make-up for green eyes for brunettes Green eyes always caused the mostcontradictory feelings among others - envy and fear, admiration and fear. As soon as the owners of green eyes are not called - the witch, the beauty, the femme fatale, the seductress. But one thing is for sure - no one remains indifferent to the green eyes. And their owners deliberately expose them for show, are proud of their eyes and try to "decorate" with interesting make-up. Before learning to apply competent makeup for brunettes with green eyes, it is necessary to find out which shade of green is inherent in them.

Shades of green eyes

  • Soft color with gray overflow. Such eyes seem mystical and unreal. Girls are usually lost in search of suitable shadows. But it's very simple - you need to use only unsaturated colors, you can green - it should be translucent, in no way dark. In general, holders of green eyes of this shade should abandon the dark shadows, they simply "cover" all their beauty and brilliance.
  • Sea shade of green eyes, a touch of turquoise. This is the most gentle and unexpected color - under the influence of clothing it can change to sky-blue. These ladies need to use light and medium colors of shadows, you can blue shade, experiment with podvodkami - from green and blue colors, sea turquoise in the eyes will be even brighter.
  • The eyes of the green forest are saturated, deep, jade. The owner of such eyes should choose a palette of shades of brown-chocolate shade, you can try graphite color.
  • Light green with golden veins. This, so-called, classic green eyes. Choose shadows can only be dark shades, it is better with a pearl effect, and the colors can be from brown to pink. Excludes only the blue tint.

beautiful makeup for green eyes for brunettes

Correct make-up for brunettes with green eyes

Green eyes are always beautiful, but specialBrunettes with green eyes are very attractive. It's just a wizarding combination that can drive anyone crazy, they say about such ladies "they jump in the eyes of the devil." But it is not enough to be beautiful by nature, it is necessary to emphasize this beauty and to give it shine and chic. Experienced makeup artists have developed certain rules for applying makeup for brunettes with green eyes and clearly follow them:

  • A pencil for eyeliner use only coal-black color. And, if the arrow is applied to the upper eyelid, then its tail should go beyond the eyes;
  • For brunettes an amazing makeup in stylesmoky eyes - such a peculiar haze will lie around the eyes and makeup will be airy. For best effect, shadows of bronze or golden shades should be used;
  • Brunettes with green eyes can improvise and apply pink, purple and even yellow shades - only on this type of women they will look appropriate;
  • Lipstick is applied in two to three layers, forbrunettes are preferred saturated red colors. But if a woman does not like such bright colors, then hot brunettes can use pink lipstick, colorless shine or pearl brown - the main task is to make out the lips and make them bright against the general background.

Owners of green eyes and black hair canto abandon the shadows, and just make up eyelashes exclusively with black ink and make a neat arrows - you will get an excellent and discreet daytime make-up. This will be enough to emphasize the beauty of such damnably attractive eyes. Make-up with bronze and gold shadows, mother-of-pearl lipstick and clear arrows for green-eyed brunettes is the best option, it's better not to look at anyone! The natural beauty of witch eyes should only be emphasized and one can enjoy one's attractiveness and listen to endless compliments. We advise you to read: