how to clean suede shoes Suede - beautiful looking and pleasant to the touchmaterial. Things made of it look rich and elegant. And it does not matter what kind of products - shoes, clothes, accessories or upholstered furniture. All these products immediately acquire an almost subtle shade of restrained, but such refined luxury. Everyone is good suede, but there is one significant drawback - it is not very practical. When the wear is wrong, the matter begins to mash, gloss, lose its appearance. In order for this to happen, it must be taken care of properly. And here we are now going to figure out how to clean suede shoes, how to properly care for products, how to dry suede things after cleaning, and what tools can and should be used.

What is made of suede

Let's look at the beginning, what isthis material. It should be noted that suede can be natural and artificial. Natural is produced from the skin of animals, which is produced in a special way - fatty tanning. It is distinguished by velvety, softness, delicacy and viscidity. Artificial suede, which successfully competes with natural suede, is made of the latest modern materials. I'll mix up both natural and artificial, when making haberdashery goods, shoes, clothes. This matter is characterized by a fine fleecy structure that easily absorbs water, which causes it to swell and become stiff. Therefore, you need to handle it very carefully. But in everyday life, there are various minor troubles - something can spill, someone rubbed, stepped on or hurt. As a result, there are various pollution, from which it is not so easy to get rid of. Naturally, in this case there is a reasonable question, than to clean suede at home? how to clean suede

How to clean suede products

At once I must say that this material does not likemoisture, so clean the suede better by dry means and methods. If the pollution is not so significant, you can try to get rid of them with a special eraser, which very carefully cleans the suede surface. A special eraser can be replaced with a regular rubber band. If the contamination is deep, and not superficial, or old, then not to spoil the thing, you need to take it to dry cleaning. For those who want to know how to clean suede at home, we will give some advice. The best folk remedy for this is a solution of skim milk with soda (a teaspoon of soda for a glass of milk). However, in this case, white traces may remain on the surface. If this still happened, paint the spots. Effectively removes dirt from the surface of suede and a ten percent solution of ammonia that can replace soda (half a cup of milk a quarter of a glass of ammonia). A tissue moistened in the resulting liquid rubs the contaminated area. After that, the treated surface should be cleaned with a damp towel soaked in plain water or a weak vinegar solution, which is even better (per liter of water, one teaspoon of vinegar). Light suede things can be cleaned with crumb from white bread. A dried stain of a tinder with a dried bread crust, fine emery paper or a rubber brush. Strongly press or press it is not necessary (to avoid occurrence of scuffs). Then brush the villi brushed. Strongly soiled light-colored suede and kid-like things should be wiped with a tissue moistened with a solution of soap or powder with the addition of ammonia (20 g of soap flakes or powder, a few drops of ammonia per liter of water). Then the treated surface should be washed with water and dried. Note: it is not recommended to strongly wet things from suede. By the way, grease stains can be removed with gasoline. Suede gloves can be easily and quickly cleaned of dirt with the usual toilet soap. To do this, they should be put on their hands and treat the contamination with a dry sift. Then the soap needs to be washed off with warm water and put the gloves to dry in a straightened form. No way on the battery! If after drying they are hard, then to give softness and the original fleecy appearance they can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a clothing brush with hard hair. White suede is dried on a towel. When glossy spots appear on the products, they can be sprinkled with starch, so let stand with a half an hour, and then brush with a dry, fleecy brush. If, as a result of dry processing, the mud does not disappear, it is necessary to make a liquid solution from starch and liquid ammonia, which is applied to the surface. After the treated stain dries, the starch is swept off with a fleecy brush. Today in shops you can find many creams and sprays for the care of suede products. What means to choose depends entirely on the kind of thing and your financial capabilities, as some of them are not cheap. By the way, for cleaning suede products recommend to use a special shampoo. With its help, even extremely strong impurities can be eliminated without damaging the surface structure. Clearing natural suede During socks on suede products (especially on the folds of clothes or shoes), creases form. Often, there is a pile. In this case, the thing needs to be evaporated. For these purposes, you can use a regular iron or a basin with hot water. So, your favorite jacket should not be briefly held over the steam, so that it is slightly moistened. Then the problem place needs to be combed with a clothes brush with a rigid pile. Suede shoes can also be put in order with the help of steam. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise your favorite boots will get harder. Contaminated shoes or ugg boots should be cleaned with a soap solution with the addition of ammonia. After that, it is better to treat them with a water-repellent spray. Such a tool can be purchased at any specialized store. Shoes and things from natural suede can be perfectly cleaned with a brush. Blot it into the coffee grounds and get to work. How to clean artificial suede Artificial suede should be cleaned with a weak solution of water and detergent powder for delicate fabrics, and then, without pressing, dried in a straightened form or hung on clothing shoulders. But keep in mind that in no case can they be washed by hand or by a typewriter, otherwise the thing will lose its appearance. All of the above home remedies for suede cleaning are very effective, our mothers and grandmothers often resorted to bread, erasers and soda. You can choose any of them to care for your things, but pre-test the raw materials in a small area of ​​the product. Such precautions are needed so that you do not spoil your favorite boots, gloves (especially salt, soda and turpentine). Wet suede cleaning is carried out using a paralon sponge. To get rid of dirt on white products, choose products that do not contain coloring elements. You do not want to turn light shoes into spotted shoes. After this "washing", wipe the moisture with a towel and put the processed thing to dry. From time to time, wipe off the droplets of water. Do not put boots, jacket near the battery and do not use a hairdryer. Unfortunately, the artificial material very quickly deteriorates. Therefore, cleaning the suede at home should only be done if you have no other choice. This is especially true of expensive things. A sofa, a sheepskin coat can be covered with bright spots. And with this, there is nothing to be done about it. how to chamoisch

How to quickly get rid of stains

What if you planted a stain on your boots orsheepskin coat on the street (with whom it does not happen?). How to properly clean the suede? So, first of all we remove pieces of dirt and apply a napkin to this place. Pay attention, to cover or wipe the stain is not worth it. Otherwise, even in dry cleaning you will not be helped. Before you clean the suede, you need to find out the source of contamination. Milk, eggs, ice cream, blood should be washed with cold water, without using soap, powder and other chemicals. If the stain dries, getting rid of it will be much more difficult. If you spilled wine on a thing, put a napkin or towel on top of it to absorb the liquid. Then, as in the previous case, rinse the product with a copious amount of water. Please note: in this case soda should not be used, as it can discolor the treated area. This substance corrodes even white matter. The same goes for salt. Immediately contact the specialists! In such institutions, everything is usually processed either by steam or special chemical solutions. If the jacket is not cleaned in the next 2-3 days, the stain will remain forever.

How to take care of suede

To make the products look like new, and you do notI had to blush for dirty or shoddy things, they need to be properly taken care of. In summer, shoes and a bag of suede must be wiped with a special sponge with a hard surface (such sold in stores). It will not only remove the settled dust, but also "comb" the cohesive villi. In winter, unfortunately, it is much more difficult to ensure proper care. Suede boots are damaged because of moisture, salt, which is sprinkled by the wipers of the track, temperature drops, when you come from the street into a warm room. Therefore, in any case you will have to acquire the following means:

  • Paint

What if the shoes burned out and stronglybrightened? It should be treated with a special paint. Picking the right shade will not be difficult, because today there are a lot of different colors.

  • Sprays with moisture protection

Sprays, aerosols on only help to protect products from the negative effects of moisture, but also prevent the appearance of white divorces that arise due to salt, snow, water.

  • Brushes and Elastics

Allow to quickly and effectively get rid ofdifferent types of pollution. They are usually used for dry cleaning of products and combing suede. Unfortunately, the above products are not cheap. But without it you can not ensure proper care of suede. Therefore, before buying things from this material, well weigh all the pros and cons. Think about whether you will clean, comb, dye boots or coats every day in the mornings and evenings for 20 minutes. We advise you to read: