sources of inspiration The search for sources of inspiration can take away fromman a lot of time and effort. And if it seems to you that this is the prerogative of representatives of creative professions, we dare to assure you that this is not so. Inspiration can be needed by any person and at any time, it may be required to take a difficult decision, an exam, a difficult task - and how little is there in the world of such things! However, what if at the critical moment it does not come? Wait, sitting on a chair, or go out on his quest? The answer is simple - of course, look! And where and how - we'll tell you.

Inspiration: what is it and "with what it is eaten"?

When talking about sources of inspiration for everyonea reasonable person raises a question, but what is it generally? Inspiration is a special state in which a person is able to enter and which is characterized by the highest emotional uplift, the influx of strength and energy, and high creative productivity. Many people, describing their feelings at this moment, say that inspiration is like a stream carrying you somewhere: you do not always understand what is happening, you can not clearly predict the future and do not realize about the past time. Being in a state of creative inspiration, a person becomes very strong and charismatic, he is able to influence other people and entice them with him. The emergence of insights and all kinds of enlightenment is also often associated with finding in this special state. In most people, inspiration is manifested in the ease of movement of thought and images, which becomes vivid, full and clear, and emotional experiences impress with their depth and severity. The peculiarity of this condition is that all cognitive processes, such as thinking, memory, perception, take place particularly quickly. People creative - artists, writers, musicians - inspiration is like an attack of delusion: a person can not eat or sleep for several days, doing only art, and does not calm down until he completes his work. Very often, a burst of inspiration is similar to enlightenment, especially when it is associated with the solution of a difficult problem. You spend hours (and maybe even days) thinking about it, and then at some point the individual parts of the puzzle are formed into a single whole, and an understanding of the right question comes to you instantly. It is obvious that inspiration is necessary for all people, and often even in the most ordinary and routine cases: for example, you decided to clean up the apartment, but you can not bring yourself to begin. Or you need to prepare an important presentation at work. Or come up with an idea for a new business. In all these cases, you do not interfere with the influx of inspiration and new strength. source of inspiration

Possible variants of sources of inspiration

For a start, let's go into the history of the matter. The ancient Greeks believed that any fine work of art is not the result of thought activity, but is bestowed over by gods or muses - beings of divine origin, the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. It was they who encouraged art figures to create new works: paintings, poems and songs. About those who did something really talented and beautiful, they said that they "received the kiss of a muse". But not only artists, poets and musicians received such a kiss. So, for example, Calliope, the muse of epic poetry, inspired warriors to combat feats, raised their morale and inspired confidence in victory. Clio, the historical muse, helped to find her goal in life and reminded of what heights a person can achieve. The muse of love - Erato - personified universal love, inspiring man to the most crazy acts. Subsequently, the muses began to be called some kind of specific people. Often in the role of musi, women performed surrounded by creators: wife, mistress, girlfriend. Possessing special features of appearance or personality, charisma, attitude, aura in the end, they inspired men to feats, including creative ones. However, not only women are able to inspire the creator to create something new - it may be some other people: friends, relatives or just casual counterparts. For example, a writer to create a novel about a desperate journalist can be inspired by personal observation of how a representative of this profession conducts his conversation with the hero of the reportage. Or you may want to break the long-bored relationship after a friend who has just decided on such a step. In general, other people - and the most diverse - can become bottomless sources of inspiration. Their possibilities are endless, the characters are diverse, and thinking sometimes impresses with its depth. Therefore, in case of lack of inspiration, sometimes it is useful to communicate with someone. Another, even more famous source of inspiration is love. How many songs about it are sung, how many pictures are written, how many books are published - and she continues to stir people's hearts, then raising them to the heights of bliss, then throwing them into the abyss of suffering. Apparently, it is in this particular feature that her power is hidden - love awakens the person experiencing it, violent emotions, which, in turn, cause a surge of energy. Each person has a need for self-actualization and creativity, and love serves as a stimulus for the realization of this need. However, not for all people, it can be a source of inspiration: someone, being in love, on the contrary, can not think of anything else, except about the object of his passion. His interests narrow down, and he can not engage in anything other than kissing his beloved and talking about it. Therefore, the power of love as a source of inspiration should be assessed in relation to a specific person - one person tones up love, and the other, on the contrary, turns off life. Almost as often as love, in literature, nature is called as a source of inspiration. With its beauty and depth, it inspires famous cultural figures to creativity, and many of them even make it the central theme of their works. You, probably, also noticed by yourself: you are sitting in a stuffy city, you are bored, floundering in your apathy and depression. But it's worth a couple of days to go to the countryside for nature - and you seem to be born again! Virtually all colors and colors in nature are bright, clear and are combined in all possible variants (and these combinations continue to be pleasant for our eyes). Contemplation of nature calms and tones at the same time - depending on your needs; and fresh air, rich in oxygen, in general is practically a "fuel" for our brains. In addition, many inventions ever created by man are based on ideas prompted by nature - there is even a whole direction in science called bionics. In general, nature is an inexhaustible source of both energy and ideas for creativity and activity. Undeniable source of inspiration is also the work of other people. You in fact know the inflow of energy after reading your favorite book? Well, that every modern woman has heard that cleaning is better done under positive and energetic music. Favorite movie is able to give us a good mood in moments of apathy and anguish. All these things are a product of other people's creativity. That is why, if you urgently need to find your muse, the easiest way to find inspiration is to go to an art gallery or a concert. First, you recharge positive energy, and, secondly, you will see how other people solve their creative tasks, plunge into the atmosphere of art - it is quite possible that this will be the impetus for your self-realization. However, if some people need to come in contact with something positive for inspiration, others, on the contrary, are inspired by pain and suffering. In particular, the great Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky wrote his deepest and brightest novels, being far from being in the best mental state. And not he alone - many artists, poets and musicians created under the influence of the hardships, losses and grief occurring in their lives. Especially productive in this regard is unhappy love - she probably is dedicated to a billion poems! However, it is most likely impossible to say that pain and suffering can inspire in everyday life. Still, most of us, faced with something terrible and unpleasant, fall into despondency and anguish, which are by no means different from the tide of mental and physical strength. Being in sadness, we tend to hide from everyone, do not think about anything and do nothing. Although there are people for whom any failure and misfortune is a push for something more. They can only envy. The Internet, the media and other sources of information can also be inspiring - especially in the domestic aspect. For example, if you want to decorate an apartment, then the relevant community in social networks will be very useful for you: it is quite possible that you want to do something bright and new by looking at a selection of interesting photographs, talking to other people and learning about their experience. The Internet can also inspire you to something completely unexpected, such as a trip to China or the opening of your own business. All this becomes real due to the abundance of various information and knowledge presented in the network, as well as a completely inconceivable mixture of other people's opinions, impressions and experiences. If you have a businesslike and rational approach to solving any issues, then you will be interested in special trainings and classes to create and search for inspiration. Why worry, something to look for somewhere, when you can allocate time, money and get what you need? Such trainings can greatly help expand their views, open new horizons, and for someone they will generally be a revolution in consciousness. But, unfortunately, as there is no universal pill for mental problems, there can not be a universal successful training. If you are told about this and are offered to pay for it a lot of money, then we can assure you that 60% of its effectiveness is your desire and attitude to a positive result (yes, so much money is given!). Trainings can be very useful, but they can not solve your problems for you - this should not be forgotten. So be sober about your goals and resources. A good and effective option to find inspiration will be the search for new impressions. Everything new and not encountered in our experience somehow causes us to revive - this is a normal physiological reaction. Against the backdrop of this revitalization, cognitive and metabolic processes are activated - we start to think faster, to feel and understand more deeply what is happening with us. The source of new experiences can be anything: traveling, meeting new people or a new route on the way to work. The main thing is to be attentive and open to new experience, paying attention to everything that is happening with you. inspiration

How to find your source of inspiration

A list of such sources can be continuedinfinitely long, because virtually any existing thing in this world, a phenomenon or a person can tint and cause a surge of energy. But how to find something that will inspire and bring strength to you, not anyone else?

  • Try everything. At a minimum, in order to find out which of the above is the one that suits you the most, you should try it all. Fall in love, communicate with people, walk in the woods, travel - any of these options can become your personal muse. In addition, different sources may be suitable for different activities, for example, music for cleaning, and nature for drawing.
  • Feel and experience all that you do. Contact with your own life is a prerequisite for the occurrence of attacks of inspiration. If you do everything described in the article for "excuse", then you will not feel any tidal energy. Therefore, open your eyes, clear your ears, discard "armor" - and welcome to the world!
  • Look for a positive. Still, more positive emotions are more inspiring than negative emotions, so try to look at life optimistically: find the pros in trouble, know how to rejoice in the small and expect from life all the best.
  • Be open to new experiences. You never know what inspires you to new achievements. Therefore, try not to give up the changes, even though sometimes they are very uncomfortable. Go to new places, meet new people, choose unusual colors for new things - all this brings energy to your life.
  • Get rid of everything that is hanging over you. This is one of the basic principles of feng shui, which can be transferred to all areas of your life. Throw out the old and unnecessary trash from the apartment, perform the data once obligations, stop talking with people, contact with which no longer brings pleasure - in general, do everything that has long been planned and wanted. You will not notice how you will have the strength and energy, and there will be a desire to create something new and unusual.
  • And in conclusion I would like to mention thethe main source of inspiration is life. All the rest is just nonsense in comparison with this source, because no book, no picture, no song and no poem will be able to embody all the variety of colors and situations that are possible in life. And that is why the most important answer to the question of how to find the source of inspiration is to live. Live here and now, experience all the life situations that meet in your way, open up to new people and feelings, respond to its challenge and experience everything that life offers you. And then inspiration will never leave you! We advise you to read: