how to become successful Find the answer to the question of how to become successfulman, I would like, probably, everyone. In fact, this is not so difficult, especially if the desire is strong enough. And you already did the first step, if you read these lines, do not you? We tried to collect in one article the most practical and effective rules that will help you succeed and remain a successful person always. But be prepared for the fact that you will have to make a lot of effort, because under the recumbent stone water does not flow. Just read a few smart tips and expect success to fall on you like snow on your head - at least it's very stupid. All the advice must be put into practice. Even if at first glance some of them seem strange to you. After all, life - a thing is very difficult and sometimes presents very unexpected surprises. Do you know that success and failure are practically twins? Two opposing concepts are so closely intertwined that sometimes one does not understand whether your fate has let you down or has prepared another pleasant surprise. Many readers are now puzzled shrug their shoulders and begin to tell us that failure is very easy to distinguish from luck, and we just fool around here. In fact, everything is simple.

Failure or success? find 10 differences

Want an example, when between success and failurejust a couple of meters? Imagine a school, a class. There is a lesson. Announce the results of the test work. And two pupils get four. They sit on one version, they are separated only by two desks and a whole abyss of emotions. The Troynik can not restrain his jubilation. This foursome saved him from an unsatisfactory grade in the quarter. The honors pupil is shocked. For him, four points is just a failure. Failure. But the control one. And the mark too. But everything depends on the attitude to the result of the control of both students. From the one who expected to get at the beginning of the lesson. Or another example. Two fifty-year-old women are traveling on the train. Both of them were brought up in a full family with an average income, they did well in school, graduated from the institute. Much in common, right? But the thoughts of women are radically different. One of them, summing up the preliminary result of his life, complains: "The husband does not appreciate. One fishing on the mind. The children did not achieve anything. My daughter has three children, she sits at home. The son married a divorcee, brings up a stepson, works in a factory. Even the car - and that pimped-up. " Another, smiling, boasts: "And my husband is wonderful. Does not drink, does not smoke. So many years together. We even go fishing together. And our kids are wonderful. My daughter and my husband were lucky. She follows him - like a stone wall. He brings up children, pies bakes. The hostess. And the sonny fellow. Kind, humane. The girl brought with the baby. And he loves his wife, and his stepson does not offend (he already called my father my son). The soul lives in the soul. And we are not poor. We bought the car. Let not a new one, but a good master. He followed her as if he were his own. So now we can go fishing and mushrooms. " A very good example, is not it? It all depends on how we perceive reality. Do you want to see failure in everything? You will see her! It's not for nothing that they say that for some people the beads are large, but for some, the pearls are shallow. Of course, this does not mean that you need to understate the bar of requirements for life and always be content with small - no one from you does not require it. However, to look for all the positive aspects is simply necessary if you want to become a successful person. Bird of luck is a capricious person. And pessimists do not like passion! how to become a successful person

Where does the leg grow?

Now let's figure it out: Are successes and failures in the formation of an adequate self-assessment a major role? No and no again. Self-esteem directly depends on education. Did mom and dad teach you to enjoy life? Do not be discouraged if something does not work out? Hence, a person will grow up adequate, ready for life's troubles. And if my mother keeps repeating his child: "You're embarrassing me!", He will continue to associate himself with the cause of the shame of other people. From his childhood he was given an installation, which he adheres to. Therefore, dear mothers, praise your children. Do not skimp on words of support, love and recognition of children's abilities. After all, it depends on this fact, your child will grow a successful person or not. You have already grown up and absorbed the destructive poison of the phrase "you have let me down very much"? Do not rush to put a cross on yourself. Of course, the first time you will be very difficult. But no one promised that it would be easy, right? But do not despair - you will surely cope. Constant and hard work on yourself will necessarily bring the desired result. And in most cases, you will be able to cope with children's complexes independently, without any outside help. Reconfigure your consciousness that you are no worse than all the rest. And in something, maybe even better. Remember all your positive qualities. Develop them. The best tool is to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Only evaluate objectively, and not relying on someone else's opinion. Take a piece of paper, divide it into two parts. On the one hand, describe your negative qualities, and on the other hand, positive ones. And to negative, take only your most serious flaws. But to positive - even the smallest nuances. Are you fine with pancakes? And, perhaps, you can hang a shelf in the bathroom yourself? All these are solid pluses. And notice - this is your pluses! And most importantly - love yourself. Without this simple rule, failures will mow you to the root of the end of your days. To you in something did not carry? Or in some situation you have behaved not in the best way? Stop punishing yourself, every person does bad deeds. People differ only in that they know how to fix a situation and go further, or not.

The main enemy of self-confidence

Why did we jump from success and failure toself-confidence? Because it is impossible to be successful and not believe in yourself. Moreover, it is very important to determine the cause and effect. Luck (contrary to public opinion) is not a cause, but an effect. A person first believes in himself, and then he is lucky. And nothing else. Look closely at the so-called "lucky". Are they similar to those who are unsure of themselves? Or just radiate peace and self-confidence? Most likely, the second, is not it? Therefore, you should also look for your own uniqueness and uniqueness - and there the success will not keep you waiting. However, the advice "to be like them" would be wrong. You should not be like anyone else. Only on myself. With its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, this uniqueness should be within the reasonable - absolutely nothing to dye your hair in a bright orange color, insert into the earring and go to Red Square to sing "Harry Krishna". But to read a completely uninteresting Murakami or listen to Beethoven just because almost everything is doing it - at least silly. to become successful

Failure is the path to success

Have you ever wondered why people are so scared?the possibility of failure? They are afraid of looking bad in the eyes of others, being worse than others, being far from perfect. Here it is, this word - the cause of all the depressions, insecurities and discontent of others. Someone once came up with certain standards that everyone must meet. As they correspond to him, the man was declared more or less perfect. Perfect mind. The perfect body. The perfect loser.

  • Do not be afraid of failure.

Failure is an absolutely subjective thing. But anyway, something happens in life, we get frustrated and complain that we are not lucky. The editor did not accept the book, did not give a loan in the bank, did not receive a good mark. Each failure looks different, but they all frustrate and frighten everyone. People stop doing things in fear again fail. The writer, frightened by his first refusal, puts the manuscript on the table and stops writing. The student leaves his studies in fear that he will not surrender the session and disgrace the whole group. The family continues to rent an apartment instead of taking a mortgage and moving to their own home. But luck was so close! The student had only a week to learn the subject. A writer could take the manuscript to another publishing house and get a much larger fee. The family was waiting for a loan in a neighboring bank, to which they never reached. And all the gifts of destiny are wasted. And all because people were frightened of failures. Therefore, the most wrong thing to do is to be afraid of failure. The more you are afraid of them, the more often they happen. And the bigger loser you feel yourself. It turns out a kind of vicious circle, which is very difficult to break. But still it's possible, so do not be discouraged, even if you've already got into it. And now we will tell you how to do it right.

  • Proper awareness of failure

In order to stop being afraid and finally to becomehappy man, you need a little. To understand that failure is not a defeat, but a next step to success. You must be firmly convinced that you will achieve your goal. And no temporary obstacles to you in this will not prevent. Firmly assimilate this truth and all tasks in this life will be yours. Remember your childhood. Here you learn to skate. Become, fall, roll and fall again. However, despite all the falls, it never even occurred to you to stop learning. And sooner or later you easily and casually roll along the street on rollers, not even remembering about yesterday's grazes and bumps. Here it is - an example of how failure helps to achieve your goal in life. And how do you differ from that kid in a protective helmet in the elbow-protector? Only lack of self-confidence. After all, then you firmly knew that you will go roller-skating. And absolutely nothing was afraid of, right? The child and the head does not come up with the thought that something will not work out for him. But time passes, children grow up. And you have long been not that carefree and absolutely confident child - you are an adult. Today, each of its actions is subject to doubt and criticism. Hence all your failures. There is another noteworthy theory of the existence of failures. According to some philosophers, the more obstacles appear on your path, the closer you have come to the goal. So do not turn in the opposite direction. Do not throw the target halfway to it. Who knows, maybe for your next wall that is on your way, your goal hides? And you, having broken 100 walls, despaired, you decided that you will not be a loser and still will not be, stopped exactly in the last, 101 wall ?! how to become successful in life

How does self-motivation work?

Now, when all the subtle failures are revealed,learn how to get rid of past fears, stamps and prejudices. What is needed for this? Motivation to achieve success and avoid failures. Let's look at the points that you need to do:

  • Hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst.

This old folk wisdom is relevant to thisday. Humble yourself with the idea that there have been, are, and will be. At work, mass reductions began? Be morally ready to be among those who have prepared a settlement sheet. But do not fall into depression, feeling sorry for yourself - a poor, diffident person who was not appreciated. Better think that the boss constantly allowed himself to raise his voice, his colleagues liked to gossip, and the salary was too low. And since the situation has developed this way, why not use it for yourself? Begin to send out a resume and very soon you will be surprised to find that there are a lot of companies ready to evaluate your abilities to their true worth. If you build your life in this way, you will be ready for trouble and will always meet it fully armed. Of course, this does not mean that everything is always necessary to look for negativity and expect from life only unpleasant surprises - life is essentially beautiful! But to protect yourself is simply necessary to avoid being in an unpleasant situation.

  • Change your attitude to circumstances.

In addition, as soon as possible, change yourattitude to undesirable consequences. In life, everything happens and every time get upset - no nerves are not enough. You were fired from work, but you have not found a new place yet? So you can finally rest and get some sleep. Plus, you can finally get dressed the way you want, and not as required by the dress code. And the work is sure to be - there would be a neck, and there will be a yoke. Harsh realities of life.

  • Go ahead, no matter what.

Have you rested? Have you slept? And now forward - in search of a new job, a new friend, a new home or even a new husband! If you do not give up, then everything will necessarily turn out for you and sooner or later you will rightly bear the proud title of a successful person! And what's more, you can already give advice on how to become a successful person. We advise you to read: