almond oil for eyelashes Elegant eyelashes - one of the signsattractiveness of women. Any representative of the fair sex dreams that the cilia are thick and long. After all, it attracts male views and causes envy of rivals. Decorative cosmetics, in turn, gives only a visible effect and at the same time causes enormous harm. Frequent use of cosmetics leads to a slowing of the growth of hairs. They fall out and become rare. To lashes have acquired their natural beauty, they need to be constantly taken care of. Naturalness gives a lot of advantages, most important of which is the opportunity to be beautiful even without makeup. Various oils are very popular in cosmetology. They penetrate the skin of the eyelid, nourish the hair follicles, which leads to the activation of the growth of the eyelashes. After frequent application, the ciliary hairs become thick and fluffy. Procedures should be regular, and then the result will be visible after three weeks. In the care of cilia is very appreciated almond oil. almond oil for eyelashes

Composition of almond oil

Almond oil in cosmetology is consideredthe most valuable product. It is a colorless liquid, sometimes having a yellowish tinge. It is obtained by the method of pressing bitter and sweet almonds. This is absolutely natural product. The drug is hypoallergenic and has no contraindications. It is used in the care of hair, skin, for the growth of eyelashes and even in the fight against cellulite. It has a moisturizing, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effect, and also has a smoothing effect. It consists of organic acids, mineral and protein substances. It contains vitamin E, also called "vitamin of youth", as well as vitamin F, which increases the growth rate of eyelashes and hair. Vitamin A - another no less important component of this remedy. It gives shine and smoothes the surface of the eyelashes and hair.

The use of almond oil in the care of eyelashes

Almond butter makes eyelashes strong, thickand beautiful. It perfectly promotes the growth of new hairs, from which they become even thicker and more attractive. It also moisturizes the skin around the eyes. Use this amazing tool you can and to remove cosmetics. Just moisten the tampon in warm water and add a couple drops of this wonderful remedy. Conduct them from the inner edge of the eye to the outside until you remove all the paint. Almond oil is not very greasy and therefore the eyelashes do not stick together. Avoid contact with the eyes, because the sensation is not pleasant. In order to achieve maximum results, the procedures should be regular. Before using, the almond oil should be slightly warmed up a little. You can apply it to the eyelashes with a cotton swab, after removing the makeup. Dip the wand into butter and apply on the growth of the eyelashes. 15-20 minutes are enough to get the result. At night it is desirable to wash off. In addition, almond oil in a small amount - 1-2 drops, you can add to the mascara itself. application of almond oil

Other uses

Masks for eyelashes from almond oil is best donedays through 2-3. In addition to the almond, other oils can also be included in the mask: linseed, olive, castor, burdock, grape. You can mix them, observing proportions or using almond oil as the main. In the mixture, you can add vitamin E and A on an oil base. Even if you have naturally thick eyelashes, prevention will not be superfluous, because there is no limit to perfection. Any woman loves to take care of herself. And there is nothing more beautiful than natural beauty. And you can achieve it using natural ingredients. Forget about overhead and extended eyelashes: these procedures have a very negative effect on the real cilia, because after removing from the native eyelashes, there is practically nothing left.