personal diary of a girl Tell me, please, what a self-respecting youngThe young lady would not like to keep a diary? Probably, every girl in her time takes in her hands the coveted notebook, which is intended to become a true friend, and ... does not know what to do with it! It's not such a simple matter to keep a personal diary!

How to keep a diary

Diaries play an important role in the personalbecoming a young girl, because it helps to comprehend the past and teaches us to think about our future. You can make a prediction about what will happen in the near future, and then see how your assumptions were correct. You can read about what you were worried about quite recently, and smile at your naive thoughts. Keeping a diary is a worthwhile affair, and we will teach you how to do it right. How to keep records Start recording only if you really have an interest in it. If you get stung by this idea simply because all your friends do it, then it will get you bored very quickly and you will most likely drop the coveted notebook. Understand that you start a diary not for your friends, but for yourself. In the end, he will be your best friend, who will be able to tell you about what no one else can tell. If you just start recording, start small. The first few days you may find it amusing to write lengthy discourses into your diary, but very quickly one thought about the need to write a lot can frighten you, which will beat all the hunt for further attempts. This later, in time, you will realize that not so often there will be significant events for you, which really should be "immortalized" in your notebook. In the meantime, write about everything little by little. By the way, about the notebook. It is better to buy a voluminous notebook at once, so that you do not accumulate a lot of scattered thin diaries. Try to purchase a diary with a lock, which will help you to protect your revelations from the unwanted curiosity of your brothers or sisters. Just do not lose the key to the lock! Making notes in your personal diary is best in the evening, because so you can more clearly describe everything that happened to you for the day. If you write in the morning about yesterday, then the details of the events can be forgotten, and the emotions will already settle. And if you only write about the day to come, then you can not write anything concrete. Therefore, it is most reasonable to write in the evening. Start by describing the morning of the last day. Describe with what mood you started the day, what was expected of him. Then go to the most important events of the day and to its completion. If you want to write a lot, and time or energy is not enough, you can interrupt your narrative by writing a promise to continue the thought tomorrow. The next day it will not be too difficult for you to continue the recording: after reading the one written on the eve, you will revive your emotions about this. It's not necessary to keep records every day, because exciting events do not happen very often, and interesting thoughts visit us, too, not every day. But if you recorded something, but you did not have enough time, then do not worry about it. You can make a very short record in the diary, just a few words, indicating the reason for your "silence" and apologizing. In the end, this is your friend! Always imagine that the diary is a real person, not an inanimate object. Only in this way you can get a sense of conversation with a spiritually close creature. Never embellish the events described. Always write only the truth! The diary, like a true friend, always "listens" to you, and, if you are frank, "prompt" you the best way out of the problem situations. You will be able to reread your previous records, and you will analyze how any incidents were related to your words and actions. This will help you make the right conclusions. And as for your secrets ... It's only your diary, that's why it's called "personal", and it will reliably keep all your secrets! How to make a diary Of course, it will be much more pleasant for you to "communicate" with your friend if he is beautiful. Now special diaries are being sold, which are decorated both on the cover and inside. By the way, they are equipped with a lock. But they have one drawback: they impose their vision of where, what and how to write (because the pages inside are provided with appropriate inscriptions), and this is very distracting from the presentation of their own thoughts. Such ready-made diaries are good except for very young girls. Therefore, try to decorate the diary in your own way, thereby putting your soul into it and giving it an individuality. Choose the cover design that you think is most suitable for you. You can paste a picture or photo on it that reflects your interests (for example, if you like chamomiles, then you can put them on the cover, and if you are fond of traveling, you can stick a photo of the most interesting trip), or you can draw something on the cover yourself, if you can. If you want, you can stick on various stickers and drawings on the pages of the diary. You can just make different doodles to express how you feel about someone or something you are writing about. Draw a smiley to show your emotions. You can also put on the pages of the diary all sorts of "souvenirs", such as petals of flowers or anything related to what happened that day. If you were in a museum or went to the circus, you can stick the tickets. And you can paste an envelope on this or that page, in which to store photographs and other important relics for you, without harming them. Try to think up something your own. For example, you can create such a tradition - at the end of each record, highlighting with another color, write the same phrase: "The lesson I got: life is when ..." and each time write the end of the phrase that came to your mind after lived day. This can be done not every day, but after some important events for you, which will add to you a piece of new life experience. how to keep a personal diary

How to make a diary a tool for personal growth

Below we gave the most frequent questions about the diary, as well as the answers to them:

  • Why should I keep a personal diary? Because this is the most effective way to understand your thoughts and feelings, as the diary helps to see every situation as if from outside and evaluate it more soberly. Keeping a diary also contributes to emotional and spiritual growth.
  • How often do I need to record? Do not force yourself to write every day. The most optimal is two or three times a week. But give your word, that for the time when you are secluded for making entries in the diary, you will not be distracted either by phone conversations, or on the included TV, or anything else that could interrupt the course of your thoughts. Consider that this is a sacred time of communication between you and your "I".
  • How do I start each record? As an introduction, you can write briefly about what happened to you, what caused you some strong emotions and what thoughts prevailed in your case. The most important thing is to start in details to study what happened. What particular feelings do you have for the event? What emotions do you have? What were the thoughts? What images or old memories came up at this time in your mind? Have you experienced pain and tension? How did your body react to this? Allow yourself to study the incident as a slow-motion film: frame by frame, noting the slightest details. Studying the event and your reaction to it, you study yourself.
  • What to do next? Ask yourself a few questions: did I ever feel this way before? When it was? What happened then? How did I behave then and was my behavior correct? What important decision did I take then?
  • Will this study of the situation help me in the future? Yes! If earlier you made a decision spontaneously, relying only on your feelings and emotions, then in the future, having got into a similar situation, you will already act more deliberately.
  • And what should I do if I am full of anger and resentment atsomebody or even yourself? The diary is your friend, and you can talk to him frankly. But try not to sink into negative emotions, because they act on us destructively. It is better to let go of the negative and switch to something more pleasant. Thus, you will remove a large load from your soul!
  • How do I end the diary entry? Draw a conclusion at the end of your record. Think about what you have made discoveries for yourself. Briefly write them down, keeping within one or two sentences. Write how you should act in the future. Imagine that you have turned to some wise creature, whose opinion is very important to you. Ask him mentally questions, "listen", what he will say to you. Write down his advice and follow them in the future.
  • What should I do if I feel that I do not haveis it possible to record because I do not find the right words? Try to stop controlling yourself and just write everything that comes to mind. Do not think at the same time how beautifully phrases are formulated and whether you make mistakes. In the end, nobody will read these records except you! When you relax, thoughts will flow freely, and you will only have time to write them down.

Congratulations! You have successfully started to keep a diary! Make sure that you have safely hidden it from prying eyes. Better yet, do not tell anyone that you started it. Remember that the diary is a part of your soul! Do not lose it when the notebook is finished; you still want to return to it in the future. Personal diary

A few practical tips for keeping a diary

Below we tried to generalize some rules, following which, you will quickly learn to keep a diary correctly:

  • Remember, this is your personal diary, and you canwrite what you want and what you want in it. What we have told you is just a hint for you. You can follow them if you want, but the choice is yours!
  • Make notes accurately and write down everything so,so that it was clear what you are talking about. When you want to read your diary a few years later, you should easily sort out the entries and resurrect your memories without problems.
  • Write so that you yourself were interestedre-read their records for years so through ... tsat Try to start describing a fascinating introduction, something like "You'll never guess what happened to me today!" or "Damn it! It was unforgettable! "Try to convey your emotions in the most colorful way.
  • Write down all your deep thoughts in the diary. If you keep them deep within yourself, then there is no sense in keeping the diary.
  • Write down your favorite quotes in your diaryfrom books and sayings of great people You can assign separate pages for this, but it's better to write them down in a row of your entries, because they will be consonant with your thoughts. But then select them with a different color so that these citations are not visually lost in the general text.

It is sometimes difficult to make entries in the diary, yesand they take a lot of time. We all once started to keep diaries, but most of us eventually abandoned them. But if you have the patience and will give your diary at least a little time, then very soon you will stop feeling that it is boring or time consuming. In fact, you will look forward to that treasured time when you will be alone with your true Friend! We advise you to read: