paraffin baths for hands Many women like to pamper themselves with new things,new cosmetics, a fashionable hairdo and a hike with friends in a restaurant. Nothing wrong with that. After a similar therapy, the girls' eyes begin to shine no worse than the stars of a spring warm night. What can not be said about women's hands. Often, in pursuit of a good mood, we forget to lubricate our handles with cream, which makes them become rough and covered with red spots. And then what? After that, the girls leave fantastic sums in beauty salons for one thing only, not to hide more hands in gloves or pockets of a coat. Begin "operations" for emergency rescue of the situation: manicure, massage, paraffin bath for hands. Of course, after such a list of procedures, the fingers really become smooth and gentle. But very few people know that the entire complex can be performed at home, without spending time on trips to the salon and impressive funds for specialist services. Do you want to learn? Then we will tell you how to make paraffin baths yourself (after all, they help to achieve the desired result).

What you need for paraffinotherapy

Before you begin to make a new procedure, you need to properly arm yourself. So, to fight for the beauty of the hands go:

  • any cleanser (soap, gel);
  • Body Scrub;
  • hand cream;
  • paraffin (2 kilograms);
  • favorite essential oil (a few drops);
  • dishes for melting paraffin in a water bath;
  • plastic bags;
  • mittens or a warm woolen scarf;
  • towel.

As you can see, the kit for paraffin therapy at home is quite simple. The procedure itself is not more complicated. How to do it? Now we will. paraffin baths for hands at home

Paraffin bath for hands at home

First you need to stock up on free time andexcellent mood. And if the first point of the plan can be done quite calmly, then with a good mood, many girls have problems (and what to rejoice if your hands look like sandpaper). How to make yourself smile? And why this most wonderful mood, if we are going to make paraffin baths for the hands? The fact is that a person in perfect disposition has a deep even breathing, the blood circulates in the optimal regime, and accordingly all procedures will be perceived by the body better. Therefore, before putting paraffin on a water bath, turn on your favorite music. You will see, in a couple of minutes your mood will improve, and accordingly hands will become better after paraffin therapy.

  • After a pleasant melody spilled overstart direct preparation for the forthcoming procedure. To do this, thoroughly wash your hands with soap, rub them with a scrub, gently rub your palms together and wash off the exfoliating agent with warm water.
  • But the main role in the procedure is still paraffin. Put it in a water bath, melt and heat to a temperature of 55 degrees. If you can not measure the temperature at home, there is no possibility, drip the melted paraffin to the back of the hand. If the skin feels comfortable, then you can clean the bowl with a water bath. Just be careful - hot paraffin can burn your skin badly.
  • The next stage is the moistening of the hands. Generously grease them with cream. The skin should form a thin film, which under the influence of hot paraffin will turn into a source of vitamins for the skin.
  • Now drip into a bowl with melted paraffina couple of drops of essential oil and gently dip your hands for a few seconds into the fragrant mixture. Let the paraffin stiffen on the hands, then re-immerse the palm 5-6 times in the bowl until a dense "glove" is formed on the skin.
  • Next, you will need to wrap your hands in cellophane, andafter - in a woolen scarf - in order for the hands to drench properly. To do this, you need 15-20 minutes, after which you can remove the paraffin from your hands and enjoy the look of healthy beautiful skin.
  • What helps to achieve a paraffin bath forhands? Firstly, it prevents aging of the skin. Secondly, it perfectly fights with joint diseases. Third, this procedure makes the hands soft and soft. But not everything is so simple. It remains for us to tell, to whom it is contraindicated to make paraffin baths both at home and under the supervision of a professional cosmetologist. Unfortunately, this list is quite wide. Restoring the beauty of the hands will have another way for those who suffer:

    • Diabetes mellitus;
    • Varicose veins;
    • Hypertension;
    • Allergies;
    • Dermatitis
    • Infectious diseases.

    In addition, it is not worth dipping your hands into paraffin ifon the skin there are cuts and abrasions. Otherwise, the procedure is not only safe, but also very useful. Of course, taking care of themselves at home is difficult, but quite possible. Be beautiful and remember that hands are the calling card of every woman. We advise you to read: