hardware manicure Technologies of nail service developmentare improved simultaneously with the requirements imposed on them. Today, a highly skilled manicurist is obliged to have in his arsenal not only traditional nail files and tweezers, but also possess the skills of hardware treatment of nails. The first to test this method of French and Italian beauty salons. Gradually, advanced experience was picked up by other European and American colleagues, spreading throughout the world over the years. Hardware manicure over the past decade has acquired its target audience, which is actively in demand. In comparison with the trimmed manicure, it is able to provide greater efficiency and increased safety. This kind of manicure is ideal for girls with problematic, layered nails, because the risk of cuts or cracks, and, consequently, of infection, is practically reduced to zero. However, this rule is valid only if the master is really a high-class professional, because otherwise the probability of skin damage increases many times. Hardware manicure is one of the most gentle ways to care for nails. It will also be appreciated by those who have an increased growth of the cuticle. After a hardware manicure, it slows down, and if the procedure is carried out permanently, it can completely stop. The entire process of doing manicure with the help of the device takes about half an hour. The procedure should be done no more than twice a month, seeking help from specialists in the beauty salon. They will tell you how to properly care for marigolds after a hardware manicure, and also help in solving the problems described below.

  • Eliminate coarsening skin, including calluses;
  • Get rid of unaesthetic burrs on the fingers;
  • Carefully release the nail plate from the peeling and damaged surfaces;
  • They will give an ideal smoothness and shine to the nails - their own or artificial.

how to make a hardware manicure

Adaptations for hardware manicure

Professional manicure apparatusmultifunctional, consists of a special device with a rotating mechanism and nozzles of various shapes, size and degree of abrasiveness. The principle of its operation is similar to that used in dental drills. It must necessarily be possible to select a certain speed mode, since each stage of treatment of nails and the skin of the hands inherent in its own speed of rotation. Usually its upper threshold does not exceed 30 thousand revolutions per minute. Important in the configuration of the device is such a detail as a built-in mini vacuum cleaner. It protects the master and client from inhaling harmful dust, which is unavoidable when working with modeling natural, and even more artificial, nails. The fan located in the handle of the device prevents its overheating. The mechanization of manual labor is very appropriate in the correction of accrued nails, because with the help of a manicure device and the maximum speed of rotation of coarse-grained nozzles, it is very easy to achieve the desired effect when stripping and cracking such nails, giving them the desired shape, thickness or smile line. Gathered to do the hardware manicure, consider one feature: the handle of the device must be kept correctly - like a pencil. It is necessary to correctly calculate the ratio of the force of pressure and the speed of rotation of the nozzles, since too much pressure can lead to damage to the nail plate. All cutters during work should be strictly parallel to the nail, and the movements - adjusted and cautious, from right to left. When doing a manicure, you must strictly observe the safety rules. The hardware manicure allows to carry out not only standard procedures of registration of nails: processing of a cuticle, correction of the form and length. Very well, he proved himself in such a difficult business as careful polishing of the nail plate, treatment of problem (ingrown) nails, grinding corns and skin lateral ridges. how to make a hardware manicure

How to do hardware manicure

  • Before you do the hardware manicure, you should do a preliminary preparation of hands. They are thoroughly washed with soap and treated with any antiseptic agent;
  • After removing the remains of the old varnishto move the cuticle, gradually squeezing it, using a fine-grained corundum nozzle in the form of a truncated cone. It is very important not to touch the surface of the nail so that longitudinal furrows do not appear on it;
  • One of the advantages of a hardware manicureis the fact that all treatment of nails occurs without prior softening by "soaking" hands. This prevents leaching of microelements and does not provoke stratification of nail plates;
  • The keratinized skin on the lateral ridges of fingers is cleaned off with a cylindrical grinding cap at a speed of about 15,000 rpm;
  • After this place, subjected to cleaning, should be polished with a rounded corundum nozzle at a speed of no more than 12 thousand rpm;
  • Thus, each finger is processed. At the end of the procedure, a special nourishing oil or cream is applied to the nails and cuticles, which help to strengthen and improve the nails;
  • The final chord is polishing the nail with felt or suede nozzles. This will give your nails a well-groomed and impeccable look.

Procedure using hardware technologycan be in demand and as an auxiliary operation, which helps to get rid of any inconvenience or discomfort in each specific case. For example, with its help you can remove too rough skin or even the surface of the nail. In order to make the hardware manicure correctly, it is necessary to take into account the individual features of the structure of the nail and skin condition, therefore, without prior consultation with a specialist you can not do. Not knowing the intricacies of work, you can injure your hands, which will lead to sad consequences. Go to the beauty salon, watch how the master works, ask him questions that interest you. And only after that you can try to independently carry out the procedure.