Asahi face massage Any facial massage works faultlessly - the skintightens, becomes velvety and flawlessly smooth, wrinkles disappear and even the color changes. That is why beauty salons and masseurs offer different face care options - peelings and masks, treatment of the skin with various vibro-massagers, carrying out of hardware procedures. Recently, Asahi massage has become very popular. This kind of procedure came from faraway Japan. Thanks to the famous Japanese stylist Yukuko Tanako, this kind of massage came to us. She published a book that immediately became a bestseller around the world. The results after the Asahi massage course are simply amazing - they are visible after 3-4 procedures. The very stylist who advertises this ancient secret of beauty surprises everyone with her appearance. She is already 62 years old, she looks like a thirty-year-old woman, and most importantly - does not hide her secrets. We hope that the Japanese massage will help and our women always look young and shine with health and energy, regardless of their age.

Massage Features

As with any procedure, Asahi massage hastheir own characteristics. Since the technique of carrying out has come from the East, the manipulations will seem to us, at least, strange. In order not to be frightened of movements and not to be tormented in doubts about the correctness, it is necessary to know some nuances:

  • The movements of the masseur are performed with just two fingers;
  • All movements are very deep, carried out with a rather large effort;
  • Too sharp claps, slaps and tingle, especially in the area of ​​the second chin;
  • During the procedure, the patient sits or stands absolutely straight - one should keep a correct posture;
  • The power of Asahi massage borders on the pain threshold.

Japanese massage is based on several principles. Firstly, if you do not exert a strong influence on muscles and tissues, then there will be no changes - the muscles should actively work. Secondly, the procedure is associated with pain, so have patience. It is noticed that the patient experiences this pain only in the first two sessions. Thirdly, this kind of massage is also called sculptural - it turns out that we with our own hands "sculpt" ourselves contours of the face. Japanese Asahi face massage

How to massage

Many use this miracle massage tochange and look 7-10 years younger. Do they all earn so much that they allow themselves to attend expensive masseurs? It turns out that Asahi massage can be done on your own! The main thing is to accurately remember the movements:

  • We smooth the forehead area, stretching the skin a little;
  • We work out the eye area: first we make circular movements from the outer corner of the eye to the inner one. We necessarily work through the area under the eyebrows;
  • Further, pressing the fingers quite hard, we draw a line under the lower eyelid and on the contour of the face (gripping the cheekbones) go down to the neck;
  • We process the chin and the area around the mouth. Do not forget to walk on nasolabial folds - the most problematic place of the face in women;
  • From the chin, we move our fingers up to the lower eyelids. Here it is necessary to be extremely attentive. First, push to such an extent that you can feel the heat on the bunches of fingers. Then, when the fingers approach the lower eyelids, the grip is weakened, and from the lower eyelids the fingers go to the cheekbones. The last movement should look like you are stretching your cheeks;
  • Now we need to zigzag movements to get around the whole face, except the lower eyelid area. Do not forget to grab and forehead;
  • With the same zigzags we process the temporal regionand grab the ear. Do not forget that Asahi massage does not allow zigzag movements separately. That is, if you started doing this on your face, then be sure to finish with your temples and the area of ​​your ears;
  • Next is the lifting technique - with powerful movements we smooth the cheeks, forehead, cheekbones, the area around the eyes and mouth;
  • We form the second chin. More precisely, we do not form, but get rid of sagging skin and fat deposits;
  • Simple smoothing of the face with wide mahami - forehead, area around the eyes and mouth, cheekbones and cheeks, chin. We finish the movement near the ear lymph nodes.

Of course, the first time reading these items,an ignorant person does not understand anything. It is advisable to visit the masseur and see how the Japanese massage Asahi is done correctly. Starting to experiment with yourself without knowledge is not worth it - you can seriously damage your health. After all, this procedure has an effect on the circulatory system, on the lymph drainage. Without proper knowledge, you can injure the walls of the vessels, which will lead to bruises and red veins on the face. There are several generally accepted rules for the Asahi massage:

  • First, massage should be carried out only on clean skin, using cream, massage oil or cosmetic milk;
  • Secondly, there is rubbing with strong pressure;
  • Thirdly, the force of pressure should be such that the sensations of the patient are balanced on the verge of relaxation and pain.

In addition, remember that all the movements of the massagefaces are performed with two fingers. Only in the forehead you can connect the third one, for convenient gripping of the surface. The nails of the masseuse should be short-cropped, the trauma of the face from sharp nails, rings and bracelets is not uncommon. Many women doubt - but does Japanese face massage have such a magical effect? According to research data, almost all women who ever applied this procedure to a person were satisfied. Well, then, even official medicine recognizes that face massage on Japanese technology has a truly magical effect. Agree, the opinion of well-known scientists should be heeded. Asahi face massage


No matter how good a facial massage from Japan was,understand that this is quite a serious impact on the body. Naturally, there are contraindications for carrying out. You should familiarize yourself with them, so as not to harm yourself. Relying on the experience and knowledge of massage therapists can not. In private rooms, you will do any type of massage, which one ask! If only a cosmetologist doctor has appointed such a course of massage, then you can safely go to the procedure. So, actually, contraindications:

  • ENT diseases. And, any - a laryngitis, a tracheitis, a genyantritis, a pharyngitis. Even banal rhinitis (rhinitis) is a contraindication;
  • Skin diseases. Especially if the manifestations are on the face. Pay special attention to the presence of warts and small papillomas - they can be torn, damaged and this will lead to purulent infection;
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system. Facial massage in Japanese has a shocking effect on the blood vessels. Be careful, there may be a break in the capillaries, an increase in pressure;
  • Acute infectious diseases;
  • Problems with lymph nodes and lymphatic drainage system.

In addition, facial procedures should be avoidedduring menstruation. If you have catarrhal diseases, fever, or an incomprehensible weakness, you can not massage yourself. In general, any activities related to health should be conducted only after consultation with the doctor. This law must be respected always! It only seems that with smoothing and rubbing no harm can be done. But in fact, everything is interconnected in the human body. For example, with facial massage, blood circulation improves, as a result, pressure may also increase. If for a healthy person this will do good, then for hypertension - can become a push to the hypertensive crisis. Of course, you have to watch for yourself. And in the struggle for beauty, all means are good. Nobody forbids trying different methods on oneself. But keep in mind that everything must be done correctly and correctly. Only with this approach can guarantee the safety of any procedure. And then you will shine with your immaculate beauty, attract the attention of others and amaze your young look. And even from compliments and do have to blush all the time. But this is wonderful! Remember - you deserve the best, and even the best! Watch your health, follow the recommendations clearly, and then even such a serious procedure, like Asahi massage, will bring only joy.