How to save a child from obesity The issue of overweight in children is not onlyaesthetic manifestations, but also entails a car of problems in the personal life of the child - from feeling "alien" to physical discomfort. Faced with excess weight in childhood, in the team the child automatically falls into the category of "other", which leads to the formation of complexes in adolescence. And no matter how parents taught their child that appearance is not the main thing, it must be remembered that peers are much more important now with an external identity to the collective, and not the beautiful inner world of their friend.

The main thing is to be in time

That is why it is so important to save a child fromobesity at an age when he can safely endure any changes in his life. The same rule applies to the baby's nutritional system. At the age of 4-10 years, the child can still calmly tolerate changes in his diet, unlike a teenager who abruptly began to receive a bunch of dill from his mother instead of the usual portion of fried potatoes. At the same time, a distinctive feature of this age period of a child is the "absorption" of the family's habits and culture, including food habits. Right now, the nature of eating behavior is being laid, so carefully copied later by the baby in adulthood. The result of malnutrition of the entire family and of the child, in particular, is excess body weight in adulthood. Often, this figure reaches 30% - horrifying numbers for a country that is not the mother of Mc'Donaldsá. Therefore, it is necessary to save the child with the formation of his habit of eating right and the feeling of “clean food”. Only in this case will the child be able and subsequently will block the appearance of the wrong foods in his diet.

Difficult teenagers

A little more difficult is the situation with teenagers, alreadywho clearly own a list of their "priority" products, which, as a rule, includes Coca-Cola, an incredible number of snacks, Nutella, etc. This is the last chance for parents to influence their authority to change the diet of a teenager. Otherwise, in a few years you can get a complexed girl who does not work with a team or an angry young man. How can this be avoided? First of all, the change in attitude towards food.

Let lose weight on the Internet

Naturally, without changing the nutrition system of a teenager, it is impossible to get on the right way to lose weight. Assistant at this stage can serve as an online VivaFigura ( is an innovative product from well-known doctors, psychotherapists and nutritionists in the country. This system is an excellent chance to "reach out" to the child, since he still spends most of his time on the Internet. VivaFigura takes into account the energy needs of a growing body, offering a completely new nutrition system based on light accounting. Light here performs its direct function - it shows the metabolic value of a particular product. The method by which it takes place, embedded in this system, is the quintessence of the many years of experience of the doctors who take part in the creation of this course. This is a real chance to save your child now from the consequences of excess weight in the future, since the child's health is not a reason for doubt. We advise you to read: