beautiful make-up Any woman wants to look perfect. And in this we often help not only the proper care of face and body skin, but also beautiful make-up. It's not a secret that women spend a lot of time in front of the mirror not only before the holiday breaks, but every day, trying to hide all visible shortcomings, emphasize virtues, make themselves better and more beautiful. No fashionable outfit and elegant hairstyle can create a complete image if there is no beautiful makeup in it. Surely every woman knows perfectly what colors of shadows and the tone of powder and blush to her face. However, not only in correctly selected shades lies the secret of success. How to make beautiful makeup? Makeup should be relevant for the place and time. That is, bright evening make-up, for example, will be completely out of place in the business environment during working hours. But a simple and discreet daytime make-up will be completely unnoticeable with artificial light at a party. In addition, makeup must match the age of the woman, as much as possible emphasize all the virtues. Beautiful makeup should not be like theatrical make-up, because you are not on the stage, but in everyday life. Also make-up should approach the clothes you choose and harmonize with it.

Golden rules of beautiful makeup

We talked about the relevance of makeup. But makeup was flawless, it must be properly implemented. How to make beautiful makeup? For this it is necessary to observe several rules.

  • We use quality cosmetics Not all expensivemeans for make-up will be equally good. However, the most famous firms and brands have a huge selection of cosmetics and makeup palettes - this is appreciated even by professionals. Accordingly, these funds will be distinguished by a high price, but the quality will be several times higher. It is best to use for makeup all the means of one company or line.
  • We prepare the face for make-up The secret of the success of perseverance andThe naturalness of make-up lies in applying it to the prepared face skin. If you have time, before applying makeup, it is good to pamper the skin with a nutritious or moisturizing express mask that will ensure your skin a healthy appearance. To do this, wash the face with a cleanser, wipe with a tonic. Apply moisturizing cream, let it completely absorb and, if necessary, remove excess.
  • We give the skin the right tone After youprepared the skin for make-up, you can apply a tonal basis, which should perfectly match with the shade of your skin, so that there is no "mask" effect. Dark circles under the eyes and shortcomings on the skin should be hidden with a corrector or concealer, and after that, apply a foundation. To fix the color and make the skin dull, use loose powder, it is much lighter in texture than matte.
  • Doing one accent on the face When making up, especiallyevening, should focus on either the eyes or the lips. If you emphasize both, you can have a vulgar effect. If you emphasize the eyes, they can be made up brightly and brightly, but the lips in this case should be emphasized by light natural lipstick or transparent shine. But if you decided to separate your lips on your face, then you can do it with the help of bright lipstick or sparkling shine, and your eyes then need to be emphasized only slightly.
  • Eye Makeup Makeup Eye Makeupbegins with a foundation under the shade, which will ensure durability. If you do not have the basics, lightly powder the eyelids with loose powder. After that, the shadows are applied, then - the eyeliner or pencil for the eyes, and only at the very end - mascara. To get a more saturated color of the shadows, it is worth applying them with a slightly moist brush or applicator. Mascara should be applied in several layers, giving a good dry to each previous one. However, do not overdo it so that the dried mascara does not give the effect of "spider legs" and does not crumble.
  • Do not forget about eyebrows Makeup eyes will not beseem complete without underscore eyebrows. First, the eyebrows should be of the correct shape, suitable for the incision of the eyes and in harmony with the rest of the facial features. If you have dark and dense eyebrows, comb them and put them with a gel and eyebrow brush. Light and delicate eyebrows should be emphasized with a pencil for eyebrows, drawing strokes, imitating hairs, or shadows that will create a background.
  • Doing lip make-up No lipstick can notGive the lips the proper effect, if they are weather-beaten, too dry and cracked. Make the lips light peeling, trying not to injure the delicate skin, apply a nourishing lip balm, hold it for a while. Then on the lips it is necessary to apply a little foundation and powder, so the color of the lipstick will have the right shade. Circle the lips with a contour pencil, apply a lipstick brush. On top, apply a little transparent shine, which will give lips a volume.
  • Apply blush Applying blush is the finalfinishing touches in make-up. Without blush, your face with applied makeup will look like a mask. Blush gives vitality, emphasize cheekbones. Choose a color of blush depending on the color of the eyes, hair, skin, lipstick. Natural peach blush is suitable for everyone. To give the face a radiant appearance, it is worth to put a little golden or bronze powder.
  • how to make beautiful makeup

    Day and evening make-up: differences

    The sequence and technique of performing anymakeup is the same. Both evening and daytime make-up should be in harmony with clothing, hair, style and manner in general. Cosmetic products should be applied to the cleared prepared skin. However, in the evening and daytime makeup will be a lot of differences - from colors and shades, their saturation and brightness, to the method of applying a pencil, shadows or lipstick. Correctly executed daily make-up can be turned into a few strokes in a beautiful evening. Day makeup How to make beautiful makeup for each day? Daytime makeup involves natural colors and colors, their maximum invisibility and minimal contrast. This is the simplest and fastest in the execution of a makeup look. Everyday make-up, especially business, also assumes the presence of one accent - on the lips or eyes. But do not over-emphasize them. Make-up for the eyes in the daytime version is performed by natural shade colors, bright and not bright. Pencil or pencil is better not to use at all. Mascara should be dark gray or brown, since black thick mascara, applied in several layers is more appropriate in evening make-up. It is also necessary to bring your eyebrows slightly. Lips for daytime make-up can be emphasized with a light pencil along the contour, and the easiest way is to cover them with a transparent shine. Or you can use lipstick, the color of which is the most suitable for the natural color of your lips - light pink, peachy, and soft coral. Evening make-up Evening make-up involves a certain skill in its application. It uses more vivid colors and shades, contrast, saturation. Selecting lips or eyes, you can emphasize their most vivid colors, including dark ones. In the evening make-up is allowed the use of sequins, dark and very bright leaks, false eyelashes. However, a beautiful makeup for an evening out, like any other, should be in harmony with clothing, hair, manner. The eyes can be brought with contrasting arrows by a black retro-style eyeliner. In this case, the mascara should be black, you can also use false eyelashes. Fashionable trend today - smoke eyes - when the eyes are emphasized in the upper and lower eyelid black shadows with feathering. For light eyes, you can use dark gray or brown shadows. Lips can be painted with dark or bright lipstick, for example scarlet or coral. You can also use lip gloss with a mirror effect or sequins. On the skin of the face it is necessary to apply bronze or gold powder to give the skin radiance. And do not forget about matiruyushchuyu powder, since the shine of the skin is clearly visible under artificial light. Such lighting requires more intense and contrasting tones of makeup. beautiful eye makeup

    Eye Makeup

    The eyes are the mirror of the soul. It does not matter whether you focus on the eyes or on the lips, but still the eyes can not help attracting attention to the face. Eye makeup is the basis of the make-up of the face. Types of makeup can be classified according to the color of the eyes and hair. There are even whole palettes of shadows for different eye colors. It is worth considering that for brunettes and blondes with the same eye color makeup is somewhat different. Blondes should use lighter and muted shades, but brunettes can afford some brightness and saturation, the main thing - do not overdo it. How to make a beautiful eye makeup according to their color? Makeup for the brown eyes Brown eyes always look bright on the face, attracted by their dark color. However, shades of brown color can be many - from almost black to light golden. Shadows for dark brown eyes will suit brown and beige, golden and bronze, black and silver, blue and purple. For lighter shades, golden-sandy, marsh, green, gray, blue shades will suit. It is worth choosing two shades of shades, harmonizing with each other - dark and light. Dark shadows usually emphasize the outer corner of the eye, and light - the inner corner and motionless eyelid. A brownish pencil or pencil must be selected according to the color of the shadows, a little darker or brighter. For evening make-up, you can use black. With a pencil or eyeliner, an arrow is drawn along the entire upper eyelid or only at the outer corner of the eyes, or the lower eyelid is also emphasized. The arrow can be shaded, but you can leave a clear one. Mascara for light brown eyes is better to choose brown, it will give a look of softness, but for dark you can use black. For the daytime make-up of the eyelash, it is worth combing it with a brush so that they are separated, and for evening it is possible to apply mascara in several layers. Makeup for blue eyes For blue eyes, all those shades that are able to emphasize the radiance of blue color. It's all shades of blue, purple, silvery and golden. Tone of blue and blue will give a unique brightness look, draw attention to the color of the eyes. Very light blue eyes, so-called icy blue, will look spectacular with pearly white, silvery-gray shadows on the eyelids. The outer corner of the eye can be emphasized by more saturated and bright shadows, and the inner corner - with light pearly. The same light shadows are put on the eyelid under the eyebrow, this will make the look open and radiant. It is not necessary to use a black pencil and a pencil for blue eyes. An exception can only be evening make-up. Pencil and eyeliner should be in harmony with the color of the shadows, they can completely match in color, be darker and brighter. With a pencil, you can emphasize the outer corner of the eye instead of dark shadows, drawing the arrow line along the upper and lower eyelid and shading it. Mascara should be dark gray, and for evening make-up you can use black or bright blue. Makeup for green eyes A beautiful eye makeup of green color will provide a palette of warm shades - grassy green, brown, beige, terracotta, copper, golden. For daytime make-up you can use matte shadows of a solid shade, gentle-peach, gray-beige. For evening make-up, saturated colors of violet and plum, graphite-gray and black, brown-bronze and shiny gold are very suitable. Pencil and eyeliner should unambiguously harmonize with the shadows. You can use a pencil of white color, which must bring the inner line of the lower eyelid. Such a device will make the look more open, and the eye - large and wide open. Ink is worth using brown, it will give the look softness. For evening make-up, of course, you can use black ink and eyeliner. Makeup for gray eyes For gray eyes, almost all the shades listed above will work. Gray color, especially the iris of the eyes, is very variable. If it is a classic gray color, then its shade will be close to the color of clothes worn by you. Putting on a blue dress and emphasizing the eyes with a gray-blue make-up, you can create the illusion of blue eyes. But in a green outfit with terracotta or emerald shadows, your eyes will play with all shades of green. If your eyes are not just gray, but, for example, gray-blue, use shades of shadows, suitable for blue eyes. If gray eyes have a golden nutty nuance or blotches, then the colors for brown and green eyes will do. Ink, pencil and eyeliner should blend in with the shadows chosen for gray eyes. Simple make-up can be performed as follows. On the eyelid, apply matte shades of beige or flesh-colored. From the middle of the upper eyelid to the end, draw an arrow in a dark gray pencil and blend it. Do the same for the lower eyelid. The lower eyelid can be further emphasized by dark gray-brown shadows. But in the middle of the upper mobile age, it is necessary to put a drop of shiny pearly shadows, gray-pearl or golden hue. Finish the makeup of gray eyes with graphite or chocolate mascara. We advise you to read: