anti-cellulite massage There was a time when the problem of cellulite was notworried. Moreover, there was no such term. This is not surprising. Not only that in fashion were pyshnototelye young ladies, so even the clothes wore a long, covering all the problem areas. Modern women are happy to wear a mini, and before the beach season begins a real "boom". Sports, diets, and anti-cellulite massage are becoming extremely popular. After all, any of us wants to look in your favorite bikini perfectly. Yes, and short skirts and shorts look great on a slim, tight body.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a specific change in fatThe tissue, characterized by the accumulation of fatty deposits in certain places. Most often it is the hips, abdomen, buttocks, sometimes hands. Because of cellulite, the skin becomes flabby, uneven and bumpy. There is an effect of the so-called "orange peel". There is an opinion that cellulite is a problem of full women. However, this is not the case. With him faced as gorgeous ladies, and girls who do not have a lot of weight. In addition, cellulite often manifests itself when a woman sheds extra pounds. Therefore, getting rid of excess weight does not always give the desired results. After a diet, the fight against cellulite begins.

Stages of cellulite

How to get rid of cellulite,depends on the stage of the disease. Yes, do not be surprised, cellulite is not just a cosmetic problem. This is not only aesthetically ugly, but also dangerous for health. After all, the accumulated fat cells interfere with blood circulation. So, first of all, let's try to figure out if you have cellulite and at what stage it is. Sometimes, a woman is so fixated on her appearance that she unreasonably ascribes to herself some flaws. And anti-cellulite measures can harm a healthy woman. At the same time, many girls do not even suspect that they develop this unpleasant disease, since at the first stage it is difficult to notice. To determine the first stage of cellulite, you need to periodically do this test. Try to grab your finger area of ​​skin area of ​​10-15 cm and slightly squeeze. There are small hillocks and hollows. In the second stage they are noticeable and without additional compression. In the third stage, the tubercles can be seen without any manipulation. And with pressure even painful sensations appear.

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Causes and prevention of cellulite

As they say, the disease is easier to prevent thancure. And in order to prevent the development of cellulite, you need to know the reasons for its occurrence. Many believe that the problem of cellulite concerns only women. Yes, indeed, often the cause is the excessive number of female sex hormones - estrogens. However, their high content is sometimes observed in men. The emergence of cellulite directly depends on what kind of lifestyle we lead. So, let's consider the main causes of cellulite.

  • Malnutrition Since childhood we are used tofried fatty foods. In addition, the quality of the foodstuffs currently offered to us leaves much to be desired. The appearance of cellulite does not depend on how much we eat. The main problem is what we eat. Most products contain a large number of preservatives that help to retain fluid in the body and disrupt the metabolism. Eat natural foods, do not abuse salt - and then the problem of cellulite will bypass you.
  • Diets and irregular nutrition According to statistics ondiet 1-2 times a year, sit more than 60% of the population, both men and women. Not everyone knows that diets contribute to the burning of fat, mainly in the upper body. It's no accident that many women complain that their breasts are losing weight first. When women gain weight, they get better in the hips and buttocks. Thus, diets can make the body shape pear-shaped. But in fact, the diets of the girl begin to get involved in adolescence, thereby violating the imbalance in the body. Rational nutrition - this is the pledge of a beautiful pulled-up figure without cellulite.
  • Sedentary lifestyle Because of a sedentary imageblood circulation is disturbed. A permanent seat puts pressure on the hips and buttocks, resulting in damage to the capillaries. You need to do exercises and exercise to prevent the appearance of cellulite. However, avoid those species where there is a heavy load on your legs, for example, tennis and basketball. They can aggravate the situation. Give preference to such sports as swimming and cycling.
  • Stress and cellulite Stresses and bad mood -also one of the causes of cellulite. It is not by chance that they say that all diseases are from nerves. Cellulite is no exception. The tension of the nervous system is reflected in the organs of blood circulation, digestion, excretory system. Stresses lead to sleep disturbances. Violation of the functions of all organs due to nervous tension leads to the appearance of cellulite. Try to keep your emotional state under control. In this case, do not use tranquilizers and sedatives. Many medications contribute to the development of cellulite.
  • Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol Excessive usealcohol, caffeine and the abuse of nicotine leads to a clogging of the body with free radicals, molecules that penetrate the cell and damage its structure. Nicotine also adversely affects the oxygen exchange of blood and disrupts blood circulation. Try not to abuse alcohol, caffeinated drinks and nicotine. And even better - completely give up smoking, to avoid a problem like cellulite.
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    Methods of combating cellulite

    If you still could not avoid appearing"Orange peel", at the first signs of its detection, immediately begin to fight it. Of course, the earlier you start treating cellulite, the easier it will be to get rid of it. Remember that it is necessary to deal with such a serious problem in a complex way. You may have to completely change your habits and lifestyle.

  • SportWe do not mean any sportserious activities. Of course, the ideal option is aerobic or fitness classes at least twice a week, and with the advanced stage of cellulite every day. If for any reason you are not allowed to exercise, just move more. Hiking in the evenings will not only make the figure slim and smart, but also raise the mood.
  • Proper nutrition Eat fresh andonly natural products. Do not abuse fried, flour and sweet. Of course, sometimes you can treat yourself to something delicious. However, the basis of your diet should be natural proteins, fruits and vegetables.
  • Wiping and wrapping There is a hugethe number of creams, masks, scrubs that act as a preventative against cellulite or treat it. They can not only be purchased at the pharmacy, but also made independently.
  • These are the general recommendations for combating cellulite,accessible to any woman. To improve the effect, you can contact the beauty salon, where experienced specialists will offer you a number of procedures that will help to cope with cellulite. One of the most popular techniques is can massage.

    Can massage

    Massage has long been used successfully to eliminatecellulite at home. After all, it is formed due to stagnant phenomena in the tissues. This means that it is necessary, first of all, to normalize the functioning of the lymphatic system. And massage will help in this. You can do it not only in the cabin, but also at home, for example, using a conventional brush. More recently, for the treatment of cellulite, especially in the second stage, successfully used canned massage, which is also called vacuum. This procedure is done both in the cabin and at home on your own. Certainly, a massage performed by a specialist will be more effective. This is not only because the professional will make it better. When doing a massage at home, you yourself may feel slight discomfort and pain. And applying it yourself, you will spare and spare yourself. The masseur will do everything more efficiently. However, if you do not have the opportunity to visit a beauty salon, try making a can of self-massage. But for this you need to acquire the necessary equipment. Choose banks for massage cellulite Now in any pharmacy you can buy jars of cellulite, made of different materials: glass, rubber, silicone or combined variant - glass jars with silicone suction cups. Which of them to choose depends, in the main, on personal preferences. All of them are fairly simple to use, available, and most importantly, effective for getting rid of cellulite. It is only necessary to clarify that the technique of using different vacuum cans for massage from cellulite is different. Silicone jars, for example, work by sucking to the skin through light compression. Using them, it is not possible to regulate the degree of pressure. The mechanism of glass jars is based on the action of a special rubber pear, which also shrinks. However, with the help of it you can control the strength of the action. That is why glass jars are preferable for massage of tender areas of the body, for example, the inner surface of hands and thighs, as well as the lower abdominal region. Technique for performing a can of massage

  • Preparatory periodBefore proceedingto a can of massage, prepare the body. It is recommended to use a contrast shower and a special scrub that will thoroughly clean the body of dirt and keratinized skin particles that can interfere with the effective effects of the massage. In no case do not steam the skin. This can bring harm. After you have cleansed the skin, lubricate the body with a cosmetic oil that will promote a better slip of the vacuum cans so that they do not cause mechanical damage. Of course, such a drug can be purchased at the pharmacy. But it's better and cheaper to make it yourself, based on the characteristics of your skin type. For this, take 100 ml of any base oil. It can be ordinary olive oil, almond, peach or jojoba oil. Base on the addition of essential oils of anti-cellulite action: cinnamon, geranium, lemon, orange or grapefruit oil, as well as rose oil and ylang-ylang. You can also add essential oils to any body milk that you are accustomed to using. However, the cream, as a rule, very quickly absorbed. Therefore, give all the same preference to cosmetic products on an oily basis. Lubricate the body with a ready product. This will facilitate the easy sliding of the can and prevent the appearance of bruises and abrasions.
  • A can of massage After you have preparedbody to the procedure, proceed directly to a can of massage at home. The technique is quite simple. Silicone or rubber jar put on the skin, slightly squeezing it. But in order to start using a glass jar, lower the burning cotton wool or match into it for a few seconds. It is also convenient to use a conventional lighter. Then quickly attach the jar to the skin. The effect of vacuum will work. Watch the degree of pressure. If the bank has taken too much of the skin, and you feel a strong pain, relocate it again. After you set the jar in the desired convenient position, start slowly to drive it over the skin, lightly pressing. Thanks to such actions, metabolism is accelerated, and the cellular composition of the skin is renewed. In no case do not make sudden rapid movements of the jar. This will break the lymph flow, and therefore such a procedure will only do harm. All movements need to be done slowly and smoothly. The technique of performing this massage involves that the body must be treated in a certain order. First, pay attention to the front of the body from the bottom up: the shin, hips, abdomen, if necessary - hands. Experts recommend that the back of the body massage in reverse order, that is, from the top down: the back, the buttocks, then the legs. While performing foot massage, observe the important rule - move the jars always from the bottom up. But the trajectory of motion can be different: both in a straight line, and in circular or zigzag movements. Massage the buttocks in any direction. This does not play a big role. But the movements on the stomach should be only clockwise. Carrying out massage with jars, remember that it is forbidden to massage the popliteal and inguinal area. Avoid also the inside of the thigh. Affecting these areas can lead to blood circulation disorders. The technique of back massage involves bypassing the area of ​​the spine.
  • Duration of the can.massage from cellulite at home depends on how much the disease is started. It can last from 5 to 20 minutes. After a massage on the skin, redness of varying degrees can be observed. It depends on the sensitivity of your skin. But the presence of grazes and bruises indicates that the massage was performed incorrectly. 19px; "> After the procedure, it is desirable to apply an anti-cellulite mask to the body or wrap. Then lie quietly for about 10 minutes without making any sudden movements. The body should rest. You can drink warm herbal tea, which will remove excess fluid from the body, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the procedure.
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    Contraindications to the use of can massage from cellulite

    Cupping massage - affordable and effectivea remedy for cellulite, which can be easily done not only in a beauty salon, but also at home. However, some women have to give up this method of getting rid of the "orange peel". Cupping massage for cellulite is contraindicated in case of a tendency to high blood pressure and the presence of a capillary mesh. Avoid doing cupping massage if there are abrasions, pustules and fungal lesions on the skin. You cannot perform the procedure at elevated body temperature and exacerbation of any chronic diseases. In the event that you have no contraindications for using cupping massage for cellulite, feel free to turn to this highly effective method that many women have experienced. The results from the application of this procedure will not be long in coming. Your body will become smooth and taut after the third session. But remember that you must live a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the results obtained. Watch your diet, move more, use anti-cellulite cosmetics for prophylaxis, so as not to once again do the painful procedure of canned massage.