healthy skin of the face Today, we all live in a saturated rhythm, and oftenit happens that we go to bed late, and only a few hours remain for sleep. All would be nothing, but in the morning the reflection in the mirror is not like every one of us. Bags under the eyes, dull skin and tired look can hardly decorate anyone. A healthy facial skin is a very important aspect for every self-respecting girl. That is why, in order to get rid of the consequences of lack of sleep once and for all, it is necessary to take a number of simple but effective actions that will encourage and refresh the appearance.

The truth about the skin of the face

Most likely, you have heard the fairsaying that our skin is a mirror. Of course, not souls, like the eyes, but above all health. This means that it almost completely reflects what is happening in our body. Therefore, care for it should not begin with the purchase of a whole range of nutritional or cleansing cosmetics, but with a consultation with good cosmetologists who know exactly how to make skin on the face rejuvenated and, most importantly, healthy. Experts will tell you how to take care of yourself in your case, what tonics, creams, lotions should be chosen. But there is one more aspect of the issue that must be paid attention. Complex facial skin care should begin with proper nutrition, and, due to, and purification of the body. And only then, as additional procedures, we can start making steam baths, using various masks, rubbing ice and other pleasant domestic "rituals" that are loved by modern women. healthy facial skin without acne

Why is healthy nutrition important for healthy skin?

Every person eats fatty food from time to time. What do you think happens afterwards? Everything is simply digested? No, not at all. Fat along with the foods you pre-eat, absorbed through the walls of the intestine, and then with blood spread throughout your body. As a result, it turns out that after a while this fat appears on the face. Hence the emerging acne or pimples. The main thing is that in this case you do not puff up the face, because then the pores will close even more and form sebaceous plugs in the form of black dots. Thus, we can once again see the importance of proper nutrition for our body. Healthy skin you will have when you do not abuse sweet, smoked, fried, fatty dishes - these are the main enemies of natural beauty. To this list, you can also include coffee, which contributes to the appearance of unhealthy skin color, as well as alcoholic beverages, which completely dehydrate it. Due to the modern, too rapid development of industry, especially food, we will add here cookies, chips, sausages, sweets. All at once it is difficult to list, but excluding or significantly reducing the dose of their use, you not only can cleanse the skin, but also get rid of various problems with your health. It is best to replace the usual pasta with sausages for rice or buckwheat porridge with vegetable salad. Coffee - for freshly squeezed juice, and salty snacks, the same chips - for a handful of hazelnuts or walnuts. As a result, you will have much more energy and strength, you can feel much better. And, of course, the perfect result of changing the menu will be a healthy facial skin without pimples and acne. beautiful healthy skin of face

A few tips for skin care

  • To begin it is necessary with washing soft softwater. Cold will reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation. Thanks to this, the skin will become more fresh and rosy. Just do not wash with cold water from the tap. It contains a lot of impurities, which have a negative effect on the skin.
  • If you find a slight irritation on the face and red spots, then it is worth to wash, using soft means, which includes chamomile.
  • In order to give the face a more fresh look, we use the mint flavor. You can brew wonderful tea and drink it or just rub several leaves in the palms of your hands.
  • Also for toning the whole body very wella contrast shower with the use of gels with citrus aromas is suitable. After it, do an easy stimulating massage that will perfectly revitalize your skin.
  • Circles of green fresh cucumber will helpget rid of bags under the eyes. On the problem areas, we put rings from the vegetable, take a horizontal position, relax and lie about ten minutes. Then you need to wash with cold water and apply a special moisturizing cream on your eyelids.
  • To get rid of the consequences of a sleepless night will helpcitrus energy cocktail. To make it, you need to take half of the orange and squeeze out the juice from it. Next, find some linen cloth or napkin, soak it in a cocktail and cover your face. Lie with such a compress for only ten minutes, and you will immediately see how your skin will refresh and glow.
  • If you need to remove birthmarks, freckles,acne and smooth wrinkles, strawberries are a wonderful and powerful folk remedy for this. Before going to bed make lotions from mashed berries or from their juice.
  • Another simple skin care productis such a mixture: two hundred grams of honey, fifty grams of olive oil and one hundred grams of lemon juice. You need to take it before eating one dessert spoon every day.
  • A beautiful mask from Marlene Dietrich: a glass of sour cream mixed with the juice of one lemon, add whipped egg white, a tablespoon of glycerin and fifty grams of vodka. Apply this mixture should be immediately after taking a bath or shower and keep for about ten minutes, then rinse with warm water. This cream is remarkably refreshing and nourishing the skin.

Also remember that modern cosmeticmeans should not be put aside in a cosmetic bag or thrown out altogether, it's just better to use them much less. All this because you can not be sure of their composition. Try to switch to healthy, proper nutrition, make natural masks from improvised products and products. Not only will you be able to save on this, but you will also look much younger and more beautiful. And natural beauty is the most real female weapon. Be healthy and attractive on any day! We advise you to read: