how to get rid of ingrown hairs on the legs Redness, inflammation, itching, swelling - with a problemingrown hair on the legs, many representatives of the fair sex are not first-hand. Most often, such a nuisance is due to improper handling of epilators, waxes, razors, depilation creams, etc. Such individuals should first learn how to properly work with devices and hair removal products in order not to risk their health in the future.

Epilation and depilation: what girls should know about

  • Preparatory stage

Ten to twenty minutes before hair removal (depilation)take a warm bath, shower or make hot compresses. Remember, no matter how you fight against vegetation on your feet, you can remove hair from steamed, clean and fat-free skin much easier. In addition, in the modern world, no one abrogated the elementary rules of hygiene. In the set of some epilators there is a special nozzle for peeling. This device should be used continuously before starting the procedure. It helps to remove the keratinized particles of the epidermis, which do not allow the stem to grow normally, and lifts the hair above the surface to make it easier for you to pluck or cut off the vegetation on the body. You can achieve the same effect with a conventional scrub. The only thing, always observe the sense of proportion. Do not rub heavily on the skin, as a strong irritation will appear on the body due to mechanical stress.

  • We fight vegetation with a razor

If you use to remove body hairshaving machine, then, of course, are familiar with the three basic rules. You need to stick to them constantly, even if you are lazy, you do not have time or you are limited in finances. Rule number one: cleanliness and freshness - first of all First, always use only new (still sharp) blades, not two-year ones, which you shaved in the first year of the university. With the problem of ingrown hair, most often faced by the fair sex, saving on this detail. Either they think that the razor is never dull, or the girls experience the pleasure of pulling, not cutting, but the fact remains that almost every second forgets to change the cassettes at least once a month. As for disposable razors, in this case the name speaks for itself. Therefore, you should not use two, three or even more than four times. Remember once and for all, a blunt blade greatly injures the skin. And if the winter red spots on the legs are not visible, then in the summer it is not only ugly, but also dangerous. In the heat, when the sebaceous glands of a person work in double volume, the sweat gets into the microcracks, which leads to irritation, burning and rash. Reusable razors are used until the indicator bar brightens. After each time, rinse the blades under running water (preferably very hot) so that no hairs and skin particles remain on them. Otherwise, in a moist environment, bacteria or fungus will multiply. And the next time you start depilation, through cuts and cracks all the dirt gets to you in the body. Rule two: do not use force. The movements of the razor should be smooth, light, the direction of the hair growth. The blade should barely touch the surface, otherwise you will cut off the upper layers of the epidermis. If there are scars on the legs, the rod will be difficult to grow through the coarsened skin. The third rule: take care of the legs after epilation. After you finish shaving your legs, do not forget to moisturize your skin with a special cream that contains no alcohol and other aggressive ingredients. If you do not have one, use regular children's. Please note that it is not recommended to soar the skin after the procedure. how to get rid of ingrown hairs on the legs correctly

Growth - why is this happening?

The fact is that shaved with a razor, pulled outepilator or torn with wax hair becomes more delicate and weak, so it is much more difficult for him to grow outside. After five to six days, the rod begins to curl inward, resulting in the skin blushing, becoming inflamed, and the bulb itself is suppurating. By the way, the one who got rid of it with the help of stabbing or cutting objects, in due course can notice a small pigmented spot on this place.

Ingrown hair: fighting with a problem at home

In fact, get rid of ingrown hair is not sojust as it seems at first glance. First, the inflamed skin is especially sensitive to mechanical influences, and secondly, there is a risk of remaining with scratches, which in time can turn into scars. And, thirdly, it is unlikely that girls will be comfortable walking in the summer along the street with plasters.

What not to do with ingrown hair on the body

So, if you found ingrown hairs on your legs,do not rush to panic. To begin with, give up for a while from hair removal and shaving, as this can injure the damaged skin as well. And never use a needle, alcohol and tweezers! No matter how you disinfect the problem area and tools, the risk of infection in this case is quite high. However, despite such warnings of beauticians and doctors, women continue to do everything the old fashioned way. As a result of such "needlework" the inflamed place begins to fester and after a while without the help of a surgeon such extreme sports can not be avoided. But this does not mean that it is worthwhile to sit and wait, when a lazy hair wants to get out, because such a miracle can never happen. Step-by-step instruction

  • Peeling

If the inflammation is not strong, but you can freelytouching the area where the ingrownion occurred, try to make a light peeling with a conventional cosmetic scrub. You can either buy it in the store, or make it yourself from the melted grains of coffee and pomegranate. This procedure should be done twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. This will help get rid of keratinized particles that prevent the sprouting of the rod through the skin upward. By the way, a day or two before hair removal is recommended to cleanse the body, in order to avoid further ingrowth.

