hair ingrown The struggle for beauty is ruthless. In this battle there is no place for laziness, painful sensations and fears. After all, in order for your reflection to sing from the mirror, that you are perfection, you need to perform at least a dozen cosmetic procedures, the mention of which in men the blood runs cold. Still would! After all, none of the guys and the head does not come first to suffer from pain during depilation, and then just as selflessly remove ingrown hair from those parts of the body that have only recently languished in captivity of hot wax.

Beauty requires sacrifice!

Probably, many men, watchingselfless struggle of his half for attractiveness, secretly feel immense pride. Still would! For it is for him, the only one, that she tries so hard. No matter how it is! Science has proved that if men are polygamous in the field of intimate relationships, then women are happy to accept the rapturous views of absolutely all surrounding cavaliers. This is the balance in nature. Girls, like pretty vampires, feed on compliments and are charged with positive energy from them. They do not have enough glance, cast by the husband from under his brows, and a short phrase "well, nothing, it's normal". Women are vitally necessary adoration and eloquent views from the side, otherwise their beauty will wither, and the character will become truly unbearable. Therefore, dear men, if you are stingy about compliments, be generous at least for pocket money, which a woman can spend on salons and boutiques. Moreover, on the path of life may be such problems, the solution of which is urgent and not always feasible at home. For example, hair removal or deep ingrown hair. And the last problem is much more important, since the ingrown into the skin of the hair does not just look terribly externally (redness, pustules), but also brings pain to its owner. Hardly you will touch a problem place, at once the acute pain pierces all body, and already it would not be desirable neither smooth legs, nor an epilation. But let's still not go to such extremes, but just figure out how to get rid of this very hair and prevent a repetition of annoying inconvenience. ingrown hair

Ingrown hair: the cause of appearance

In women, as a rule, ingrown into the skin of the hairappear after epilation. A week or two of skin is really smooth and silky, as shouting about it advertising waxes and creams for hair removal. Exactly until the new hairs begin to grow. It seems that this is bad, right? Normal natural process. But in this case the new one is the recently shaved old one. When removing the hair, its tip becomes sharp and can easily pierce the skin, especially if the hairs grow not straight, but by chance decides to turn off the intended path. Another reason why a deeply ingrown hair appears on the flawless skin is the skin itself, more precisely, its condition. The surface that has become stiff from multiple epilations can simply not miss a new hair, and, without thinking twice, it grows in the opposite direction, grows into the skin and causes a lot of discomfort to its owner. That's why cosmetologists advise carefully moisturize the skin after epilation, so that ingrown hairs on your feet do not cause your "headache". By the way, it is worth talking about the measures of protection from ingrown hair in more detail.

How to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs

Perhaps, this is the most important point of our article, because if we take the correct preventive measures, then the ingrown hair will not appear, and there will be no problems.

  • Before you get rid of excessvegetation on the body, take a hot shower. No, we do not want to blame you for uncleanliness, just hot water will soften the skin and prepare it for further hair removal.
  • Be sure to remove the body of the remains of sebum with the help of normal soap or shower gel.
  • Do not rush out of the bathroom, preparing forepilation is not complete. Apply body scrub to the areas that you want to get rid of vegetation. Gently massage and rinse with warm water. However, do not overdo with the exfoliating remedy, as if used improperly, irritation may occur on the body.
  • Now, before conducting a directepilation, read the list of several "not", prohibiting the process itself: you can not do hair removal if the skin has acne, scratches and other irritations; it is not necessary to remove hair on the body before you leave the house, let alone wear newly-shaven legs tights; if you use a razor, do not use old machines. Moreover, in process of all process it is desirable to use not one razor that the legs were smooth and ingrown hair did not torment you with the occurrence.
  • We hope that you have not found yourself in the previouslist, and hair removal will take place. According to statistics, 70% of women remove hair with a simple, proven grandmother's method - a razor. If you are one of them, then, first of all, do not skimp on the machine (modern women's razors with a triple blade and a moistening strip - this is not an attempt to shake money out of you for a conventional machine, but a successful decision of manufacturers to make shaving more enjoyable and effective) . Secondly, shave your hair in the direction of growth, and not against it. The third point of the "mandatory program" will be applying to the skin a special agent that slows hair growth. This way you will kill two birds with one stone: moisturize your skin and help the legs to be smooth for much longer.
  • But no matter how simple it seemed, hair removalrazor, we must admit that this way of removing vegetation comes from the last century. But we are with you in the new age, right? Therefore, leave your machine to your husband (he needs it) and sign up for hair removal in the beauty salon. First, there you will remove hair much more carefully. And secondly, after modern methods (laser and photoepilation), ingrown hair does not appear.
  • ingrown hair

    If ingrown hair still appeared

    Let's say you read this article after that,as well as the hair removal, and deeply ingrown hair (and maybe not one) is already tormenting you with his presence. Question one: what to do? The main thing is to calm down and not to panic. Ingrown into the skin of the hair yet no one brought into the grave, so let's quietly look for a solution to your problem.

  • To begin with, immediately give up hair removal. Remove vegetation before you get rid of ingrown into the skin of hair, is strictly prohibited.
  • Then moisten with hot water a gauze swaband put it on the affected area of ​​the skin. This will prepare unruly hair for further removal, since hot water (as we already know) softens the skin and makes the hair more vulnerable and supple (that's why it is recommended to take a shower before epilation).
  • Disinfect the tweezers, hands and ingrown hairs. Carefully pick up the edge of the hair with tweezers and pull it out. If it does not give way, put a hot compress again, probably the skin has not warmed up yet.
  • As soon as pull out the ingrown into the skin of hair, do nothurry to pull on the tights pantyhose or (even worse) shave your legs again. First, the affected area should be disinfected again. Secondly, no hair removal should be done until the wound has healed completely. Thirdly, try not to touch the affected area once again, so as not to provoke further irritation.
  • Those who successfully coped with the problemingrown hair, it remains to wish to change the type of hair removal (the more so as cosmetologists advise) and continue to be more attentive to all the procedures that are carried out. Beautiful, smooth legs to you and good mood! We advise you to read: