reasons for the emergence of computer dependence Rapid development of modern technologies andthe emergence of personal computers with unlimited access to the Internet have greatly facilitated the lives of ordinary people. Now we can easily communicate with people from the most remote corners of the world, freely download music, movies, books, play computer games and even work without leaving home. But along with the listed benefits, you can also name a number of significant disadvantages, which carries a similar existence. The main one is that a person literally drags into the virtual world. And then it's time to think about how to get rid of computer addiction.

The mechanism of action of dependence and on whom it is distributed

Like any other addiction, the computerarises on the basis of pleasure. At the chemical level, the human body releases endorphins, happiness hormones that improve its mood, a smile and a sense of carelessness. If, during chemical dependence, a person needs to use some substance capable of causing euphoria, then it is enough to sit down at the computer in case of psychological dependence. The need for this can also be caused by the fact that in the network a person has the opportunity to "put on a mask", hide under someone else's appearance and become what he can not be in real life - rich, successful, self-confident, courageous. That is why many addicted people are so worried about their rating in social networks and the number of "likes" that they are given, because only in this way they can feel popular and in demand. Most often, children, adolescents who do not receive proper attention, oppressed by something or somebody who do not have the opportunity to develop their talents and abilities in different sections or circles (for example, for material reasons) suffer from computer addiction. Also, computer dependency is susceptible to immature individuals, self-contained or poorly socially adapted people, those who are experiencing some kind of stress and can not solve their problems in any other way than by escaping from them. computer addiction can be treated alternating with other hobbies

How to recognize computer addiction?

Before taking serious action, you need to make sure that we are really dealing with a case of dependence. The signs of this are:

  • Lack of control over own time. If a person enters the social network for five minutes to check if a new message has arrived and remains there for an hour or more if the time of his sleep is reduced to 4-2 hours, and the first thing he does in the morning after waking up - turns on the computer , and only then he washed, dressed and breakfast, the first sign of dependence on his face.
  • Falling performance at work, at the university,school. While spending most of his time at the computer, the dependent rarely has time to perform all the duties assigned to him. He does not prepare for exams and control, does not do homework, can not properly prepare a presentation or draw up a report, and hence all the unpleasant consequences follow.
  • Loss of interest in reality and externalthe world. Surprisingly, but walks in nature and visits to interesting events, many prefer aimless surfing on the Internet and an overview of ridiculous sites, toys, videos.
  • Termination of communication with friends, relatives, loved ones or the transition from real communication to virtual, even to the point where people stop seeing at all.
  • Indifference to his appearance. It does not matter how to sit in front of the monitor, because nobody sees us anyway. Is it worth it to spend time washing, combing and brushing your teeth if you can immediately sit down at the computer? Gradually, this attitude becomes a habit, and the appearance of a person becomes more and more unattractive.
  • Appearance of problems with health. A person dependent on something is not healthy by itself, but other than this psychological illness there are others. Increased irritability, aggressiveness, depression - this is what awaits all those who are susceptible to the influence of the computer and the Internet, giving themselves captive. And besides, a person can develop diseases of the eyes and the musculoskeletal system, disrupt the process of digestion, develop gastritis or migraine.
  • How to get rid of computer addiction?

    There are several ways out of thisof the situation. You can take radical measures, but you can try to act step-by-step, retreating from the dependence gradually. Here are some ways to better do this:

  • Disconnect the Internet and remove the computer from the fieldview and access dependent. However, this method has a strong side effect. If a drug addict has to take his "dope", he will have a terrible break-up, followed by hysteria, aggression, a desire to protect himself from this world. Exactly the same will happen with a computer dependent, so this radical way should be resorted only after the consent of the dependent and willingness to take this step.
  • For the gradual disposal of computerdependencies it is necessary to reduce daily spending time for a computer for 5-10 minutes. If a person does not cope with the task today, tomorrow will have to cut this time in half. Enter a kind of system of penalties. Thus, within a week, you can reduce your stay in the virtual world by 35-70 minutes, and for a month - by as much as 150-300, on the whole it's 2.5-5 hours of saved time.
  • From computer addiction you will not get rid, whilehe himself will not want it. Alas, but only the complaints and desires of relatives for this is not enough. A person should ask himself questions about what he is giving, what he is getting, and what he loses, spending most of his time at the monitor, how this affects his loved ones. It is necessary to try to push the dependent on the desire to eliminate his problems.
  • You can try to redirect the attention of a personfrom the computer to another object. For example, give him a pet that will require attention and care. Then the time on the Internet will be much less, and the favorite in the house, it is possible, will be able to give those emotions that a person previously lacked and which he tried to find on the net.
  • Sometimes the situation is aggravated to such an extent that withouthelp specialists from it not to get out. In such cases, it makes sense to turn to a psychologist or a psychotherapist who will help understand the roots of the problem, encourage the person to act and guide him to the right path.
  • The gym can distract you from a computer addiction

    5 tips for people who have computer addiction

    If the computer dependency is not suffered by any of your friends or relatives, and you yourself, the following recommendations can help you:

  • Alternate visits to online resources withperformance of important business for you. Take a break from working on entertainment, not a break in entertainment - to work. The duration of such interruptions should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Find yourself a hobby. Instead of sitting at the computer, start learning a foreign language, reading books (not electronic), dancing or boxing, swimming, going to the gym, drawing or cooking. A new lesson will entice you so much that over time the Internet will cease to cause such intense interest as before.
  • More often call to visit friends andrelatives, and do not forget to visit them. You can organize joint raids on nature, in a movie or a cafe. So you will remember how fun you spent together before the advent of the Internet, and understand how much live communication is better than virtual.
  • Leave only useful links and programs foryourself in the computer, discard all unnecessary subscriptions. Watching video jokes on YouTube, online games, excessive activity in social networks - it all takes your precious time and does absolutely no good.
  • If you do not have enough willpower and self-control,Ask someone close to watch over you and not to violate the established rules. And in case of non-compliance, you can set special sanctions. For example, if you love chocolate, you will have to give it up for a while, if you have an extra hour for gathering on the Internet at weekends, you lose it and undertake to clean up, etc.
  • And finally remember that knowing how to get rid offrom computer addiction, a little. In order to achieve a positive result and complete freedom from it, one must realize one's own problem and a strong desire to solve it. If you set a goal and work tirelessly toward it, then in the end it will be achieved. No matter how tempting the virtual world may be, it is not worth changing the present one.