strengthening eyelashes at home Everyone knows that in sexuality andthe attractiveness of a woman is very important, her gentle, enticing and fatal look. It is in the eyes of the first draw attention to men during their acquaintance. And so that the representatives of the stronger sex could not pass by without drowning in the bottomless gaze, the girls go to crayons of cunning: they paint eyelashes, bring their eyes with pencil and shadows. In the course are different means: carcasses for lengthening, giving volume, which are applied several times and sometimes taken with lumps. They help only those ladies who already have healthy, long and beautiful cilia. What, then, should be done by those whom nature did not reward with such wealth? It's simple - to resort to the help of modern and popular cosmetology.

How to visually make the eyelashes more

First of all, all modernRepresentatives of the fair sex who want to look perfect, use mascara. To date, there are so many different options that even your eyes scatter. And, depending on the need, such cosmetics helps to solve many problems: make the eyelashes even longer (by staining the discolored tips), lush (covering with a thin layer of thin hairs). Also, if the results after using the carcass are not entirely satisfactory, then this problem can be solved with the help of artificial elements. A woman who wants to have long and thick lashes goes to the beautician and builds them up. The length of the hair can be made any, here everything depends on your desire and experience of the master. It would seem, then why cosmetics are needed if you can go to a specialist once a month who will do what you want. In fact, this procedure is not as safe as many people imagine. In particular, it will be hard after removing the artificial eyelashes, as their own become weak and thinned. And while they do not grow back, we'll have to forget about the re-growth. Plus, cosmetics lovers know first hand how eyelashes suffer from this. But what is to be done? Do not go with the stumps sticking out in all directions? That's right, you need to make masks, buy special means, prepare mixtures and look after your eyes. eyelash strengthening

Eyelash care: shop products

  • Fluid for growth

A drug sold at a pharmacy or store,will make your eyelashes longer, thick and dark. It can also be used to grow eyebrows. The result, as the producers assure, will already be visible after 2-4 weeks of regular application. One bottle of the remedy is enough for 2-6 months, depending on whether you use liquid only for the eyelashes, or also apply to the eyebrows.

  • Mascara

Not so long ago (some 10-15 years ago) insale came a special transparent carcasses, which include vitamins and minerals, nourishing cilia. They are applied by brush directly on the hairs. At the same time, it is better not to use normal cosmetics at the same time.

We strengthen eyelashes folk methods

In addition to a special means for the growth of eyelashes,You can try the folk recipes that our mothers and grandmothers used. Agree, in those days, the girls looked pretty beautiful, not using cosmetics at the same time. And it's not for nothing that Russian legends were written about Russian women. Plus, if you decide to deal with eyelashes and eyebrows at home, without using expensive cosmetics, you will save a good budget. For example, very good for the growth of eyelashes help mask based on vitamins and plant extracts. For this, you can use castor, olive, almond or burdock oil. They improve the structure of the eyelashes, preventing them from falling out. Do not be afraid to use folk remedies. They are applied in exactly the same way as the store ones. The prepared liquid for eyelashes should be put on a cosmetic brush and carefully comb the eyelashes. Keep in mind that oil (or any other remedy) does not get on the mucous membrane of the eyes. Perform this procedure should be every day, preferably in the evening. If you follow all of the above rules, the eyelashes will always be in excellent condition and look the best way.

  • Mask for eyelashes

To grow and strengthen the eyelashes, you will have totwo days to make nutritious masks, made from burdock and castor oil (1.5 tablespoons each), Vaseline (1 tbsp) and cognac (a couple of drops). Mix thoroughly to ensure a uniform mass. The resulting gruel is carefully applied to the eyelashes. If even a droplet gets into the eye, rinse it immediately with copious amounts of water (only cold, preferably - flowing). After 20-30 minutes, rinse the product, do not use special cosmetics or usual soap. Lightly soak with a dry cloth or towel to remove any residues. The resulting mixture can be stored in a refrigerator in a dark glass container. To quickly achieve positive results, before applying the ointment can be slightly warmed (to room temperature).

  • Balsam of oils

For balsam preparation you will needburdock oil (if desired, can be diluted with olive oil). In a glass container, mix it with aloe juice, to get a thick slippery gruel. We make the remedy for one time, since it is impossible to store it for a long time, unfortunately. With this oil, we lubricate the roots of cilia and eyelids, using a cotton swab or a stick. Do not forget to check beforehand if you are allergic to one of the components. We put a small amount of funds on the elbow and wait for a few minutes. If the treated area does not change its color, it will not have spots or hives, so you can safely use burdock oil with aloe.

  • Herbal Compresses

To the fair sex alsorecommend making home-made compresses from medicinal herbs. For example, you can make a tincture of cornflowers or chamomile, pervade it with a cotton swab, and then attach it to your eyes. Be sure to keep the temperature of the liquid is not too hot, otherwise you will earn a burn. After 10-15 minutes, remove the lotions, gently rub the skin with a napkin and apply to the eyelashes castor oil. This procedure is done every other day, preferably in the evening, when you will not have to go anywhere. Please note: after compresses in the hot season, eyelids do not rub with oil.

  • Lotion of tea

Often ladies throw out used teabags, believing that they will no longer be useful. Inventive women found them to use and in cosmetology. So, make infusion of herbs (chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, cornflowers), then put a bag in a warm broth. When he absorbs a sufficient amount of liquid, apply it to the eyelids. Thanks to this remedy, not only the eyelashes strengthen and grow, but also the blood circulation is restored, bruises are eliminated, edema passes.

Massage with oil: take care of eyelashes and skin

Do not forget at least a couple of times a week to domassage, using the oil. You can either cook it yourself or buy it in the store. In the first case, you can make a mixture at home, which will help to cope with several problems at once. If your goal is not only to strengthen the eyelashes, but also bring the skin around your eyes in order, be sure to use the usual rose oil. It will help to smooth small mimic and age wrinkles, and also prevent the appearance of new ones. In general, will return the second youth. If you have the desire and opportunity, prepare a massage oil from aloe, parsley, castor oil. So, first grind in a meat grinder or an aloe blender, squeeze out the juice and add the finely chopped parsley. Castor oil is poured into the resulting mixture (it can be replaced with refined oil). With gentle massaging movements rub the gruel into the eyelids, avoiding getting into the eyes. strengthening eyelashes with castor oil

Lush and long eyelashes

Want you to have fluffy and thickeyelashes that would look great even without mascara? The first thing to do is to prepare a remedy to help with hair loss. You can certainly buy this, but when cooking at home, you will know for sure that there are no dangerous and harmful substances in it. So, finely briar regime (you can grind it on a blender), then add it to butter (sea buckthorn or burdock). When preparing this mixture, consider that for one time it will be enough to have 2 tablespoons. But it takes about 10 days for her to insist. After a week and a half, the liquid is filtered through gauze, folded in two layers, and placed in a glass bowl. It is recommended to use it daily. Apply only to the eyelashes (using a normal brush). Store and insist in a cool dry place where there is no access to direct sunlight. After the eyelashes cease to break and fall out, you should proceed to the next stage. We take sea buckthorn oil and just wipe them with hairs. It softens, nourishes, moisturizes and satiates with vitamins. You'll see: after two or three weeks your eyelashes will become as splendid as those of young girls who have not yet managed to spoil them with ink, build-up, etc. As you managed to notice, strengthening eyelashes is not such a troublesome and expensive pleasure. Do not necessarily leave hundreds of thousands of rubles in beauty salons and spend money on expensive cosmetics to bring your face in order. You can cook at home, masks, balms, tonics, which in no way will be inferior to the store. The only thing you should remember about this is that you can not achieve quick results if you have strongly run eyelashes. And it does not matter castor oil you use, or an incredibly expensive innovative tool. It should take at least a month before the first improvements are noticeable. Initially, the hairs will stop falling out and break, then they will begin to grow faster, become longer and fluffy. We advise you to read: