causes of loneliness Like many years ago, our modern societymost often with perplexity refers to single women. Yes, and women themselves can hardly consciously give up a happy relationship with a beloved man, from the prospect of having a family and children. No matter how badly lonely women, no matter how they pretend that they are quite satisfied with the existing state of things, it is clear to both himself and others that this does not coincide with the inner desire of every woman to love and be loved. So why are there so many singles now? And what are the reasons for the loneliness of many contemporary female representatives of the human race? If this problem affects you in the most direct way, then take a look at seven possible causes, one of which may well be just your case. Perhaps, you can change your life so that you can free a place for real relations in it. loneliness causes

Seven Reasons for Women's Loneliness

  • All your negative emotions are constantly written onyour face Many of us do not understand that everything that we feel immediately becomes visible by the expression of our face, by the way we hold, talk, look at the interlocutor. And if you get angry, hate or feel unhappy, then it immediately appears in all your appearance, no matter how gorgeous your haircut, manicure, dress, what a beautiful figure you have, or how elegant your clothes are. All this will fade, and you will see only how unhappy you are. Who would want to deal with such a "weeping willow"? Any guy will be attracted first of all by a cheerful giggle, even if she is dressed, painted and brushed not as elegantly as you.
  • Your outer shell does not match the insideThis reason is very closely intertwined with the cause of the previous one. Yes, it is true that a woman is primarily attracted to a man. The first impression is really very important! And it includes your smile, look, style and general appeal. However, your appearance, however attractive it may be, is not at all something that will force a man to come back to you again and again. Even if you learn to hide external manifestations, for example, dislike or irritability, then if you communicate more closely with you, the guy will still be able to understand that you are not quite the person you seem to be. Obviously, it is very important to find a balance between your appearance and the inner world. Do not focus on the desire to focus on your appearance. It is much more important to work on yourself, setting yourself the goal of personal growth and creating a solid moral foundation for expanding the range of your attractive features.
  • Life has taught you to perceive men withdistrust? This can be another reason for being alone! Men are just as emotional beings as we are, women. They just do not show their sensitivity, considering it a sign of their weakness. Yes, men love sex very much, they are ready to enjoy it at the first opportunity; but they want to marry and build their own life with the woman they will love and who will also love them without any "buts!" And you have repeatedly heard that men constantly change their partners or wives. Perhaps you have seen examples of this among your friends or relatives. Yes there, there was a time when your heart broke a pity for her own mother, who learned about the betrayal of her father and inconsolably killed about it. But just because your father once left the family does not mean that you should not believe any man. Unfortunately, many girls, in the eyes of which such family dramas have played out, growing up, are afraid to open their hearts for love. If you treat them, it will be better if you understand: everyone has their own destiny, and you will not repeat the fate of your mother if you follow your path.
  • Too free views on the relationship withmen. Of course, sex attraction is a very strong feeling, and it happens that a free woman goes on about her desires. But in relations with her husband, honesty and high moral standards are very important. You do not want such a family relationship, which they are filled with passion and fire in the bedroom, but lacking in reliability and emotional stability in everyday life? Men do not want this either. We, women, become attached to the man with whom we start relationships, and our emotions develop faster and deeper than the partner. Naturally, no man will refuse sex if he has the opportunity. But if this happens when he does not yet have special feelings for the woman, he will very quickly lose interest in her. Would he want to continue a relationship with a frivolous person who is ready to go to bed with anyone who is nearby? Therefore, it turns out that a woman is already experiencing certain emotions for this man, and does not understand that he still sees in her just a girlfriend for tonight. And this man does not draw those conclusions from her quick consent to sex. And soon and completely switched to a completely different young lady, leaving her ex-girlfriend in solitude.
  • Lack of honesty before yourselfMost single women over the age of thirty-thirty-five who want to get married and build a family enter into relationships with men who do not really like and do not see themselves happy with it in the future. They are scared to lose the rapidly fleeing time for further search for true love; they are ready to accept the offer of a joint life from any man and on any terms: registration is excellent! Civil marriage - also come down! And even if a man says that he does not intend to remain faithful - well, maybe I can still tame him ... Few can withstand such a "marriage" for a long time. But the faith in itself is losing completely. Do not repeat these mistakes - this will cause loneliness, perhaps for the rest of your life! It is very important to feel your worth, regardless of whether you have a man now or not. Be honest with yourself, do not close your eyes to the man's lack of love for you, and seek to find that person who enriches your life, and will not cause suffering alone.
  • You do not love yourself. Single women enteringa certain age, begin to treat themselves very unfriendly. They prefer to see in themselves some flaws, and it seems to them that the whole world is only contemplating them intently. And the more they start not to love themselves, the more they push other people away from themselves. Soon such women find themselves in complete self-isolation, and they think that they do not deserve to be with someone. Try not to let events develop according to this scenario. Remember that the vibrations of their own hate sound to others very clearly and loudly. The classic saying "You must love yourself before you can love someone else" is very true. So do not give another reason for loneliness to ruin your life - learn to love yourself!
  • Loneliness is your own choice.modern society women have the opportunity to be happy without getting married. Being alone today is no longer identical with the notion of "being alone". Many single people have a serious relationship and love in their lives. Of course, the traditional goal of two who love each other is marriage; but you, perhaps, have set themselves completely different goals.
  • If you are happy, regardless of your statusa single woman, enjoy freedom and the opportunity to dispose of their lives, then you should not succumb to pressure to marry. Moreover, if in the depths of your soul you understand that this is not for you at all. Allow yourself what makes you happy, because you alone can not be called lonely! cause of loneliness

    10 reasons why loneliness is good

    If you do not want to get married, preferringto remain in proud solitude, you have many good reasons for being satisfied with your choice and reaching a certain level of comfort from your independence. The art of being lonely has its rewards, even if your loneliness lasts only a year or two ... or all your life! Here they are, these reasons:

  • Loneliness gives you the opportunity to calmlyto understand what you really represent yourself and what you want from your life You do not follow the path laid out for you by others, do not obey common standards. Those women who live alone have a lot of free time, which they can spend on themselves. It is very reasonable to use this time for self-knowledge and to identify opportunities for personal growth and self-realization.
  • The desire to find a relationship that would be completelysatisfied you, will help to avoid the conclusion of unhealthy relationships simply out of despair and loneliness. There is no more important and valid reason for female loneliness than this. The inability to survive lonely evenings or overcome your own inferiority can make you easy prey for a "groom" with dubious intentions, and this is a big risk for you. Today's loneliness will increase your chances of tomorrow to meet someone who is able to assess your strengths without using your weaknesses for your own profit.
  • The life of a single woman in itself isA good motivator, especially when it comes to money. If you live alone, you can count only on yourself. When you do not expect anyone's help, then very quickly learn how to handle money, and not only to spend it wisely, but also to earn enough. Peace of mind and a sense of complete freedom of one's own rights and opportunities will be the best reward for you. By acquiring new knowledge and self-confidence, you will become less vulnerable and get new opportunities to protect your future, whether you will remain alone or - more importantly - again marry.
  • When you live alone, your success gives you a chanceBecome a role model for other people Inspired by your good example, your divorced girlfriend, widowed parent or already an adult, but still a lonely child can find the strength and believe that, being alone, you can find satisfaction from life!
  • Life alone gives you the opportunity to becomemore independent, more self-sufficient and more inventive No more division into "his" and "my" duties: they are all "yours". You will learn a lot - from minor repairs in the apartment to hiring workers to repair the roof in your own house, from the layout of the beds to your own hammered nail. All this can become the source of your satisfied self-esteem. It will also give you the features of an interesting, confident and knowledgeable person.
  • Taking care of yourself provides an opportunity to take care ofothers If you have children or elderly parents who need your help, then you can devote more time to them if you are successfully coping with your own life.
  • Tranquility and satisfaction with your lifemake you look special When you are in harmony with yourself, you will begin to radiate life force. It's intriguing. This attracts the attention of men and makes them show interest to you.
  • In addition to improving your self-esteem, calm andthe measured life of a single woman allows you to strengthen and your health Enjoying a deep sleep, healthy eating, physical training, regular medical examinations - because you can all afford it now!
  • You can always find time for yourself! Living alone, you get the opportunity to control your schedule and find time for what you have long wanted to do: read a good book in the evenings, go on a trip to Italy, run in the morning and go to bed early in the evenings. No one will disturb you!
  • And, finally, one more reason why you canto enjoy the loneliness: you can leave unwashed dishes in the sink, eat ice cream instead of dinner, open the window in the bedroom at night and much else you do not need to adjust to anyone! You can completely be yourself when you live alone. Take note of this. And enjoy the total absence of any obligations to someone else - you are your own mistress and yourself are responsible for your own life.
  • Life alone can become an important period of self-determination. Accept it with enthusiasm. Live life to the fullest and reap the fruits of your freedom! We advise you to read: