How to whiten the face from age spots Pigmented spots overshadow the existence of a hugeThe number of women, whose main goal is getting rid of them. Of course, the easiest way to do this is with the help of a beautician, but this possibility, alas, is far from all people. So they resort to a variety of tricks. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they do not. And in some cases, an attempt at self-elimination of pigmented spots leads to damage to the skin. Therefore, if you have decided to resort to traditional methods of treatment, choose safe recipes of traditional medicine. About which, as a matter of fact, we will tell you now.

Whitening compresses

First, try bleachingcompresses, which will allow to give pigment spots a lighter shade. Due to this they become almost invisible against the general background of the skin. Remember that at the end of any compress you need to apply a moisturizer, which will prevent the appearance of irritations.

  • Curd Compress

For the preparation of this compress you will need100 grams of any cottage cheese and 5 drops of ammonia. Pound the cottage cheese with salamika into a homogeneous mass and apply to the area of ​​pigment spots, cover with gauze and polyethylene film. During the compress you can feel a slight burning sensation, which indicates the effectiveness of the compress. However, if the burning becomes unbearable, the compress should be removed - this happens very rarely, in case you have a particularly sensitive skin. In all other cases, the compress should be left for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinsed with plenty of warm water. Inspect the compressing sites - if they remain reddened for longer than an hour, cut the duration of the procedure the next time. Do similar compresses every other day, for a month. If after a month of the expected result you have not achieved, the treatment can be continued. But not earlier than after a week-long break.

  • Kefir compress

If the previous compress causes too muchirritation of the skin, and really get rid of the pigmentation spots, you can try a more gentle option - kefir compress. Its effectiveness is very high, and the skin it traumatizes much less. To prepare this compress you will need 50 grams of kefir and half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Mix them thoroughly, then apply to the pigment spots and cover with a plastic wrap. Of course, this compress is quite liquid and tries to spread out all over the skin, but still try not to let it happen. Otherwise, it will bleach. So, the effect of the procedure will be zero. Such a compress can be repeated three times a week, not more often. The duration of the procedure is two months.

  • Compress with sauerkraut

If you have sauerkraut, trynext compress. Squeeze 100 grams of sauerkraut juice, then moisten a small gauze napkin in it and apply on the pigmented spot. The duration of this compress is 30 minutes. It acts on the skin gently, so you can repeat it almost every day. But not longer than one month - then you need to take a week break. whitening pigment spots on the face

Face Wiping

In order to eliminate as soon as possiblepigment spots on the face, you can use additional measures - for example, rubbing your face. To do this, there are several very effective tools that will not harm your skin.

  • Lemon juice

Very often people think that the bestwipe the pigment spots on the face with pure lemon juice. However, you can not do this by simply burning the skin. It is much wiser to prepare a lemon juice solution - squeeze a half of fresh lemon and mix with clean water in a ratio of three parts of water to one juice. Pour the resulting solution into a small tightly closed container, which can easily be put in a handbag. Then send a few cotton swabs, with which, in fact, you will wipe the pigment spots on your face. This must be done at least three to five times a day.

  • Cucumber lotion

You can prepare a whitening lotion based oncucumber. To do this, peel a half of a small cucumber from the rind, pour 100 grams of vodka and leave to stand in a dark cool place for at least a week. Before use, lotion is recommended to dilute with water in a one-to-one ratio. Soaked in a lotion with a cotton swab, it is necessary to wipe the pigment spots on the face approximately three times a day.

  • Lotion of parsley

For particularly persistent pigment spots, you cantry rubbing lotion with parsley. Preparing it is quite difficult, but the result will surely please you. To begin with, pass through a meat grinder 200 grams of fresh parsley, then place it on a strainer and chop it with steep boiling water. Then place in a glass container, pour 100 grams of vodka and leave to infuse in the refrigerator for 5 days. Then strain the infusion and add the juice of half a lemon. Mix thoroughly and pour again into a glass container with a lid. Everything, lotion is ready - it must be stored in a dark place. Wipe pigmentation spots on the face at least five times a day. But in a week you will need to make a three-day break. Do not forget about the need to regularly use a moisturizer to avoid injuring the skin.

  • Aspirin Lotion

Clearly pronounced pigment spots can be eliminatedwith aspirin lotion. It is prepared simply simple - it does not take much time. In a small glass or plastic container, pour 100 grams of water, then pour in it 10 pre-crushed tablets of acetylsalicylic acid, mix thoroughly. Do not use soluble aspirin, since it will not give the proper effect. In the resultant lotion, moisten the cotton pad and wipe all the facial skin, not just the pigment spots. It is necessary to wipe the skin with this lotion at least three times a week. In a week you will need a three-day break. Although most often in a month you can achieve the desired result. bleach pigment spots

Whitening Masks

If all of the above means do not help,it is possible to attach whitening masks. Of course, they will have to tinker with them, but the results are amazing - in just a few months you can get rid of the most pronounced pigment spots.

  • Berry Mask

To prepare a berry mask suitablealmost all berries, since they contain a large amount of fruit acid. Which, as a matter of fact, and bleaches hated pigmented spots. But if there is such an opportunity, it is worth giving preference to the berries of black currant, as it is most effective. Cut the berries with a fork until it is mushy, then apply on the pigment spots and leave for about 20 minutes. If your skin is very sensitive and you feel a burning sensation, add one tablespoon of sour cream to the berries. After the procedure, rinse the mask with water and apply a moisturizer on your face. In most cases, the pigmented spot on the face can be whitened quickly enough - in just a couple of weeks.

  • Egg mask with lemon

If the pigment spot needs to be removed from thesensitive skin, you can try an egg mask with lemon. For its preparation you will need a tablespoon of honey, half a lemon and two squirrels of chicken eggs. If you have a mixer - it's generally wonderful. If not - you will have to do with a whisk - the protein needs to be beaten up to a dense foam condition. As you whip, put into the protein mass honey and juice of half a lemon. Apply the resulting foam to the pigment spots a thick layer and leave for 30 minutes - no burning sensation you should not feel. Then rinse with plenty of water and apply your moisturizer. Such masks can be done three to four times a week, until the disappearance of the pigmented spot. By the way, this mask can be used even for teenagers, since it is completely safe.

  • Apple mask

If you mess with making masks you do notit would be desirable, it is possible to go more simple by making an apple mask. It is best to use green sour apples for this, but if you do not have them at hand, you can take any. Peel a half of a small apple from the peel and grate it on a shallow grater, lightly remember that the juice appears. The resulting mass is applied to the pigment spots, cover first with a gauze cloth, and then with a polyethylene film. Leave the mask for about 20 minutes, then rinse with plenty of cool water and wipe with lemon juice diluted in water one to one. A similar mask can be done twice a week, for a month. Then you need to make a two-week break.

  • Bell pepper

No less effective and a mask of sweet pepper. It is prepared quite simply - grate half a peeled sweet red pepper on a fine grater, add half a lemon juice and apply to the pigmented spot. Leave the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Then moisten the cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and wipe the pigmented spot. After ten minutes, rinse the skin again with water and apply a small amount of sour cream to it, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Despite the fact that this mask acts gently, it should not be abused - it is enough two times a week. The duration of one course of bleaching is a month, after which a one-week break is necessary.

  • Mask of dill and parsley

If you have oily skin, you can tryto get rid of pigment spots on the face with a mask of dill and parsley. This mask can be prepared for future use, for a week, so as not to waste time before applying it. You will need 300 grams of fresh dill and parsley, one lemon, a tablespoon of honey, half a teaspoon of large table salt and a half liter glass jar with a lid. Dill and parsley thoroughly wash, then pass through the meat grinder. After parsley, send and raw lemon, directly with the skin. After that, mix all the ingredients and place in a jar. Before the first use, allow the mask to stand for at least one day. Apply a mask to the pigment spots need a thick layer, then covering with a plastic film. The duration of the mask is 60 minutes, after which it is necessary to rinse the skin with plenty of cool water. Do not be scared - the skin on your face will be reddened for about an hour. This is a completely normal phenomenon, indicating only that the process is proceeding normally. But the mask is strong enough, so do not do it more than three times a week. The process of eliminating pigmentation spots is not accelerating, but the skin can be seriously damaged.

  • Lemon-honey mask

It is impossible not to mention the lemon-honey mask -she very gently brightens the pigment spots. And it is prepared simply and quickly - mix in a nonmetallic container one tablespoon of lemon juice and honey. Apply the resulting mass to the pigment spots, cover with a gauze pad so that the mass does not spread. Leave the mask for 20 minutes, then rinse with running water. The cream is not necessary to apply - honey soothes and moisturizes the skin. We advise you to read: