Japanese makeup Each Japanese woman is distinguished by one amazingfeature is her makeup. White porcelain leather, black eyes and red lips - these are the three "whales" on which Japanese makeup is held. Japanese women are so attractive that this opinion has not changed for more than a hundred years. There are several varieties of Japanese makeup: in the style of a geisha - this make-up is suitable for a costume party, in the style of anime - most of all it is suitable for young girls (14-17 years) and everyday. In order to learn how to impose a Japanese makeup, you need to know the basic three stages.

Selecting the tone

Make-up in the Japanese style has the main "zest"- Light tone of the face. And, in fact Japanese women do not differ light skin from nature - they are, in the majority, swarthy. Nevertheless, it is the snow-white face that is an indicator of beauty among Japanese women - they try to achieve this in every possible way. Therefore, first you need to achieve the same effect. How to do it? The basis is applied - a voice-frequency cream and powder of light shades. Before that, you can refresh your face with an ice cube. Only observe the rule: the base should not be lighter than your own skin more than two tones. Otherwise, the face will look unnatural.

Makeup for the eyes

A distinctive feature of Japanese women isslanting eyes. There, of course, there's nothing to be done - well, do not go for a plastic surgery! But to make an imitation of Japanese eyes with the help of decorative cosmetics is quite possible. To do this, use liquid eyeliner. And first, shadows of light or pearly tones are applied, then in the upper eyelid, a thin line is used for eyeliner. Feature: at the inner corner of the eye the line should drop straight to the bridge of the nose, and on the outer corner, dropping a little, sharply soar up. Now go to the lower eyelid. Here you need a gray or brown pencil (by no means black!) Draw a line strictly along the border of the eyelashes. Then a bit of her shading with a soft brush - the eye will seem narrower. Now you can paint eyelashes - mascara is applied only to the upper lashes, and not much, but, as if just outlining them. With more carcasses on eyelashes, the eye becomes visually larger. makeup in Japanese style

We paint lips

Now it is the turn of the lips - they shouldstand out against the general background of the face, attract eyes. A contour is necessarily drawn (you can do it with a special cosmetic pencil), especially with full lips. Lipstick is applied scarlet, red, purple or brown. It is these tones that makeup in the Japanese style most "likes". But here you must take into account the age of the lady. For young girls, bright shades are perfect, but for very young girls who impose themselves anime makeup - purple or dark brown. The final touch is the application of blush. Only use light pink tones for this and use a wide brush. And, blush should not be allocated a bright spot on the face - hardly noticeable shade is quite enough. Movement during application: the hand goes from the cheekbone down to the chin, and sweeping movements of the blush are distributed on the cheeks.

Features of makeup in the style of "anime"

Just this version of Japanese makeup is easierall done on the European face. To do this, you will need: a black eyeliner, light shadows, mascara and a white pencil. Having such a set and at least the slightest idea of ​​makeup anime, every woman can be like the characters of Japanese cartoons. Make black arrows on the upper and lower eyelids, focus on the inner corner with a white pencil, light shadows visually increase the eyes. Everything, anime make-up is ready! Yes, lipstick - here it is necessary to use only pink shades. Whichever makeup you decide to do - everyday, anime or geisha, adhere to the classic rules of applying cosmetology and will be satisfied with the result. The main thing is not to overdo it so as not to look unnatural. We advise you to read: