game dependency A few decades ago, humanity did notknew about the existence of a computer and about such a problem as dependence on computer games. Now with the development of technology, everything has changed. People less and less communicate with each other, go to the theater, read books, and increasingly immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality. To the general note, dependence on computer games can be comprehended not only by the child or the teenager, but also by the person of the older generation. Many believe that the game addiction - it's just a hobby and do not suspect that this is a serious disease, along with alcohol and drug addiction. It takes years to cure this ailment. The severity of the situation is also due to the fact that the patient does not understand the seriousness of his problem.

Who are the "gamblers"?

It is generally accepted that among the so-called"Igroman" more men than women. However, game dependency is not determined by social status or gender, rather, it is a certain type of person. As a rule, these are lonely, notorious, insecure people who have a number of problems in terms of social adaptation and interaction. In order to self-assertion, they immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality, where you can set your own rules, where everything is easy and affordable. Unfavorable situation in the family, lack of understanding of close people, problems at work - all this also contributes to leaving the virtual. Psychologists have long seen the connection between game addiction and aggressive behavior in real life. Often these people cease to distinguish reality from their illusory world of computer games, and they go beyond acceptable behavior. for treatment it is necessary to reduce the use of a computer to 45 minutes per day

When should I start to sound an alarm?

The problem reaches its apogee whena person devotes his time to computer games, loses touch with reality, without the computer becomes listless, irritable, while in contact with him, on the contrary, he feels joy, does not notice relatives and relatives of his people. "Gamblers" can sit for days at the computer, forgetting about food and sleep. In addition to the psychological disorder, they "make money" and a number of diseases (from hemorrhoids to heart attacks). Because of the passion for computer games, families break up, and adolescents do not comprehend the necessary skills of communication with their peers. Such people should necessarily help to realize the depth of this problem. Now, there are various psychological rehabilitation centers, where experienced specialists with help of various trainings, hypnosis and other techniques will help to cope with the disease. In such a difficult period for the patient, it is important to support and care for his relatives. As often and more, you should pay attention to those hobbies that have nothing to do with the computer. There can be anything you like, reading, collecting, meeting with friends. The main thing is that a person gradually abstracted from his illusory world of games and joins the usual measured life. It is advisable for the whole family to start an active lifestyle, join sports, travel together. This will not only help to distract, but also to become spiritually close to each other. Communication with the computer should be reduced to a minimum, for 45 minutes - 2-3 times a day. It is important to understand that game disease is not just a bad habit, it is a real addiction, a problem that can still be solved if you turn to a specialist in time and take the seriousness to the situation with seriousness. The most important thing is not to give up and not despair.