hug your man more often To the man the woman should give warmly andjoy, then the relationship will be reliable and every day become stronger. You can deliver a man in many ways. The main thing is to know some secrets that will allow a woman to be on top.

Cooking skills

The truism that the path to the heart of a man liesthrough his stomach, does not lose its relevance. But it is necessary to prepare it is tasty, as not all is useful, that in a mouth has got. Cooking is a high art, and he needs to learn. It is necessary to find out which men have favorite dishes and concentrate the main efforts in this direction, to give him pleasure. Then you can not doubt that the man will appreciate it. But even a masterfully cooked chicken with orange sauce can plunge a guy into despair if he has not been fond of poultry since childhood. In this case, one should not try to compete with his mother in the preparation of his favorite dishes: this is the way to nowhere. Better try to surprise the man with your own culinary delights. variety of intimate relationships

Variety of intimate relationships

Sex - this is something that can not do withoutalmost no one. But simple sex is not enough, the whole secret is that sex should be for him an event. Every representative of the stronger sex will be happy with this pleasure. A woman should remember that intimacy should be bright and memorable, for this it is not necessary to study "Kama Sutra" and try to perform complex acrobatic stunts (which can lead to trauma). The surest way is to ask directly about his sexual preferences. There are many secrets in intimate relationships. Do not forget that the guy loves his eyes. Contemplation of a beautiful female body has not left indifferent any other man, and if it is framed in beautiful lacy underwear, it looks very exciting. Thus, we can conclude that his man needs more to please with new original clothes, to experiment with images. It should be noted that it is a great pleasure for a man to contemplate his woman, who is dressed in lingerie with ryushechkami, lace in combination with shoes with stilettos and stockings. Most men like sex in the light (this, of course, does not mean that the light should be bright, as in the surgical ward). Excellent fit floor lamp. Soft soft light helps the lady to relax, and the man - to see everything he wants, and get a lot of pleasure from this spectacle. In addition, the muffled light of the night lamp also hides minor flaws on the body, the skin seems smoother and more seductive. As for pleasures in the intimate sense, we should not forget that the vast majority of men have their erotic fantasies, which they really want to bring to reality. To please a man, he needs to be cautious, but to ask in detail about what he would like. Perhaps he dreams about having sex in the bathroom or about intimacy with a hot nurse. His fantasies should be realized. In addition, guys get great pleasure from the fact that a woman likes everything that he does with it. So do not be shy to scream, scream and express your approval in every way, but do not forget about the caresses. sharing with the man of his hobbies

Separation from a man of his hobbies

A great pleasure for a man delivers a woman,which shares with him his hobbies. You can watch football with him, cheer for his favorite team, drink beer with him. For the sake of such a woman, any man of the mountain will turn. If the chosen one is not a sports fan, but an avid fisherman, you can go fishing with him. Of course, for this it is necessary to get up at dawn and sit for half a day, looking at the floats, but how many pleasures a man will get! Favorite woman, moreover, and like-minded person - is not this the dream of every male? The easiest way to make a man pleasant is to shut up in certain situations. When a guy comes home from work, sometimes immersed in his problems (which can really be serious), at these moments you do not need to get him questions, and he will be disproportionately grateful to you for this.

A man needs to surprise and give a rest

Try to surprise your man pleasantly. For example, if a faithful came home at 2 am (drinking beer with friends) and is ready to listen to notations, and he is greeted by an affectionate, beautiful and caring woman, he will be immensely and pleasantly surprised. Only do not need to overdo it, otherwise such late arrivals home will become the norm, and this will no longer give pleasure to the woman. If a man and a woman together went on vacation, it is very important to give the man exactly ... to rest. That is, you should not pester him with unnecessary questions, complain about a headache, and so on. The guy, of course, should patronize his woman, but he also has the right to a full rest. This applies not only to joint tourist trips, but also to camping trips and various social events. please culinary masterpieces

Men like sincere praise

Any man in the soul remains smallboy, he must be able to praise in time, for which he will be immensely grateful. Only if earlier he needed the praise of his mother, now his beloved woman should do it. It should be praised even in small things. Good drive a nail - excellent, he correctly changed his son diapers - doubly well done. And it is necessary to praise a man for his sexual abilities, because this area is a taboo for criticism, this is not tolerated by any real male. Representatives of the stronger sex love not only beautiful women, but also smart women. To do this, of course, it is not necessary to immediately sit down for a doctoral thesis or start a correspondence with Zhores Alferov, but if a woman leads a conversation with Kant in a conversation, it will be beyond praise. It is especially pleasant if the manifestation of education occurs in the circle of friends of a man. This will give him an extra reason to be proud of his beloved woman. However, in this regard, excessive zeal is contraindicated, since if a man seems to be more intelligent than a woman, it is unlikely to give him pleasure: he must be the first in everything and in the mind and education, all the more. So you have to admire your man on a regular basis (but you need to do it sincerely, because men always recognize falsity), tell him compliments, and you can rest assured that he will carry you in his arms. The woman's chosen one should be sincerely sure that he is for the woman the strongest, the most courageous, the most attractive and the most successful. If he starts to doubt it, then all this can end very badly. Using such secrets, you can deliver your beloved a lot of pleasures. The most important thing is that, while doing pleasant to his man, it becomes pleasant to his beloved woman.