  • Remedy for rash

With much inflamed skin and pustules suchthe trick will not work, since friction will only aggravate and so not a pleasant situation. In this case, it is recommended to apply to the problem site a remedy that is used for acne. Cream, tonic, mask - all this will help reduce pain, reduce redness, accelerate healing. Lubricate the skin several times a day until the problem is resolved.

  • Steaming

Get rid of ingrown hairs on your legs muchIt's more difficult if it's deep enough under the skin. Try to make hot compresses from decoctions of chamomile, yarrow and oak bark. Pour the herbs with boiling water, leave for a quarter of an hour, so that they are brewed, and the water is cooled to the right temperature, comfortable for lotions. Take a small soft towel, soak it and attach it to the problem area. After a few minutes, as soon as the tissue becomes cool, repeat the procedure again. Usually enough two to three times to get through the steamy skin on his legs, he got hair. If this does not happen, you should seek help from a cosmetologist, as you will not be able to cope on your own, unfortunately. In addition, it can come out that redness and inflammation on the body appeared for entirely different reasons.

  • A solution of salt

Half a cup of large sea salt mixed with twotea spoons of aromatic oil (orange, pink or lavender) and moisturizing cream. Must get a thick mass. This product is applied to the skin and thoroughly rubbed. After five minutes, rinse the scrub with a copious amount of cool water, then carefully dry the skin with a towel and apply a healing solution. To do this, dilute one hundred grams of salicylic alcohol with fifty grams of calendula tincture. As soon as the product is absorbed, lubricate the damaged areas with a baby cream or oil.

  • Aspirin

Also to get rid of ingrown hairs it is possible athelp two aspirin tablets and one hundred milliliters of purified water. The resulting solution should be wiped immediately after removing the vegetation on the body. He will relieve the inflammation, irritation, a little anesthetize. If you take this advice into service, you will never face such a problem. To pull the rod, mix the aspirin with glycerin and apply the gruel to the inflamed area for one and a half to two hours, no less. Once the head is shown above the surface, carefully remove the ingrown hair with tweezers. But in any case do not pick it with pins or needles. Do not forget to wipe the treated area with a disinfectant.

  • Water and hydrogen peroxide

Mix the two ingredients in the sameproportions and apply the mixture to the damaged areas for about fifteen minutes. Attention, during the procedure, burning and tingling may occur! In this there is nothing to worry about, but if there are painful sensations, immediately wash off the product with a copious amount of water. At the end of the procedure, lubricate your feet with a moisturizing or nourishing baby cream to soften the skin. Thanks to such procedures, you can get rid of ingrown hairs in just one or two days, while the body will not have sores, redness, swelling and inflammation. Be careful, since the mixture of water and peroxide should not be kept on the body for too long. In this case, the usual rule regarding the fact that the longer you go with the mask, the better, does not work. By the way, after the application of this bog plant, hair growth is accelerated, and if it is not in your interests to shave your feet daily, then do not experiment with the time and quantity of ingredients. how to get rid of ingrown hairs on your legs yourself

We get rid of ingrown hairs in the cabin

  • Electrolysis

This method allows to eliminate painlesslythis problem on any parts of the skin, without resorting to surgical interventions. It is worth such a procedure is relatively inexpensive, but the positive effect will be visible immediately. However, in particularly neglected cases, when ingrown hair began to rot, electroepilation will not help.

  • Ointments and Creams

In some beauty salons, clients are offeredto deal with the consequences of unsuccessful epilation with the help of special sprays, gels, creams and similar cosmetic products. In the future, you can purchase the product in a pharmacy or in the same institution to use it every time this problem arises.

  • Laser Hair Removal

Using a laser, you can remove deeply ingrownHairs that without help outside can not crawl out. It is recommended to consult a specialist immediately, as you found the problem, without waiting for an increase in the inflammation focus. In addition, thanks to the laser, you avoid skin pigmentation. We advise you to read: