wedding makeup for blue eyes Today, more and more bridesprefers to make a holiday meikap with his own hands, since no one, except for themselves, will be able to emphasize that very highlight, while hiding all the shortcomings that confuse the girls. Of course, the wedding makeup for blue eyes is very different from the usual everyday, but many modern women have perfected the art of applying cosmetics to such an extent that sometimes with their skill, even an experienced specialist can not be compared.

Make-up: choose colors

Happy owners of bottomless blue eyeslucky most, because they are suitable for almost all existing in nature shades. However, to further emphasize the extraordinary beauty and color, you should use pale pink, blue, gray-brown, silvery and golden tones.

  • Blue Blue

Note that the choice of the shadow of thethe same tone as the eyes, is considered a bad taste. Choosing blue shades for blue eyes, girls are actually very risky, since in this case there is no golden mean: it will either be very good or so bad that neither a beautiful and expensive dress, nor a stylish hairstyle, nor a pretty face of the bride will save the situation . Such a makeup should be applied if you have any element of the same shade (hair clip in the hair, beads around the neck, ribbons, decorations, etc.). More gently looks turquoise - something between blue and green flowers.

  • Lavender and lavender shades

Accustomed to be bright and compelling? Then choose the purple shades. Of course, if you have purchased a perfectly white dress, this option will not be appropriate, but you can not imagine a better image for a themed wedding. However, be careful when using and combining these colors, as it is worth a bit overdoing, and in the photos around your beautiful blue eyes you will see dark "bruises".

  • Black and gray shadows

If you are a fan of Smoky-eyes, do notIt is worth denying yourself the pleasure of being a fatal beauty on this day. It is especially interesting that such a wedding makeup will look on a cloudy day or in a cold season, when lighter and more bright tones are not so noticeable.

  • Golden Shadows

This option is universal and suitablepractically to all women, regardless of age, hair color and skin tone. It is enough to brighten the inner corners of the mobile age with lighter shadows to give the look expressive, and to external - to apply darker shades and shade. To make it easier for you to decide the final version, experiment in front of the mirror. Also for a month or two before the appointed date, you can visit the beauty salon, so that the make-up artist helps to correct and finally complete your image. Perhaps he will tell you what to do with the main emphasis, how to hide defects and answer all the questions you are interested in. beautiful wedding makeup for blue eyes

Common mistakes of blue-eyed brides while applying makeup

  • Using a black pencil

Unfortunately, not all girls notice that blackA pencil for blue eyes is simply deadly, since it makes them cloudy, dark and slightly grayish. That's why it's also not recommended to use black eyeliner. In this case, it is best to consider dark blue, brown or even lighter colors.

  • Application of sequins

The next oversight allowedwomen - a bridal make-up with a lot of sparkles. Firstly, because of them, the photos will reflect on the face, and secondly, on an overcast day they may look dull and, if not properly illuminated, look like dust or dirt.

  • The combination of inappropriate colors

Choosing a wedding makeup for blue eyes,focus on the color of the hair, the shape of the face and, most importantly, the tone of the dress. Under no circumstances should you take a blue eyeliner, purple shadows, brown mascara, if you are wearing a red or green dress. This is only permissible if you do not have a standard wedding with an emphasis on excessive creativity. wedding bridal makeup for blue eyes

Let's proceed to the process: we make the makeup step by step

Wedding makeup for blue eyes should besimple, light, barely noticeable, so that the bride looked fresh and attractive, and not funny and tired. In addition, a ton of foundation, two or three layers of powder and blush, ten kinds of shadows and a lot of carcass stuck together on eyelashes on a sunny hot day or in a warm room will leak. As a result, the girl will have to constantly absent herself to make herself up, otherwise on wedding photos and videos her face will shine strongly. Recently, almost all professional make-up artists adhere to the rule - the less cosmetics, the better. So, the first step is to prepare the person for applying makeup. To do this, you will need a foundation, the shade of which matches the color of your skin. With the help of a sponge, apply a small amount of foundation to the face and neck and wait until it absorbs. To consolidate the result, after five minutes, walk over the surface with a special brush with a small amount of powder. If you do not want your face to look like a mask, adding a volume of it will help a darker foundation, which is applied to the wings of the nose and cheekbones. Another nuance that every girl should remember is that only the corrector is applied to the area around the eyes. After you're done with the stem, you can start your eyebrows. Comb them with a special brush, then apply a transparent gel to the hairs. To non-natural blondes, four to five days before the wedding, it is recommended to lighten the eyebrows a little, brunettes - to tint with a special paint. Only after all the above procedures can you start applying the shadows, observing the rule - from light tone to darker. At the end it is recommended that they be shaded with a soft brush, moving from the bridge of the nose towards the temple to smooth out the balance between the flowers. The next step is applying mascara. In order for it to spread more evenly and give the volume to the eyelashes, first comb them with a brush, then use colorless mascara. As for lipstick, there are three options. If you plan to make a natural wedding make-up and choose gentle colors for blue eyes, it is better to make up your lips with glitter. To purple, orange, mother-of-pearl shades, pink or light brown lipstick is selected, otherwise the face will look too defiant. But the girls who chose Smoky-eyes, so that the image was harmonious, will need bright lipstick. And the final touch: pull your lips with a tube and apply a small amount of blush to the protruding cheekbones. Be careful not to choose dark purple, brown or red colors, since few people can correctly combine them with the specific tone of lipstick and shadows. Remember, the brighter you chose makeup for blue eyes, the less this tool you will need. fashionable wedding makeup for blue eyes

Small secrets of brides

If you want the lipstick to last as long as possiblelonger, before applying, powder slightly lips. After you have made up, gently bite the napkin to remove any debris that may be smeared. Also do not forget to stain the contours with a pencil, which will help to add puffiness thin or remove the volume of excessively thick lips. To avoid ink staining during eyelash, and you or your girlfriends do not have to wash and apply makeup again, close your eyes, put a finger under your eyelashes and gently brush along the entire length from the base to the tips. After this procedure, it will be enough to wash your hands with soap, which will take much less time than if you start all over again. Make-up is over, but are you unhappy with the result, since it seems to you that you have applied too many shadows or blush? To correct a situation the powder which slightly will muffle bright colors will help you. You can also mask makeup mistakes with a tonal tool.