pedicure at home Some women care for their feet wrongoften, as it should. Yes, in the summer we try to make the legs look perfect, because they are in sight. But with the onset of cold weather, when it's time to change sandals to closed shoes, the pedicure fades into the background. Shoes hide all the shortcomings, why waste valuable time (and money) for this procedure? This approach can not be called correct. Caring for feet and nails is necessary regularly, because it affects not only their appearance, but also health. The procedure of a pedicure has a number of advantages, after studying which you will understand how important it is.

Advantages of pedicure

  • A pedicure helps to get rid of sweating, calluses and small cracks on the heels;
  • With varicose veins, it is simply irreplaceable, because it returns the legs to beauty, and the gait - lightness;
  • In beauty salons at the end of the procedure, a special foot massage is performed, which affects the active points of the body, increases immunity and improves well-being;
  • And of course, what can be compared with the ease and euphoria that you feel after the end of the procedure?

Today, cosmetologists offer severalvarieties of pedicure, and one of them is a hardware procedure performed with the help of special devices. The hardware pedicure eliminates old calluses, ingrown nails, cracks. During the procedure, equipment with various nozzles is used, which gently remove the dead skin, as it were sanded, making it soft and pleasant to the touch. pedicure at home

The advantages of hardware pedicure

  • The failure of water reduces the risk of contracting fungal diseases to a minimum;
  • Especially careful skin treatment;
  • Safe and painless removal of calluses;
  • Doing a hardware pedicure, you will never bring an infection;
  • When removing dead skin cells, you also get a point massage of the feet, which improves blood circulation.

As you can see, the pluses of the procedure are sufficient, and from the minuses one can single out only the duration of the procedure.

Conducting a hardware pedicure yourself

Of course, visiting the salon is not available to everyonewoman, and the reasons for this may be different. Someone simply does not have enough time, and someone can not afford a regular pedicure because of financial problems. There can be only one way out - to carry out the procedure at home. Yes, you still have to spend on the right equipment, but this waste will soon itself fully pay off. After all, now you can do hardware pedicure at a convenient time, not depending on the work of the salons, weather on the street and other unforeseen situations. So, to enjoy the procedure at home we purchase a special apparatus, which is sold in specialized stores. Ask the seller equipment for home use only. It is less powerful than intended for salons, and it is more convenient for them to work for those who are just beginning to learn the subtleties of this procedure. The first stage of a pedicure is a softening of the skin. A hardware pedicure does not imply the pairing of feet in hot water. To soften the skin, special compounds are used, which you can buy in shops selling cosmetic products for salons. These drugs contain substances that affect only the dead skin cells. They soften the cuticle, facilitate the removal of ingrown nails and calluses, and also have an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect. The means are applied by soft, massaging movements. After that, you can proceed directly to the procedure itself pedicure at home. The second stage is the treatment of feet and nails. Before proceeding with the treatment, carefully read the instructions for using the machine. There in detail it is described, what nozzles, for what purposes are used. Large attachments are processed calluses and corns, small ones are used to work with the cuticle and the skin around the nail. With their help you will process even the most inaccessible places located between the fingers and under them. Also in the kit there is a nozzle for removing the ingrown nail and for polishing the nail plate. And the third stage of pedicure at home should be a foot massage. First, apply a little fatty nutritious cream on them and massage your feet, performing tapping, kneading and tweaking movements. Of course, the hardware pedicure in the cabin is carried out with more powerful equipment, but you still do not need it. To begin with, learn to use the device with low speed, otherwise holding a pedicure at home can lead to injuries to the skin and nails. In addition to foot care, the apparatus pedicure, conducted regularly, is able to prevent the manifestation of fungal disease and even cure if it is at an early stage. And if you follow the legs and do a pedicure at least once a week, you will forever forget about calluses, ingrown nails and stomps. By the way, with time you will have to resort less and less often to the procedure. Since the regular holding of a hardware pedicure slows down the growth of the cuticle and the appearance of dead skin particles. correct hardware pedicure at home

Contraindications to apparatus pedicure

  • The procedure should not be carried out by pregnant women (be it pedicure in the salon or at home), because chemical additives are used to soften the skin;
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys also serve as a reason for abandoning the hardware pedicure, all because of the same chemicals;
  • If you often have allergic reactions, before the procedure, consult a doctor.

Foot Care Tips

  • The first and most important advice - never forget that the feet require daily care;
  • Wash your feet every evening, using a brush, pumice, carefully washing the place between your fingers;
  • Choose a good foot cream and lubricate your feet for the night. This will prevent dryness and the appearance of cracks;
  • Fatigue from the feet will remove the tub with the use of an extract of pine needles, rosemary oil or honey.

We hope that the above tips will helpyou always keep your legs in order, make them beautiful and healthy, make men turn around after you, and women envy an easy, flying gait! We advise you to read: