1 Whatever your view was open and expressive, makeup artists advise using special forceps for curling eyelashes.

Eyelash forceps

In order to create an expressive, enchantinglook, you should first use special eyelashes tweezers, and then apply mascara. Otherwise, eyelashes can break, and a natural beautiful look at the time will have to be forgotten. Eyelashes can be fanned with a fan, twisting the central part upwards, and parts of the outer edges of the eyes - towards the temples sideways. Short cilia move in one place with three "tweezers" at the base, long ones - with three "tweezers" along the length. A little naive, "puppet" look is obtained if very tightly squeeze forceps when twisting.

Eyelash extension tool

In order to twist was morelong-lived, you need to use a special device. The desired effect when using this device is achieved with the help of a safe thermal action. Such devices are very convenient - they work from batteries, so you can use them anywhere. Mascara in this case, too, is applied only after twisting.

Permalink of eyelashes

The most durable methodlook beautiful, - a chemical wave of eyelashes, which is enough for two or three months. With such a curl, each cilium is first wound on the roller curler, and then the eyelashes, to fix the effect, are processed by a special composition. You can do it in the beauty salon. Eyelashes after it lighten. Therefore, they need to be dyed after a few days. As a result of a chemical wave, eyelashes turn out to be beautifully curved. In additional make-up, they do not need, but they need strengthening, which can be done with castor oil. We advise you to read: