make-up for brunettes Makeup for brunettes should emphasizeThe natural attractiveness of a dark-haired beauty. The correct makeup will emphasize the overflows of chestnut hair, the contrast with the well-groomed skin, the sensuality of the satin lips. Properly selected cosmetics will help to hide shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of your face.

Makeup for brunettes - what should it be?

Perfect makeup for brunettes -saturated, and even completely screaming tone? Who told you that? For some reason, among the fair sex there is an opinion that the only thing that is lacking spectacular brunettes is the catchy shades in makeup. That's why dark-haired girls think that they can best suit scarlet lipstick and black shadows, forgetting that this is an exclusively evening version intended for "going out". To think that such a daytime make-up for brunettes is permissible - a fatal mistake. It is unlikely that your colleagues and the boss will appreciate the image of a female vamp during negotiations or during a business lunch. To find out the answer to the question "which meikap is right for me?", Look at the table of color patterns used by all makeup artists, choosing makeup for brunettes. eye makeup for brunettes

The Snow Queen

The most common among dark-hairedbeauties color-type with a "cold" name "winter". Brunettes of this type have a dark chestnut or black shock hair, brown eyes and swarthy skin, as if slightly touched by sunburn. Makeup for brunettes of this type suggests a bright accentuation of either the eye or the lips. For office, choose a light lip gloss with a soft pink or light crimson shade. Visually increase your lips transparent shine with a red shimmer. Bright red is suitable for a party or corporate party. It will not look bad matte lipstick of the same shade. Soft colors (beige, light brown, ivory) give this type of brunette a painful, tired look. It is desirable that in the tonal basis and powder there are light-reflecting particles - they give the skin dark-skinned a natural flicker. Fashionable lately bronzer use with caution: brushing around the face is not necessary, it is not powder and not a tone. To avoid mistakes when applying "office" make-up, buy shades of golden or chocolate shade. Beautiful evening eye makeup for brunettes suggests the use of bright eyeliner and carcass coal-black hue. Exquisitely it will look fine line, applied sharply sharpened pencil or gel liner, along the line of eyelash growth.

Girl with a "spark"

The "autumn" type are girls with chestnuthair, having a rusty hue. Their eyes are usually green or blue, their face can be decorated with cute freckles. If the latter seem to you not at all cute, you can hide them under a layer of thick foundation or cream powder. The main thing - to choose the most appropriate shade and carefully shade the boundaries of the tone when applied. Makeup for green-eyed brunettes is based on a game of halftones. They are suitable for multi-layer technique of applying shadows, which use shadows of similar shades. What color of carcass suits the girl-autumn? Day option - brown, evening - bright green. A good eye makeup for a girl with chestnut-red hair will emphasize a rare shade of the iris, if you use shadows of buffy, marsh or olive shade, you can even with mother of pearl. Lipstick should emphasize the copper sparkles in your hair: a coral or reddish-brick tone will cope with this task. beautiful makeup for brunettes

Spring Flower

Makeup for the innocent brunettes of the "spring" typewill present in a favorable light a delicate skin with a pinkish blush, gray eyes and hair of a chocolate shade. Fashionable nowadays "nude" is designed specifically for these fragile and weightless individuals. Lipsticks of powder and sand tones emphasize your aristocracy. When going to work, put a translucent shade of lavender, sky-blue or flickering white in your eyes. Turn this makeup for brunettes that look like a blooming spring, in the evening it costs nothing - you just have to use a bright blue or purple eyeliner. If your choice fell on "Smokey Aiz", take a pallet of shadows, aged in the gray scale, and use several shades simultaneously. The boundaries between them, you can easily blend with an applicator or cosmetic cotton swab. To prevent fatal errors when emphasizing the line of eyebrows, throw a black pencil. On your eyebrows a light brown shade, he will look unnatural. You need a pencil to tone darker than their natural color.

Summer heat

The color scale, designed for beauties withblue-black hair and light eyes, allows the use of provocative colors (meaning not only the evening version). During the day you can use shades of shades of "bronze" and "metallic." Best of all, they will look paired with a golden or dirty pink shine. If you decide to focus on the lips, choose a shade of champagne. Easy mother of pearl refreshes and helps to cope with dark circles. In the evening, shadows can be replaced with violet or chocolate, complete with a black eye contour. To create the effect of "dramatic" eyelashes, use lengthening mascara in two or three layers. Do you have chubby lips? Emphasize them with the lipstick of a juicy shade of ripe plum or a bright pink shine. Regardless of the color type, the main rule of make-up for dark-haired girls is: you want to impress everyone with exquisite make-up - play on contrasts! However, it is not recommended to forget about the sense of proportion. We advise you to read: