running shoes If you are going to go in for sports, namely -running, without a pair of quality sports shoes you can not do. When running, not only the legs are stressed, but the whole organism as well. Therefore, it is so important for each sport to choose the option that will ensure the most comfortable conditions during training. Old sneakers or tennis shoes for such activities are unlikely to fit. The best shoes for sports are, of course, sneakers. They do not have to be expensive and beautifully decorated; all that is required of them is the ability to withstand a long and tiring run. For beginners, the most optimal option for training can be shoes for running asics.

What other qualities should have sneakers for daily training?

  • One of the most important qualitiesto possess such shoes is its ability to amortize. This quality, as a rule, is necessary in order to reduce the pressure and pressure on the foot during the run. Today, most manufacturers of sports shoes use for this springs under the heel and an air cushion, which is a cavity in the sole, filled with a special gas. All this not only reduces impact loads, but also helps repel.
  • Also, running shoes should be lightweight, comfortable, they must reliably fix the foot. All these qualities are sport shoes for running asics and shoes of other famous manufacturers.
  • Whichever model you give your preference, ineach of them inside is a supinator, which is needed not so much for the comfort of the foot, as for the correct distribution of the weight of the body during movement. This greatly reduces the burden on the spine.
  • For training in nature, sneakers with a more aggressive marking, with notches and various "special effects" are best suited for increasing the adhesion.
  • It is recommended to choose footwear on laces, fromsoft, durable and natural materials - leather and cotton. Today there is a huge selection of models with inserts in the form of a reticulum, which during exercise allow the legs to "breathe".
  • The best footwear for winter jogging is considered warm sneakers with a special sole, not hardening in the cold. Such shoes in any weather keeps flexibility and elasticity.
  • For training on a hard surface, for example, on an asphalt track, give preference to models with thick soles with double shock absorbers - under the toe and heel.
  • For better air exchange, shoes for winter running should be bought one size larger than you usually wear.
  • Exercise in the fresh air has one undeniable advantage - in addition to maintaining the body in a sporty form, they also contribute to tempering. Just pick the right shoes!
  • Sports shoes are best bought in specialized stores, where, unlike the market consumer goods, the assortment corresponds to this definition not only by its appearance.

running shoes asics

How to prolong the life of athletic shoes?

To ensure that shoes lasted as long as possible for you by faithand the truth, it should be properly taken care of. Unfortunately, not all of us know how to do this. Following the advice of experts, you can significantly extend the life of your favorite pair of sneakers. Every time after training, you should remove the insole and, together with the sneakers, ventilate and dry them in a warm place, away from heating devices. If the dirt remained on the shoes after running, gently wipe it first with a damp cloth, then with a dry cloth. If the sneakers are wet in the rain, use the old proven method: nabeyte shoes with old newspapers and do not forget to change the wet paper from time to time to dry. And finally I want to add: so women are built, that they always and everywhere, even on a sports ground, want to look perfect. Fortunately, in our time the choice of sports shoes is so diverse that it is not so difficult to pick up a pair of running shoes that would combine beauty and comfort in a harmonious tone. When choosing shoes for running asics or any other brand, remember that it is intended solely for training. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for daily work or walking around the city.