causes of plantar warts in children Mostly we have a weakenedimmune system, and that is why the child is easily susceptible to various infectious diseases. Evidence of this are plantar warts in children, which also refer to viral diseases. The main causative agents of warts are some types of HPV, or human papillomavirus. Known types of warts:

  • simple;
  • flat or juvenile;
  • pointed;
  • plantar.
  • The share of plantar warts is about34% of all known, damaging people. They look like single, rarely multiple flat formations on the skin. The place of localization of such neoplasms is the soles of the feet and palms of the hands. Therefore, they are often called palmar-plantar. Such warts are characterized by deep penetration into the skin tissue of a person, so they are difficult to treat. Externally the plantar wart is similar to small outgrowths on the feet. The child can be diagnosed with this disease relatively easily. Around the coarsened and dead skin of the skin on the foot, the original ring clearly differs. In some cases, in the center of the build-up, there are small black dots - these are drops of dried blood. Some plantar warts can be covered with peculiar furrows or papillae, which outwardly resemble raspberries or cauliflower. If the disease is started, then these papillae significantly increase in size and become dirty gray, becoming like large plaques. Most plantar warts occur in children, but they also affect adults of any age. It is not true that such a type of wart affects untidy people who do not observe hygiene. Provoking factors that create a favorable atmosphere for the emergence and development of plantar warts are many. treatment of warts with nitrogen

    Causes of plantar warts

    • damage to the skin on the legs and feet;
    • dry skin on the feet or, conversely, excessive sweating;
    • wearing tight uncomfortable shoes;
    • atherosclerosis;
    • varicosity;
    • diabetes;
    • osteoarthritis;
    • flat feet;
    • activity of HPV.

    The most dangerous factor among all the listedis considered the human papilloma virus, because it is very difficult to excrete it to the end, it is almost impossible. Infect such warts can be in the pool, in the bath and when wearing someone else's shoes. Therefore, when visiting public places, it is recommended that you follow certain rules of personal hygiene and do not wear someone else's shoes.

    Features of plantar warts

    This type of neoplasm does not always happenpainless. Most often they bring the child some discomfort when walking and even pain. This is due to the fact that they appear in a place that is constantly exposed to friction, pressure and certain loads. Particularly painful warts on the pads of metatarsal bones and on the heel. Even flat warts do not cause as much trouble as plantar warts. There are several ways to eliminate such tumors. But the best way is the one recommended by the attending physician. Experts advise emerging warts that provoke the appearance of new feet on the feet of children, immediately remove. Although there are other softer methods of treating this disease. treatment of warts with ointments

    Methods of breeding plantar warts

  • surgical removal;
  • removal by electric current;
  • removal by laser;
  • treatment with nitrogen;
  • treatment on the basis of ointments;
  • treatment with folk remedies.
    • Radical methods of treatment:

    Surgical intervention does not always lead tothe desired result. In particular, this concerns the removal of plantar warts, the roots of which are located deep in the layers of the skin, so that they can not be removed completely. It is more effective to remove such growths by means of electrical coagulation or a laser. After such methods of removal, scars may remain, although their presence in the foot region is not so important. To remove the plantar growths, cryotherapy or low-temperature treatment is recommended. In this way, the warts are frozen, but in several sessions. This therapy is practically painless, and there is no scarring on the feet after the build-up is absent. Therefore, cryotherapy for today enjoys some success. Parents should remember that children are very sensitive to any pain. Therefore, in the beginning it is advisable to think how this can affect the psyche of the baby. Often after treatment, the child will have a deepening or scar, and he may have a desire to pick it up. And such actions on the part of the child can lead to infection.

    • Treatment with ointments:

    Treatment of plantar warts with medicinal ointmentsin children requires a long time, but this method is the most suitable and sparing for babies. More often, choosing this way of treatment, therapy is carried out with the help of ointments, which are based on salicylic acid. The most important thing here is to choose the right ointment. In the solution of this problem, the ointment "Imikvinod", whose effect is laid on the stimulation of the immunity of the child, has proved itself well. With the help of this drug for the enhancement of the immune system, proteins that destroy the human papillomavirus are produced. But the remedy requires careful application, since it has side effects of both general and local character. It is best for parents to apply the ointment directly to the wart itself. The result of treatment will not be noticeable immediately, the first signs of improvement may appear after 2 weeks. Doctors recommend using the same ointment within the next 2 months. Otherwise, you need to choose another ointment or treatment option.

    • Folk remedies:

    Folk recipes, based on goodfamiliar herbs and herbs, are completely safe. And those that are unknown by their application and action, it is better not to use. It is strictly forbidden to conduct a thermal impact on the neoplasm, so as not to provoke a complication. For the treatment of plantar warts folk methods are widely used Kalanchoe leaves, which before use should be thoroughly washed, and then applied to the sore spots, attaching a bandage. This dressing is required to be changed daily. You can also make a compress of finely chopped garlic, mixed with lard. In the received ointment it will be necessary to wet the bandage well and fix it on the foot. Change the dressing once a day. Good reviews have such a simple and effective way, as simple wiping of warts with celandine juice. This should be done a day several times. Such treatment does not cause the child any painful sensations and does not require an obligatory bandage. You can use both fresh celandine juice, and harvested for the winter. But whatever treatment for plantar warts parents choose for their child, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor before starting therapy.