tar soap from acne Girls with problem and sensitive skin,certainly know how difficult it is to find a suitable remedy for acne, acne and rash. Penki, masks, scrubs, tonics and other cosmetic products, which are filled up with shelves of most stores, sometimes not only do not cope with the task, but also greatly exacerbate the problem due to the presence of harmful or even hazardous substances. If you belong to the category of people who do not tolerate modern cosmetics for the spirit or if any such remedy makes you allergic, try to look into the department of household chemistry to buy there the usual inexpensive tar soap from acne. The useful properties of this product were known many centuries ago, but, due to the abundance of many more advertised ointments, creams, lotions, unfortunately, they forgot about it. But after a long time, tar was used to treat inflammatory, skin, viral and infectious diseases. Also, our great-grandmothers washed hair with tar soap to get rid of parasites.

What is the use of tar soap?

In fact, in a small block is notmore than ten percent of birch tar, which is a powerful antiseptic, and the remaining ninety - these are the same components that are used to make normal soap. But even such a small amount of such an important and useful substance is enough to overcome some skin diseases. Thanks to the birch tar after the rash, acne and acne on the skin there are no scars - it speeds up the regeneration of cells, while preventing the entry of microbes and bacteria inside. Of course, if you have serious health problems, wash your face with tar soap alone is not worth it, so it is not a medicine, but it is still recommended to combine it with medicinal ointments and creams. useful tar soap from acne

How to correctly use tar soap

They are washed, made of masks, cream,at times even add in shampoos. Is there any special secret to its use and what can be the side effect after its application to the skin? In fact, this small block is completely safe, if, of course, they do not abuse.

  • Washing

Since tar soap is practically not differentfrom the usual, there are no special recommendations for its use, it is enough to wash their face and hands two or three times a day. It can also be used during water procedures: shower, bath, etc. If you are acutely sensitive to unpleasant or pronounced smells, try to wash yourself in the evening immediately after returning home, or at least three hours before bedtime, so that the fragrance has completely vanished. Tar soap from acne is not a medicine, as it was already noted earlier, so do not expect an immediate and immediate result after one or two procedures. Must pass a minimum of a month before the active substances act and you can see a positive effect. At the same time, use tar tar soap constantly, without making weekly breaks. However, be careful, since there is a certain category of people who have allergies to such products over time. To make sure that you normally carry a contact with tar soap, do not wash the entire body for the first two or three days, and soap a small area. Some experts recommend testing such products (not only soap, but also gels, foams, shampoos, etc.) on the inside of the elbow, because there is a tender and thin skin. Do not be afraid if after washing you will feel dryness, tightness and discomfort, since this is not a sign of an allergic reaction, just natural tar soap, unfortunately, has a similar effect. It is enough to apply a nutritious or moisturizing cream on the processed part of the body to get rid of such consequences. Alternatively, you can try using the usual laundry soap, which was so popular in Soviet times. Still some twenty-thirty years ago it was used everywhere: they washed their head, body, dishes, washed clothes, with its help glued windows. Unlike ordinary soap, the composition of household does not include dyes, stabilizers, flavors, fragrances and other components that can cause irritation. Natural ingredients, hypoallergenicity, absence of a sharp and unpleasant odor - this is only a small list of why it is worth giving preference to this product. Such soap - a wonderful assistant in the fight against acne, acne and other skin diseases, which are constantly faced by the fair sex. To date, there are several of its main types: dark brown, light brown and ordinary white laundry soap. In the first two cases, the color depends on the amount of fatty acids contained in it (the first category - from 75.5, the second - from 69, and the third - from 64). Some manufacturers add flavors to their products, so that the scraps smell of herbs, fruits, but because of this, the effectiveness of soap is reduced, and it begins to drastically dry the skin. As for white colors, this is the usual advertising move, which many companies resort to, as a brighter and light soap is bought up faster than the usual gray-brown. But because of this, quality suffers, since the presence of dyes can badly affect your health.

  • Masks

On a small grater, grind one or two tablespoonstar soap, pour it with a small amount of water and whisk until the foam appears. Apply it to your face for about eight to ten minutes, then rinse with plenty of water and wipe the skin with a toner. To achieve a positive effect, it is recommended to do the mask once a week for three months. Do not abuse these procedures, since too frequent application of tar soap can lead not only to dryness and irritation, but also to the appearance of cracks. Also, from birch tar and ordinary children's soap, you can prepare the basis for a mask, which should be applied twice a week. Melt the bar on the steam bath, after wiping it on the grater, and add the remaining ingredients. After the mixture has cooled, roll small balls and leave it to dry. When the base completely withers, you can make a mask: again, grate a small amount of cooked soap on a fine grater and mix it until smooth, with a small amount of warmed wine (preferably white, so that the face of the divorce does not remain on the face). Please note that this tool is a category of medicinal products, so this mask-ointment should be used only after consulting a dermatologist. Keep it in a dark, sealed glass dish, in a cool dry place, out of the reach of children and pets.

  • Spot application

To reduce redness in recently appearedpimple, apply a small amount of tar soap overnight. By the morning the irritation will pass, and the remainder (a small bump) you can cover with a tonal cream or powder. This method should be resorted only if the area of ​​inflammation is relatively small, since the entire face in this case can not be smeared.

Who is shown the application of tar soap

As in many shower gels, foams and othercosmetic products add an incredible amount of chemistry, almost every second or third member of the fair sex because of this, skin problems begin. In the beginning, the face, hands and back may be slightly itchy, then a small rash appears, and then, if you do not stop using it in time, serious irritation. To avoid such trouble, give preference only to natural means for body care, such as tar or household soap. Use of such products is recommended not only for those who have problems with acne and acne. Tar soap is prescribed by physicians to patients suffering from scabies, furunculosis, depriving, seborrhea and many such skin diseases. It should be used in the event that you have received a serious burn or frostbite, badly scratched or hit. You should get a block if you have animals in your house to avoid infection after a bite or after contact with saliva (cats and dogs especially like to lick hands and face of their owners). Also, to prevent inflammation and ingrown hair under the skin, tar soap should be preferred to the fair sex, who remove the vegetation on the body with a razor, wax or epilator. Some women use it for intimate hygiene, since it does not cause irritation, allergy, and at the same time prevents certain diseases, such as for example thrush. how to make tar soap from acne

Cooking soap at home

To not risk your health and be one hundredpercent confident in the quality of products, it is best to make tar soap yourself. Special skills, knowledge and some expensive equipment you will not need, and the ingredients you can easily find and buy in pharmacies and stores. So, you need to buy:

  • The usual soap, which contains no perfumes,dyes and flavors (ideal for children or home). Do not take economic, as if it is mixed with tar and applied to the skin, even a large number of moisturizing and nourishing creams, tonics and balms will not help you - the skin will become incredibly dry.
  • Birch tar, which, in extreme cases, can be ordered through the Internet.

After you get all the components,start cooking. First, grate the soap on a large grater, then melt it on a steam bath and add one tablespoon of purified or mineral water. Stir everything with a wooden spatula. As soon as the mixture gets a thick and homogeneous consistency, add tar to the pan (one and a half to two tablespoons to six hundred grams of soap). As a result, you should get a darkish sticky mass, which must be slightly cooled and poured into molds. If you do it right away, the plastic container may melt, but if the soap gets too cold, you'll have to pick it out of the pan. The ideal temperature is about forty degrees. If you do not have a special vessel, you can use soap dishes, yoghurt jars, cheese cake boxes, ordinary transparent cups, etc. Put molds with tar soap into a place where there is free access to fresh air, but make sure that they do not get direct sunlight. Also, avoid sudden temperature changes and excessive humidity, so that the product does not have bacteria or a fungus. The ideal option - a loggia or balcony, where the windows have curtains, blinds, tulle. Using the tar soap at home, you can be 100% sure that there really is this component and it was not replaced with "flavor identical to natural". As they say, if you want everything to be done well, do it yourself! There is another rather popular and non-standard recipe for tar soap, the method of preparation of which is identical to the previous one: all the ingredients are added immediately after the soap melts on the steam bath. However, thanks to additional ingredients, it will smell more pleasant and will not cause excessive dryness of the skin. To prepare it you will need:

  • Birch tar. For one hundred gram of usual children's soap - five to ten milligrams of this ingredient.
  • Soap.
  • Mineral water.
  • Honey - polchaynoy spoons for one brusochek. It is best to take a liquid so that you do not waste time preparing it.
  • Children's cream. Anyone, even the cheapest, can do it, so that there are as few different additives as possible.
  • Aroma oils: Peach, almond, lavender, etc. To make the body and face less dry, it is recommended to add several different options at once. In this case, you can use soap: adults, children, girls with dry, sensitive, oily, problem skin.

pleasant tar soap from acne

Tar soap: for and against

Often you can hear that tar soap is notoften used for washing hands and they are categorically forbidden to wash their face. The fact is that in some products manufacturers add not only natural and useful, but also harmful chemicals, which just cause irritation. This is done so that the goods can be stored for a long time in shops and warehouses, since the household chemistry is similar to the current chemistry in our time has not yet been acquired, and it is bought with great stretch. Another huge minus - this soap dries strongly the face. But the abundance of creams, lotions, balms, masks and other moisturizing, nourishing and health-improving cosmetics will help to solve this problem in two counts. But the owners of oily skin, this feature is very useful. Please note that after every use of tar soap, you should wash with plenty of warm filtered water so that the foam does not remain on the body. Also, to rinse your face, you can use infusions of herbs that moisturize the skin. If after a long application of tar soap pimples are not gone, then it is worth to consult a dermatologist, as this may be a sign of any serious illness. There will be no effect if you constantly squeeze out abscesses, touch your face with your hands, scratch it. The mechanical effect on the skin leads to microtrauma and cracks, after which the inside gets the infection and the bacteria that have accumulated under the fingernails and, as a result - herpes, rash, acne. We advise you to read: