causes of alcohol dependence Alcoholism is a disease that todayrecognized as a scourge of our society. A person suffering from alcohol dependence is often not able to cope with the problem on his own, because alcohol suppresses willpower. Official medicine can not offer treatment for this disease, but there is an alternative - coding for alcohol dependence. Everything was heard about coding, even those who did not have relatives and acquaintances with such dependence, but far from everyone knows what is hidden behind this word. In narcology, the term "coding" ("coding") is generalized and means methods of suggestion, the purpose of which is the treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction in one session. All these methods are associated with the fact that the patient is fearful of the threat of death in the case of taking alcohol or drugs. Many professionals involved in the coding of alcohol dependence, understand this term is much broader. Today, there are three types of coding:

  • With the help of psychotherapeutic treatment: lectures, videotapes, conversations with a doctor. It is rarely used independently, because in this case a person should have a strong desire to stop drinking and strong will. This is also the so-called Dovzhenko method, which was created in the Soviet Union in the 80s of the XX century.
  • With the help of instrumental influence: magnetic resonance and laser therapy. With the help of hardware techniques unloaded the center of excitation in the central nervous system, which occurs when taking alcoholic beverages. And the pathological craving for alcohol disappears.
  • With the help of pharmacological action: preparations "Torpedo", "Block", "Esperal". They provoke uncomfortable symptoms in a person up to choking and convulsions after taking alcohol.
  • treatment of alcohol dependence by hypnosis

    The Dovzhenko Method

    The classical way of psychotherapeuticcoding for alcohol dependence. Suitable for people suffering from an initial or middle stage of alcoholism. A mandatory condition for the encoder is a voluntary desire to quit drinking and sobriety for 10, preferably 15 days. The method is based on a hypnotic or profound psychotherapeutic influence on the patient, as a result of which a subconscious mind develops a setting for a healthy lifestyle, and the craving for alcohol intake decreases, and eventually vanishes completely. In this regard, a person who has been encoded from alcohol dependence, there is an aversion to the taste and smell of alcohol-containing beverages. The whole process takes about 3-4 hours and is divided into several stages:

  • Personal conversation with the doctor, during which the specialist finds out from the patient the reasons for which he decided to stop drinking.
  • Group lesson (there should not be more than 20-25 people in the group). In fact, this is a lecture, which sets the success of therapy.
  • Direct coding, during whichthe expert conducts a hypnotic suggestion, backed up by some physical actions forming a negative reflex to alcoholic beverages. Suggestion is made for a certain period (minimum 1 year).
  • Instrumental coding

    One of the most popular encoding methods fromAlcohol dependence with the help of instrumental influence at the moment is a laser technique. A special medical laser acts on biologically active points, which are responsible for the functioning of internal organs and various physiological processes. Coded in this way at different degrees of alcohol dependence, even in the chronic stage, and the results in all cases are fairly stable and effective. The center of dependence on alcohol is blocked, and the craving for it is suppressed naturally after only one session of laser reflexotherapy. This method is used not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Europe, America and Japan, it is considered the safest and helps even in cases when other methods are recognized as ineffective. coding with a therapist

    Chemical (pharmacological) coding

    The basis of this method is the introduction into the bodya person of certain drugs that increase the sensitivity to alcohol, its intolerance. Attraction to alcohol is not suppressed, but his reception is physically unpleasant or impossible. This method of exposure can be applied no more than 3 times, because over time the body gets used to the action of such drugs and stops responding to them. Before you enter the drug, you can not drink from 3 to 7 days without fail. The method is divided into several subspecies:

    • Intravenous blocking. Preparations of the "Torpedo" type and its modifications are administered intravenously. All drugs used for such coding from alcohol dependence differ only in the amount of active substance. Therefore, you can be coded for a period of 1 to 3 years. They start to act 30 minutes after the injection. With this coding, a person is given a provocation after the injection of the drug, so that he experiences the uncomfortable symptoms accompanying the reception of alcohol.
    • Intramuscular blocking. For this type of coding, preparations, for example, "Esperal-gel", "Vivitrol", "Delphizone" are administered intramuscularly. The advantage of this method before intravenous blocking is that the drug enters the blood after 1.5-2 hours and its effect is milder.
    • Subcutaneous blocking. The drug, for example, "Narkoron", is sewn under the skin in the area of ​​the scapula. The effect is similar to intramuscular blocking: it starts to act after 1.5 hours, has gentle manifestations.

    Encoding Support

    All specialists who are engaged in coding,stress: it is not so important which method to fight the disease you have chosen. The main thing is that the patient does not go through this procedure alone. If the alcohol addict decided to stop drinking, then the support of relatives and relatives can give him strength. And in this case, he will be much more determined, which is very important for dealing with any kind of dependencies.