the perfect woman with the eyes of men We are surrounded by a lot of men, and each of them,as a rule, has his own idea of ​​what real women should be like and what he generally likes in them. Each of the guys is 100% sure that his opinion is the most correct, and moreover, it is not subject to appeal! But the real question is, is it possible to choose a certain type of women, which men prefer more than others? And what exactly attracts guys? In other words, what kind of woman is she, an ideal woman in the eyes of men?

Ten basic qualities that attract men

There are some characteristic features of the appearance of women who are able to attract the close attention of the guys. Let's see what these features are:

  • The color of a woman's hair. For some reason, it's believed that guysprefer blondes. This is very doubtful! In general, the color of a woman's hair is not the determining factor. The fact is that there are other features of her personality that are more important and are really capable of attracting most of the men. But if you really talk about hair, then - you will be surprised! - most of all men are attracted to brunettes.
  • Of course, it's not a secret thatmen love eyes, and above all they evaluate a woman precisely by external parameters. Slender, long legs, breast size, expressiveness of the eyes - all this is instantly evaluated. It should be said that most men will not pass indifferently past blue-eyed slender girls with lush breasts and long legs ...
  • Harmonious appearance and sense of stylemust have all the above parameters to interest the guy. Men like it when a woman looks neat, and all the elements of her clothes are in harmony with each other. Clothes should not be too flashy or expensive, but it's important that it goes to you. And let it seems to us that men do not understand anything in fashion or styles of clothing; but if you look exactly stylish, then for sure you will seem interesting to any guy.
  • The way a woman smells like A smell has a very largevalue. No guy will be delighted if he smells sweat from a woman. Perfume with a pungent smell is also unlikely to cause him interest in you. But a gentle trail of subtle aroma can make a man fall into a trance!
  • Independence A woman who wants to attractattention of men, should create around himself an aura of success and satisfaction with his life and career. Boys do not like ladies who constantly complain about life and endless stories about the vicissitudes of their destiny are trying to squeeze a tear from their companion. A positive attitude towards life in a woman attracts many men, and if she also has a bewitching smile that opens her white teeth, it will definitely win the heart of any guy. Smiling optimist any man will call his ideal.
  • The woman's body is unlikely to be interested in a manAn unfamiliar woman who is underweight or overweight. Unfortunately this is the case. In the view of a man, a woman's body should look harmonious. Therefore, he always likes to admire a woman who cares about her form and cares for the body.
  • Makeup guys really do not like it when a womanuses too much make-up, but absolutely without make-up it will not seem attractive to him. We can only find the golden mean and apply just as much make-up as it is necessary to hide the shortcomings and emphasize their most attractive features.
  • Zest is not less important for a woman thanattractive appearance. She must have some special, subtle appeal, charm, which is inherent only to her. It can cause interest to her, because it's hard not to notice such a woman.
  • Characteristics of her personalityis very important for a man. Guys do not like envious and evil women who will never fail to wash the bones of others as soon as they have the slightest opportunity for it. Men also do not like when a woman talks in a loud and too piercing voice. Most guys will never treat with interest and respect for a woman who scolds or even uses obscene words. The ideal woman through the eyes of men will always be one that is always friendly, kind, gentle and feminine. And yet - you need to be able to keep up the conversation. Contrary to popular belief, men do not like fools at all.
  • Understanding About, this is one of the main qualities thatthey are looking for men in us! To be an ideal woman through the eyes of men means always to understand them and to reconcile themselves with their hobbies and deeds: cars, sports, work or other things. Men like gentle and caring women, which you can rely on, if suddenly something will not go the way you would like.
  • And what men do not like in us? They absolutely do not like it when we become selfish, wasteful, inclined to idleness, and also when we are too indifferent to them or, on the contrary, we constantly climb with tenderness and lisping. A woman, men think, should have a sense of self-worth. And it is worthwhile from time to time become a little inaccessible, otherwise you can completely lose your attraction to the stronger sex. And yet - guys like women with a good sense of humor. This list can go on and on. It turns out that being an ideal woman is not so easy, but you have to do everything possible for your self-improvement in order to get as close as possible to the male ideal. the perfect woman for a man

    What should be the ideal woman in marriage

    As you know, so far we have talked aboutattractiveness unfamiliar to guys or unfamiliar women. And if a man and a woman live together - which, in the opinion of the partner, should be the ideal companion of life? If we asked them about it, here's what list they would have made to us:

  • She should help a man look goodThe realities of modern life are such that today a man should look perfect. The better its appearance, the more successful it seems to others. But men have not yet managed to maintain their image independently. And since they think that women are well versed in fashion and cosmetics, they expect us to help them look younger, healthier and more stylish. Women should help them choose a good shirt or quality cream, and buy them a solid leather wallet, not another dress for themselves. As it turns out, men appreciate such women, and in turn are always ready to put their own shoulder to them when they need their purely male help.
  • Do not forget about your personal life. Whena woman completely immersed in family troubles and caring for her husband and children, she very quickly ceases to seem to him an interesting person. Today it is the same as yesterday, like a month or a year ago. A man becomes bored with her, and the wife loses her sexual attraction in his eyes. A man wants a woman to constantly warm up his interest, and for this you need to constantly change, all the time in a state of progress. And they do not mind the wife having her own private life. In this case, personal life has a wide meaning, which includes friends, relatives, a gym, various clubs for interests and so on. In short, personal life is all that gives us the opportunity to communicate outside the family and get some new impressions and emotions.
  • It is necessary to remain feminine and be modestMen assert that modern women are not always able to see the difference between femininity and modesty in the first place, and between femininity and debauchery in the second place. That's why, our husbands believe, we look either too constrained and restrained, which makes us completely uninteresting, or, on the contrary, we start dressing and behaving absolutely indecently. As for the latter, men do not like excesses, which we sometimes allow ourselves. Bare bellies, too low-set jeans, heaps of rings, earrings and hanging out here and there, make-up similar to clown makeup or war paint of African tribes, shapeless baggy clothes or, on the contrary, too tightly covering those places that it would be better not to stress - Too many mistakes we make! Much more to our guys like when we skilfully hide our extra folds and emphasize attractive curves, and with superfluous colors and trinkets we do not distract attention from truly attractive features.
  • The best woman is the one who managed to stoppressure on his man. Perhaps ninety out of a hundred men are ready to assert that their women are constantly "pressing" them. Speaking of this, they mean endless reminders of what they need to do, with the subsequent demand for a full report on the fulfillment of the demand. They are also very annoying when we constantly require regular calls and SMS messages from them. We want to keep men under constant supervision and control, which makes them very angry. And if they do not fulfill our requirements, it is not because they forget about it. The thing is that they really do not consider this important.
  • Of course, if you consider all thesefactors that our men could tell us about, you are still unlikely to become an ideal for men. After all, these are only the most common features, and every man still has his own idea of ​​an ideal woman. And if he once chose you, then it is you who represent the ideal for him. But do not calm down and rest on your laurels! Unfortunately, too often the words "I'm tired of you!" Become an integral part of the active vocabulary of our men. Think, maybe you should reconsider your way of life and your attitude towards the man you love? To forever remain for him a woman of dreams, his ideal woman. We advise you to read: