoof is made by a rubber nozzle, which allows processing the cuticle with maximum delicacy;
  • Tweezers - useful for removing the cuticle or for removing burrs and keratinized skin on the sides of the nail plate.

Prepare a bath with warm water in advance,sea ​​salt, soda, essential or olive oil, linen napkin, cotton swabs, nail polish remover. And also varnishes, a cream for hands, a fixer and a basis. Do not forget about special disinfectants, in case of their absence, use ordinary alcohol. Carefully process the tool before you begin. how to do manicure at home

Step by step algorithm of hygienic manicure

Remove from the nails the remains of lacquer cotton wool soaked inliquid provided for these purposes. The best option if it does not contain acetone, which has a destructive effect on the structure of the nail. Give the desired shape to the nails, it should be done with scissors, if there is a radical shortening. Or with a saw, if the correction is not too significant. Do a manicure you need sharpened movements, without excessive fuss, so as not to injure the nail. Apply a means to soften the cuticle, gently rubbing it into the skin. After a few minutes, put your hands in a tub with warm water, where previously added sea salt, soda and a couple drops of ether or any other oil. Literally after 5 minutes the cuticle will become more elastic, and the nails - supple. Blot hands with a linen napkin and proceed to cuticle treatment. You can do the procedure with a stick, simply moving the skin to the base of the nail (not an edging manicure), or tweezers, cutting unnecessary skin (trimmed manicure). At the same time, remove the keratinized skin on the sides and burrs, if any. Be extremely careful and careful, do not tear them, and bite off the forceps. If the injury can not be avoided, immediately treat the cuts with a disinfectant. Apply to the skin of the hands a nourishing cream or oil, massage to improve blood circulation. Clean the nails from the fat with a nail polish remover or simply a napkin. Your nails are ready for the finishing touch - the coating is varnished. How to properly cover? If you prefer to apply the lacquer to the substrate, allow it to dry well before this. If the varnish is applied directly to the nail, the first layer must certainly be very thin - so the manicure will last longer. To achieve increased durability and additional gloss, there are fixers, which are applied on top of the color lacquer. That's all, the classic manicure at home is over - your pens are simply divine, and you are irresistible! manicure at home yourself

Types of manicure

If you are already sufficiently skilled in manicuresubtleties, for you it will not be difficult to experiment with the technologies and types of this cosmetic procedure. Now you can do a different manicure, depending on the mood and purpose.

  • French manicure or jacket - ideal forfemale students and business ladies, emphasizes the elegance and grace of the fingers. The bottom line is that the rounded edge of the nail is white, and the rest is covered with bodily or natural pink color;
  • American manicure - differs from the others in that the nails are given an elongated oval shape and they are covered with bright and juicy in color lacquers, which coincide with the color of lipstick;
  • Spanish manicure - Spanish women of fashion play ondepth of color. Instead of the usual colorless base, they apply a matte silt or milky white shade. On top, cover the nail with a selected bright varnish. Thus, the color seems deeper and more saturated.

Self-decoration of nails

All women of fashion will like the fact thatSpecial tools for drawing on nails do not need to buy. You can decorate and improvised means, such as a toothpick or a thin needle. These devices are used to apply drawings to the main coating. You do not need to finish any painting courses or have a lot of experience. Just apply a few drops of bright varnish of different colors to the base, stir it, creating a unique abstraction - the picture is ready. It remains to cover everything with a fixative. Another way of drawing a picture is using a gel pen. Here, too, everything is simple. We put the foundation and give it a little dry, just a little bit, so that the lines drawn by the handle are deepened in the lacquer. Now we wait for complete drying and cover with a fixer. It will be very short time, and your home manicure will become a pride, After all, it will be executed in a unique author's style, in which you put a piece of your soul. We advise you to read: