thrush in the mouth of a baby Thrush is a disease that canarise in the child's mouth in a variety of circumstances. Typically, this is a violation of hygiene and a complication of immunity. In any case, it requires immediate treatment in various ways.

Symptoms of thrush in the mouth

Symptoms of thrush in the child are very simple, theirit is easy to detect even at the very beginning: on the oral mucosa (tongue, gums, inner surface of the cheeks) there are red, inflamed spots. After a while in their place, characteristic discharges are formed, curdled and whitish. They are often confused with the remnants of baby food, because in appearance they resemble cottage cheese or yogurt. This disease in the child is very painful, there is a loss of appetite, the baby is difficult even to swallow saliva, he is naughty and crying. Therefore, it is necessary to remove such a plaque carefully so as not to cause the baby to suffer. Thrush often causes the formation of microranuncles, which begin to bleed. Therefore, if you find the child's loss of appetite, he cries during feeding, fits, carefully inspect the internal surface of the mouth. If this is not done, the disease will develop into a more complex form, which is more difficult to treat. Where does the baby get the thrush? So where does the baby get a thrush? Usually this happens in two ways:

  • a child can get infected from a mother who has thrush during her childbirth (infection occurs when she comes in contact with the birth canal);
  • due to non-compliance with hygiene rules. The child very easily can catch from toys, when he pulls into the mouth various objects or his fingers.

Quite often it happens for the following reason: the nipple of the baby fell to the ground, my mother took it and just licked it, then gives the child, but it's absolutely impossible to do this! Together with saliva, the baby is often given to the Candida mushrooms!

  • Thrush is passed on to the child and from dirtytoys, utensils. Therefore, you must regularly wash them, if possible, then boil. But not only this can lead to infection of the child, especially the lowering of immunity, too much sweet food.

But be careful not to mix thrush withthe remnants of baby food, which is prepared for the child. Check it is very simple: take the cotton swab and swipe through the mucous membrane. If, after removing the white plaque, the mucosa is clean, then there is no thrush, if the surface is inflamed, reddened, it is necessary to see the doctor for the appointment of treatment. treatment of thrush in the baby

Methods of drug treatment

Today, many methods are used, with the help ofwhich can cure a thrush in a child. Among them are not only medicines, but also folk medicine. Although, before starting any treatment, you must first consult with a doctor who will prescribe dosages and the duration of the course in accordance with the degree of involvement of the baby's mucosa. Thrush in the mouth in children is most often treated with special drugs against candidiasis, today there are quite a lot of them, the choice is wide. Nystatin, candida, miramistin are suitable for this purpose. If you can not decide for yourself what remedy can be applied, it is better to consult a doctor. Miramistin is a rather strong antibacterial agent, it is available as a solution, ointment. A tampon simply wipes the affected area in the mouth, the ointment is applied in a thin layer. Dosage and frequency of application may be prescribed only by a doctor. The use of miramistin is preferred, since it does not have a strong taste or smell, mucous in the baby does not pinch, it safely transfers the procedure of treatment. Nystatin is an antibiotic, which is also often prescribed by doctors when a baby has a thrush in her mouth. It is available in the form of tablets, ointments, vaginal suppositories. Assign it with a very severe form of lesion, usually for premature babies, toddlers who have a neglected form. The course lasts two weeks, it is important to ensure that the child does not have an allergic reaction. Candida is a drug that can also be given to children who have thrush in their mouths. By its action it is similar to nystatin, prescribed in the form of a solution for the treatment of the affected mucosa. Treatment is done two to three times a day, usually lasts for ten days.

Traditional methods of treatment

Remove thrush in the mouth of the baby can be and socalled folk methods, which are quite effective. The most common way to get rid of troubles in the form of thrush is rinse with ordinary soda. It can be used even for babies, especially when the oral cavity is strongly affected. The solution is made in this way: a teaspoon of boiled, cooled water is taken by a teaspoon of drinking soda, mixed thoroughly. Infants need to wipe their mouths themselves, but older children can rinse their mouths themselves. This should be done very carefully, since the mucosa is tender, easily damaged. If the baby refuses to open his mouth, you can gently press your thumb on the chin, then wipe the affected area with a cotton swab. Such treatment should be done every two to three hours. In addition to soda, you can use other methods:

  • carrot juice is given to infants over fourweeks is strictly one drop, this is done fifteen minutes before feeding. A swab dipped in juice, wipe your mouth. In this case, it is necessary to monitor the child's condition, since carrot juice can cause allergy;
  • flowers of calendula. The solution is as follows: a tablespoon of dried flowers are poured 100 mg of boiling water. After that, the dishes should be wrapped with a towel, after an hour drain. Wipe the affected areas with a solution;
  • use honey with flax seeds, whichpour 100 ml of boiling water and insist an hour. Honey is added to the solution before starting to treat the mouth. Mucous is rubbed two to three times a day with a piece of gauze.

It is important to remember that, before starting to treatyeast infection in a child by popular methods, you should consult your doctor. This is necessary, since herbs and other products can become the strongest allergens for the baby, that is, his condition can only get worse. It is necessary to start with small dosages, gradually increasing, if they bring effect and are safe. the child is examined by a doctor

Prevention of thrush

There are a lot of ways to fight thrush, butit is best to simply prevent its appearance. It is easier to prevent the occurrence of thrush in the mouth of the baby than to treat its unpleasant consequences for a long time. The main thing is not to forget that tempered children are the least susceptible to various diseases, that is, we should not neglect the observance of the daily routine, dietary rules, outdoor walks, personal hygiene of the child. We offer several useful prevention rules that will help prevent the occurrence of thrush in the baby's mouth:

  • Do not kiss the child, because in the oral cavity in adults are quite dangerous for kids fungi. An adult can easily cope with them, but the child does not;
  • important is not only the personal hygiene of children and adults,but the whole house. Be sure to do a wet cleaning, wipe all children's toys, stroller as often as possible. Teach your child that when you come from the street, you must wash your hands, wash your face;
  • Do not allow the child to pull into the mouth various objects, especially on the street and away, in the kindergarten;
  • an excellent preventive tool is the intake of vitamins C and B, which strengthen the immunity of the child, activate the defenses of the body;
  • Do not neglect the right diet, try to make a balanced menu.

Any child is quitevarious diseases, especially for babies, who constantly pull into the mouth a variety of objects, lick toys and not only. As a consequence, a young child can observe a disease such as thrush in the mouth, which causes the baby a lot of discomfort and suffering. Today, there are a number of means for treating thrush, but it is best to take preventive measures at once to minimize the risk of the disease.