how to pluck your eyebrows at home The most expressive part of the face is the eyes. But if you look closely, you can see that the eyes are beautiful only in a qualitative "frame", so you need to learn not only the correct make-up, but also the art of eyebrow care. Do you remember how the heroine of Leah Akhedzhakova, Verochka, taught her strict, dry boss? "Eyebrows should be thin and look like an arch, rising above the eye in surprise, and go to his corner" and, by the way, she was absolutely right. Quite unpleasant look "tousled", without a clear line of eyebrows. In order for your eyebrows to be perfect, you need to have some experience in caring for them, so for the first time, go to the beauty salon. There you will be given the right shape, which will fit exactly to your eyes, can tint them and even make tattoo. After you "draw" eyebrows, you can and independently monitor their condition - pinched outgrown hairs, a little tint. If you decide to master the plucking technique yourself, then carefully study the rules that must be observed in this cosmetic procedure. In this article, we'll talk specifically about how to properly pull out eyebrows at home.

Where to begin?

In order to spend at home plucking eyebrows,you need: tweezers, disinfectant lotion or gel, mirror. Mirror will need a lot - first, you will free your hands; secondly - you will see two eyes at the same time, in order to avoid inconsistency. Note that the lighting should be daylight, otherwise take care of the most powerful lamps. Before the procedure, you should wash your hands, thoroughly and with soap, wash your face and wipe it (and eyebrows, including) with a disinfectant lotion. The tweezers are treated with lotion for alcohol, you can by any means. Many people recommend plastering moisturizing cream on the eyebrow area before plucking, but this should not be done - the hairs do not tighten with forceps, it slides over the surface of the skin, and such a process can not be called effective. how to properly pluck your eyebrows at home

We choose the correct form

First you need to create a shape for the eyebrows. To do this, remember that the ideal eyebrows are formed by three lines on the face. The first - from the wing of the nose to the eyebrow through the inner corner of the eye. The second one also comes from the wing of the nose, but this time passes through the outer corner of the eye. Third - look straight and draw a line from the end of your iris to the wing of the nose - the point of its intersection with the eyebrow is the highest curve of the eyebrow.

Nuances of procedure

Now you can pull out extra hairs - first fromthe first two lines to the bridge of the nose and the outer corner of the eye, respectively, and then form the arc - from below and above the line of the eyebrow, we remove the hairs. Start with a few hairs on one eyebrow, then on the other - you have to try to make them symmetrical. You should take a short break and after about 10 minutes go back to the mirror - you will see your shortcomings, and the skin will take a little break from your torment. After carrying out the whole procedure, again wipe the eyebrows with lotion and apply any gel or cream with a soothing effect. Now it remains only to monitor the condition of the eyebrows, in time to adjust their shape, and then you will always look awesome!

Contraindications to plucking eyebrows

Despite the fact that this procedure is not so complicated, and it can be carried out at home, there are some limitations:

  • If you have a predisposition toallergic reactions. Rubbing face lotion, using forceps rubbed with alcohol solution, you can cause profuse redness or even rashes on the skin;
  • If there are pustular eruptions in the eyebrows - in this way, you can infect the adjacent areas of the face, which will lead to a general lesion;
  • If necessary, soon to go out into the street - dust, wind and even frost can harm the skin, the more it will be almost unprotected.

Still, the first time the removal of extra hair ineyebrows should be spent at the expert in a beauty salon. In addition to choosing the right form, the make-up artist will perform the procedure correctly, using disinfectants and absolutely painlessly, having pre-treated the skin with a special freezing composition. Learn to look after your face, create your image, choose options, and then you will always look not only attractive, but also original.