eyebrow coloring Absolutely every woman knows thatbeautiful, neat eyebrows curved shape gives the person a special attraction and charm. Well-defined eyebrows of the right color - this is the very element of your image, which will make the facial features more refined and refined. Of course, you can tint your eyebrows daily with a special pencil, diligently drawing lines of the right shape, and in the evening find time to wash off this make-up. But most girls have long preferred long-lasting staining, because in our crazy time every second counts - so why waste time on these everyday routines? For many of us, it's much easier to go to a nice beauty salon, where a master professional will accurately color his eyebrows in the right color. But if for some reason you do not want to go anywhere, you can paint your eyebrows at home yourself. Painting the eyebrows at home is an important and responsible process. To begin with, you'll have to visit a perfume and cosmetics store to pick and buy the right eyebrow paint. The choice of such paints is not so small: disposable and reusable paints, powder or special gel. Primary colors: black, brown and gray. Do not try to save on eyebrow paint and buy a box of a dubious manufacturer with expired shelf life. The consequences can be the most unpleasant, ranging from instability of staining, ending with burns and hair loss. Also, do not use hair dye, as it can damage the structure of the eyebrows and harm the delicate skin of the face. Painting the eyebrows at home in the tone of the hair, you will look natural and fashionable. But if you are a natural blonde, then it is not necessary to lighten the eyebrows - it is recommended to wear eyebrows for one tone darker. All the shades of brown will suit the brown-haired girls - the closer to the color of hair, the better. Burning brunettes are ideal for black color. And for the red, terracotta and golden colors are good. Do not forget to give the brow the right shape. This can be done both before and after staining.

Preparing for the dyeing procedure

Before starting dyeing, test forsensitivity of the skin. Using a cotton pad, apply a little coloring to the outside of the arm fold, wait twenty minutes. If during this time the skin does not become irritated, then this paint is right for you. Contraindicated the coloration of eyebrows to people with inflammatory diseases of the eyes. Tools needed for dyeing

  • Instructions for painting, which is attached to the eyebrow paint;
  • Clean eyelash brush or cotton swabs for applying paint;
  • Glass or ceramic dishes of small size for the preparation of paint (Important: never use metal dishes, since the paint contains an oxidizer);
  • Rubber or cellophane gloves and a towel to protect hands and clothes from paint;
  • Any greasy cream to protect from dyeing of the skin around the eyebrows;
  • Cotton swabs or cleaning wipes to remove excess paint.

eyebrow painting before and after

Eyebrow coloring at home

Eyebrow coloring at home begins withprepare the paint according to the enclosed instructions. Protective gloves can be worn immediately or immediately before the procedure. In the dishes you have prepared, you need to squeeze out a little coloring remedy - about two milligrams. Then add to the paint eight to ten drops of oxidizer (hydrogen peroxide), it can be replaced with a single hydroperitone tablet dissolved in one teaspoon of boiled warm water. Mix all ingredients thoroughly until a thick mass forms. Do not be surprised if, at the first use of the paint, the original color of the mixture turns out to be light: the paint will darken when interacting with the hairs of the eyebrows. Ready paint should be used immediately. Fat cream lubricate the skin around the eyebrows. Brush or a cotton swab to collect a small amount of paint and gently apply on the eyebrows an even thick layer. Try not to let the paint get on the mucous membrane of the eyes. If this happens, immediately flush eyes with plenty of running water. Withstand paint for a maximum of fifteen minutes, then remove the residue with dry cotton wool discs. When completing the procedure, you should thoroughly wash your eyebrows with warm water. If the paint is still on the skin, it is necessary to lubricate the cotton disc saturated with fat cream, and massage the painted areas with light movements. If this method does not help, use liquid hand soap. If the small hairs that extend beyond the eyebrow line are colored, then they can be plucked with tweezers. Now you know how to paint your eyebrows at home, and you can experiment with color yourself. The procedure for staining the eyebrows should be repeated about once a month, depending on the speed of hair growth and the quality of the paint that was used.

Eyebrow care after staining

Immediately after staining on the eyebrow,apply a mixture of oils that have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair condition (by the way, this procedure can be done daily before bedtime). The mixture is prepared as follows: five grams of castor oil, ten grams of sunflower and five grams of burdock oil are combined in a small container. The tube for the used mascara is best for these purposes: rinse it well to cleanse the remnants of the cosmetic and pour in the mixture of oils. Massaging movements rub the oils into the skin of the eyebrows, with a thin brush, comb the hairs in the desired direction. If you have very sensitive skin and hairs on the eyebrows are prone to loss, then we advise you the following compress of oils:

  • Half a teaspoon of linseed oil;
  • Fifteen drops of castor oil;
  • Two drops of camphor oil.

Mix the oils in the above proportions andslightly warm up the resulting mixture. After that, we take cotton strips, soak them with a warm mixture of oils and put them on the eyebrows. For a greater effect over the compress, you can put parchment paper and a dry hot napkin. We advise you to read: