lip care An attractive image is made up of small things, andfrom the beauty of the lips depends on how even the lipstick will lie. In addition, without proper care, lip gloss and persistent lipsticks with frequent use can dry the delicate skin, which contributes to its infection. Therefore, this part of the female face should be watched as carefully as the rest. You in fact do not forget to wash off cosmetics before a dream, use skrabami, periodically do or make a peeling and regularly put or render a cream under eyes? Despite such a reverent attitude to their appearance, many ladies do not pay proper attention to their lips. It is not necessary to resort to the help of specialists and to leave huge sums in the salons. Caring for the lips at home is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. Just need to follow a few simple rules: periodically massage lips, moisturize them and use only high-quality (in no case not expired!) Cosmetics. To begin with, let's determine what affects the beauty of the female lips, and what prolongs her life:

  • Each of us has bad habits: some smoked, others gnawed their nails, and still others at occurrence of stressful situations bite their lips. If you also belong to the number of such people, this very minute start to fight this particular feature. The fact is that such biting leads to the formation of microscopic cracks on the skin, through which microbes easily penetrate the human body. As a consequence, inflammatory processes are often developed.
  • If you feel dry lips, by no meanslick them. Apply a moisturizer or special hygiene lipstick. Otherwise, they only crack even more and begin to peel off.
  • One of the most useful procedures for delicate skinlips - massage, which should be done several times a week. Use a conventional toothbrush with a soft bristle. This will not only improve blood circulation, but also help get rid of old, dead scales. After the massage you need to apply a nourishing cream, and from folk remedies you can use olive, sunflower or other vegetable oil.
  • Especially important is the care of the skin of the lips in the autumn-winterperiod. Cold wind and frosts cause the gentle female lips to crack and become airborne. Therefore, experts recommend to lubricate them with natural honey, which perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and freshens lips. Apply it to the skin and hold at least five to seven minutes, then wash it off.

Careful attitude to their appearance, regular and systematic care of the skin of the lips, will help keep their shape and freshness for many years. lip care at home

Lip Care at home: gymnastics, peeling, moisturizing

As mentioned above, to preserve beautyand the freshness of the lips you need to regularly massage. This procedure takes quite a bit of time, but, believe me, it's worth it. Soon you will notice that the skin will become tender, will shrink less. Perform light patting movements with the fingertips on the lips for one to two minutes. Then grease them with a fatty nutritious cream, after a quarter of an hour, rinse the leftovers with warm water. Massage can also be done with a toothbrush. Only pick up with soft bristles, so as not to damage sensitive skin. It's no secret that with age, the elasticity of the lips is reduced, their shape is gradually lost. To slow down this process, beauticians recommend once or twice a week to do special gymnastics:

  • Pull out your lips, blowing air through them, and then relax - this movement is like blowing a candle. Repeat it seven or ten times.
  • Put the air in your mouth, inhaling deeply, and inflate your cheeks, then gradually push it out of yourself. Eight to nine approaches will be enough.
  • Another effective method for maintaining the elasticity of the lips is a vigorous articulation. Loudly say aloud vowels, namely: "A", "Y", "O", "AND" and so on.
  • Ten to twenty times move the lower jaw first to the left, then to the right.
  • Now your task is to stick your tongue out as far as possibleand stay in this position for two or three seconds. Of course, there is not much to enjoy in this, and the exercise looks at least ridiculous, but remember - you care about your beauty and its longevity!
  • And finally one more task: do not open your mouth too much - just like fish do during breathing - then close and release your lips.

Gymnastics can be done at any convenient time: at home, at work, before bedtime. The exercise will take only five to eight minutes, but the result you probably will be pleased. In addition to these simple activities, you must follow one more rule: regularly exfoliate, nourish, and also moisturize the skin of the lips. To get rid of keratinized scales, you can use a gentle and gentle peeling. The product is sold both in pharmacies and in supermarkets. The main difference of scrubs, designed specifically for the lips, is that their base is quite oily. Therefore, cosmetics do not have to be washed off - just remove excess with a napkin or cotton pad. Lips, as well as the zone around them in their properties (increased dryness, sensitivity and fineness) are similar to the skin around the eyes. Therefore, they should also be looked after regularly and correctly. Be sure to buy a special cream for the lips, pay attention to its composition of water-retaining components. It can be shea butter or, for example, aloe juice. And if for any reason you do not have the opportunity to buy such cosmetics, then use to moisturize the area around the lips the same cream that is applied to the eyelids and under the eyes. Remember that taking care of your lips at home will help keep them beautiful and healthy. Massage of lips with natural honey or olive oil is especially useful for dryness or winds. You can buy a special cream for the care of the skin of the lips or use a gel for the skin around the eyes - this will save on buying two products with the same effect. By the way, the gel for the skin around the eyes is an ideal tool for the lip liner, because it contains UV filters, in addition, with it lipstick will lie more evenly and will not dry the skin. And wiping the skin of your lips with fruit juice from berries, you will notice in a few days that their color has freshened. As for lipstick or shine, they should be selected not only based on the color scale. If you see that cosmetics consist of components such as almond or cocoa butter, vitamins E and A, pay for the purchase without even thinking. After all, such decorative cosmetics will not only profitably emphasize your beauty, but will also give the effect of leaving for the whole day. Today, many salons offer a service for improving the contour of the lips - tattooing. Most modern women happily go to this procedure and suffer some discomfort, because "stuffing" a new line of lips causes not the most pleasant sensations. However, before deciding on tattooing, remember that after the skin of the lips you will later have to follow even more carefully. Care for the lips after tattooing requires special attention. A few weeks after the procedure is not recommended to use lipstick, all this time you need to wash only boiled water to prevent infection. Until full recovery, you can not visit saunas and swimming pools, you need to exclude from your diet hot and alcoholic beverages, rough and spicy food. This is required in order not to damage the healing sites. Apply the protective cream several times during the day, and as a result, your lips will be the ones you have always dreamed of. Strengthening cream should be used after two weeks - it will help to hold on to the tattoo as long as possible. skin care for lips

Masks and lip scrubbing with your own hands

Not only does the facial skin need an extracare, you need not forget about the lips. Despite the fact that the modern cosmetology industry offers a lot of various means to care for all parts of the body, folk remedies still do not lose their relevance. Often they are even more effective than buying masks, scrubs and stuff. There are many different recipes, so if you have a spare moment, dedicate it to caring for the beauty and tenderness of your lips:

  • Smooth the skin, give it shine and freshnesswill help such a mask: combine two tablespoons of sour cream with the same amount of fresh carrot juice. The resulting mixture is applied to the lips and hold for about seven minutes, then rinse with not too hot water.
  • Women who are prone to peeling, sufferingdry skin of the lips, it is recommended to take note of the following composition: mix freshly squeezed carrot and cucumber juices, as well as sour cream, honey and cottage cheese. After the procedure, apply a little olive oil on the lips.
  • Mask for lips from grated apple and creamyoil, taken in equal proportions, heals cracks and softens the skin of the lips. For its preparation, grind a fresh fruit with a grater and combine it with a teaspoon of melted butter. Lubricate your home with lip cream, after half an hour, remove excess cotton wool disc or rinse with lukewarm water.
  • The most effective nutrient mask is considered to bea mixture of honey and lard. Five grams of a fragrant golden product stir with half a tablespoon of fat, which should be melt in advance on a steam bath. Regular use of home cosmetics will make your lips more tender, give them a bright color and firmness.
  • Mask for lips from cream and cottage cheese for ten minutes will make lips more elastic. Rinse it off with cool water, then apply a layer of hygienic lipstick.

Before moisturizing and nutritional procedures, you need to get rid of the cornified upper layer of the skin. An irreplaceable assistant in this matter is a scrub:

  • Lip peeling done and at home is prettyjust. Taking a teaspoon of ground oat flakes and a little olive oil, you can make a moisturizing lip scrub at home. After applying the mixture, massage your lips for a few minutes, then rinse it with water and apply a greasy cream.
  • Peeling from aspirin and cane sugar withthe addition of glycerin and jojoba oil does not differ from salon saline using salicylic acid and alpha-hydrate acids. A scrub that helps protect lips is prepared as follows: aspirin and cane sugar is taken in equal amounts (it will take about two teaspoons of the finished dry mixture), then a few drops of jojoba oil and glycerin are added to this mass. It should be noted that the better the sugar is, the more tender the lip scrub will be. Sweet taste will make the procedure also pleasant. This same mixture can be used for the face. Home recipes are often more effective than salon treatments.

Care for the lips in winter should be more thorough: you need to protect them from frost and weathering, often use moisturizing and protective lipsticks. It is also necessary to postpone until the spring lip glosses, which dehydrate the skin. And, of course, use lip balms as an extra protection. We advise you to read: