how to remove pigment spots Light or dark pigment spots on the body areHeavy load, which many fair sex has to bear all his life. But in desperate, seemingly situations, there are always two ways: to fight and win, to surrender and endure. The main thing is to start treatment on time, and not wait until the processes are irreversible.

Vitiligo or white spots on the skin

Only two percent of the world's population are sick of thisserious, though completely safe disease, when the skin develops and grows white spots. At first, few people pay attention to this defect, but only when the milky-white islets increase in size and merge with each other, the girls begin to panic. First of all, the area around the mouth and eyes, fingers, elbows, knees, back is affected. If, for example, the scalp gets sick, then even the hair suffers. Individual sites lose pigmentation, as a result of which the person is partially graying. Fortunately, this disease is not transmitted by airborne droplets. It is believed that it can be inherited from parents. In fact, even scientists and doctors do not know the true causes of such problems with the skin. Some argue that the genes are guilty, in which information about specific changes in the work of the immune system has already been laid. Others are confident that the beginning of the emergence of processes affects low-quality cosmetics. But the result is one: the body rejects melanocyte cells responsible for skin color. The sad thing is that our society does not always treat people who have vitiligo and so very much poisons life. A distinctive feature of this disease is that the spots do not darken, even if you will spend all the time in tanning salons and on the beaches. And if white girls can not worry much, then dark women of the fair sex have a tight, because such lesions can not be painted over even with a tonal cream. pigmentation What can serve as an impetus to the manifestation of the disease

  • Stress

Not necessarily you have to go through a seriouspsychological shock, so that autoimmune aggression is manifested. Sometimes there is enough of any physiological changes in the body. For example, it can be pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, cancer, chemotherapy course.

  • Excessive love of ultraviolet

Quite often skin problems begin immediatelyafter a serious burn was received. Particularly sinful are the people who came to the sea on vacation for a week, and wanting to reach the "chocolate" color as soon as possible. Emergence and development of the disease Usually, the disease manifests itself in people aged from ten to thirty-five years. At first, as mentioned above, one or two white, barely noticeable islets appear on the body. They can for a long time not grow and do not change shape, which in most cases does not cause discomfort. But something happens, the situation changes dramatically and the spots gradually cover the entire body. The same, according to experts, happened with the great Michael Jackson. Surprisingly, such processes have no effect on human health - its organs continue to function normally, the patient does not have problems with hearing, touch, vision. The only thing that the patient has to worry about is the fact that direct sunlight does not reach the damaged areas. Otherwise, you can get the strongest sunburn or even get skin cancer. Fighting vitiligo To date, there is a fairly large number of various methods, how to remove pigment spots, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages. However, to wait for a hundred percent miracle in any case is not worth it, because sometimes patients spend millions of rubles and do not get cured, and sometimes the problem goes away as unexpectedly as it appeared.

  • Whitening

Find a clinic in Russia, where you canit is rather difficult to brighten the skin qualitatively, as similar procedures should be carried out by experienced specialists in specially equipped offices. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the license to provide such services is not given out to many. The removal of pigment spots with the help of creams is a very dangerous matter, and it is recommended to resort to this method only if the stains on the body are really very large. The problem is that the aggressive components of such drugs destroy the healthy pigment cells, due to which the skin color is leveled. After a one-time visit to the cosmetologist's office, you are unlikely to feel worse. However, if the services of specialists are resorted to repeatedly, then a few years later, a tumor can form in the kidneys. In our country, these creams are sold only on prescription, in some countries their production, importation and sale are prohibited.

  • Skin Replacement

In Russia, few people decide on plasticoperations to get rid of white spots, but in the West this method is popular. The downside is that in some cases the transplanted skin areas also lose color, which causes the procedure to be repeated again. If the outcome is unsuccessful, scars or dense tubercles may remain on the body.

  • PUVA-therapy

Swarthy people are much easier, because they cantake a drug that increases sensitivity to UV exposure, and sunbathe in a specially equipped solarium. So, after a few weeks, white skin can darken by forty percent. If we talk about the disadvantages, it's the duration of the course - up to three months, and the high cost of the procedure. In addition, in two to four months you will again have to visit a specialist to consolidate the result.

  • Laser

The ultraviolet excimer instrument was startedapply to stain control relatively recently, so the consequences of this treatment is difficult to predict. Usually he copes with the affected areas, the size of which does not exceed five centimeters in diameter.

  • Folk remedies

To remove stains with parsley, dill,duckweed, parsnip and other useful products were also known by our ancestors. Of course, this will take much longer in time, but the result will completely satisfy you. In addition, the treated skin does not deteriorate, does not dry and does not lose its properties.

  • Vitamins

Absence of vitamins of group B and microelements, inwhich the human body so needs, can lead to depigmentation. Eat as much as possible liver, cereals, beets, apples. Products rich in zinc and copper will help you overcome your problem. We go to the examination in the hospital: what can be the catch. The removal of pigmented spots is not always a solution, because sometimes such an education is a symptom or manifestation of another, more serious disease. The fact is that such lesions can occur due to a malfunction of the thyroid gland. Be careful, as sometimes white islands appear after a burn, scratches, rashes, and an inexperienced employee of a cosmetology room can in a nutsquatch diagnose vitiligo. Do not immediately agree to complex procedures, since in most cases the defects resulting from the trauma go away after six months or a year. In some cases, for such an exotic disease, banal lichen is taken, which is treated with conventional ointments and medications. If you still get vitiligo and the doctor confirmed the diagnosis, in the early stages of preventing the spread of spots, corticosteroid ointments can be used. than to remove pigment spots

Freckles on the body: how to get rid of dark pigment spots

Nowadays many beauty salons promiserepresentatives of the fair sex "erase" the brown formations on the skin in just one or two sessions, but not all are allowed to visit the cosmetologists. Someone is afraid of the high cost of procedures, someone is hard to believe that such manipulations do not harm your health. There is a separate category of women who do not believe in a positive effect. But even those who decided to peel, bleach or laser treatment, are divided into two camps: satisfied and dissatisfied with the result. Do peeling or get rid of old skin. Remember the tale of Ivanushka and his bride Vasilisa the Wise, who dumped her skin to become a beauty. In the twenty-first century, this procedure is called peeling, when with the help of special solutions or adaptations the cosmetologist removes the upper layers of the epidermis. Kinds of peelings on a way of carrying out

  • Mechanical peeling

This can be either a grinding nozzle, whichProcess the body, or a mixture containing the smallest particles. In the first case, the procedure may be a little painful, but the positive effect will be visible already in the second-third session.

  • Chemical peeling

Acid and enzymatic peelings can be done both insalons, and at home. However, it should be understood that self-treatment is quite dangerous, because improper storage and use of this or that drug can lead to skin burn.

  • Hardware peeling

Most often dermatologists recommend to processpigmented spots with laser and ultrasound, since it is believed that this is the safest and painless way to deal with skin defects. But the cost of one procedure in the beauty salon, unfortunately, will not be affordable for every girl. Kinds of peelings on the depth of impact

  • Surface

This kind of exfoliation will help to removemilky brown spots on the body, "erase" fine wrinkles on the face, restore color, improve skin tone. Redness, irritation, small swelling, which may appear after the procedure, usually take place on the second-third day.

  • Median

If the surface peeling "cleaned" onlyalready obsolete their cells, in this case the whole stratum corneum is removed. For complete recovery after one similar procedure, patients usually take two to three weeks. Therefore, if you decide to visit a cosmetologist, it is still worth taking a small vacation for this time.

  • Deep

Deep exfoliation - the procedure is prettycomplex, dangerous and painful, often equated to surgical intervention. In most clinics, such peeling is done under anesthesia, and clients are released home only after three to four days. It is recommended to resort only as a last resort. As for the recovery period, it all depends on the human body, but on average the regeneration takes about a month. Caution, peeling or to whom the entry is prohibited Before you decide on such experiments with your skin, be sure to consult your doctor. Read the indications and contraindications, take all precautions. Do not be lazy to undergo a comprehensive examination of the body. Be sure to read reviews about the institution where you plan to contact. So, you decided to exfoliate, but do not know when to do it better? Usually, the masters recommend going to the clinics from the beginning of September to March, because during this period of time the skin will not be exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation. But, despite this, you still have to apply to the body of nutritious, moisturizing and protective cream. Preventing freckles or taking care of the skin of the body

  • Arms

That on arms or hand and shoulders did not appear pigmentarystains, be sure to apply a protective cream on the exposed skin. In winter and early spring, wipe the body with water, in which potatoes or celery were cooked. If the street is very cold, be sure to wear gloves, since temperature changes negatively affect the condition of the hands.

  • Back

Twice a week, always take a bath withdecoctions of bleaching herbs (chamomile, rosemary), with wheat bran, special mixtures and salts. The water temperature should be on average from thirty to thirty-five degrees. It is also recommended to rub a hard glove daily. For the solution, take a liter of water, a spoonful of vinegar and two or three tablespoons of common table salt, can be iodized.

Whitening masks: what girls should know about

Whitening creams and masks that are sold inshops and pharmacies without prescriptions, in fact are not as safe as it might seem at first glance. In the hands of an inexperienced beauty this is a time bomb that can explode on the face at any time and manifest itself in the form of an allergy or a burn. No matter how high-quality, expensive and advertised cosmetics were not, how often would you not have used it before, before each use, be sure to test the tool you just bought. To make a test for sensitivity is better at the elbow bend, since there is the most delicate and delicate area of ​​the skin. The same should be done if you yourself have prepared a mixture or tincture. So, for example, a cucumber or dill mask can cause a negative reaction in the fair sex with increased sensitivity to one of the components. Before applying the whitening mask, be sure to take a shower, wipe the skin with a tonic or lotion to remove particles of dust and dirt. Three days before the procedure, you can make a light peeling. You can prepare the scrub from coffee beans, grape seeds or apples, ground on a coffee grinder. Also do not forget to read the instructions. If it says there is a maximum exposure time of 20 minutes, then do not hold the bleaching mask for longer. Do not apply the product too often so as not to spoil the skin. We advise you to read: