plucking of eyebrows Eyebrows, like the eyes, can be safely calleda mirror of the soul. After all, they give the person originality and charm, make him gloomy and sullen or vice versa, add to openness and cheerfulness. Every woman who follows her appearance always pays attention to the shape of her eyebrows. Some use the services of the master, some of them "ennoble" the person with the help of improvised means. And if you belong to the category of the latter, then you need to know exactly which form of eyebrows suits your type of face. There will not be a method of blind selection, and even look at the appearance of celebrities, too, is not worth it. Perhaps, this or that form gives the charm of Demi Moore, for example, or Nicole Kidman. But on your face it will look comical and ridiculous. Define the desired shape of the eyebrows will help you master. And only just knowing exactly what you want to get, you can independently pull out and adjust your eyebrows. Today we will talk about eyebrow correction. In principle, this procedure does not contain anything complicated, but some skills and abilities will still be useful.

Step by step technique of performing the procedure

  • The first thing you need is a tonic for the face. Wipe them skin, paying special attention to the eyebrow area. So you will remove dust and dirt from your face, minimizing the penetration of the infection;
  • Now we take a cotton thread of good quality. Be sure to check it for strength - it should not tear at the slightest tension;
  • Cut off a piece of thread, about 60 centimeters, wrap it around both hands;
  • If you spread your fingers a little, you should get a rectangle out of the thread;
  • Next, twist the thread in the middle, enough 10-12 times;
  • As a result, you should get the letter "X", consisting of twisted threads;
  • Now we need to prepare our "tool" for work. To do this, move the filament to the right. Narrowing his fingers on his right hand, and widening his left;
  • Then we perform the described procedure in the opposite direction;
  • "We conjure" until the beam begins to move easily and freely;
  • Now you can pluck out. We bring the bored part of the string to the eyebrows, slowly and gently begin to move it along the place where it is necessary to pluck out the eyebrows;
  • As soon as you feel that the hairs are under the thread, you make a sharp and clear movement;
  • After the procedure is over, correct the eyebrow tweezers in those places where the thread could not pull out the hairs.

how to pluck eyebrows with a thread

Helpful hints and tips

  • In order to practice a little, try to pluck a thread on the leg;
  • Experts advise plucking eyebrows with a thread starting from the area between the eyebrows. Then move to the top, last to process the bottom;
  • Just before you start to pull out the extra hairs, it's good to hold contrast washing, so the skin pores will open up better, and the plucking will pass less painfully;
  • And you can freeze the skin a little by wiping it office cubes. By the way, it's good to use for this not just water, but a frozen infusion of chamomile or calendula. These herbs perfectly remove irritation and inflammation;
  • At the end of the procedure, wash well and lubricate the skin around the eyebrows with any face cream.

The plucking of eyebrows leaves a smallredness on the skin. Do not worry, they will fall down after 1-2 hours. But you immediately notice how the face changed - the eyebrows became more expressive, and the look more open. Also do not worry, if you have suddenly removed superfluous voloski is it is not terrible, it is possible to correct a flaw a pencil. And the next time you will certainly get it, because in this procedure the main thing is skill, and, of course, the desire to please both yourself and others!