patent shoes for heels Very often women's shoes become the mainelement of a stylish image. They are the most indicative of the tastes and mood of their owners. Until recently, we talked about the fashion trends of shoes for the autumn-winter season, but now spring has come, and that means thinking about decorating your slender legs in warm weather. The fashion trend of this spring will be lacquered shoes on the heel, as they are able to emphasize the beauty and refinement of the female figure. In the warm season, intense bright colors, large details, flashy prints and, of course, patent leather and high heels will be relevant. If we talk about colors, then in 2012 bright colors will be popular, for example, red and some other shades: green, turquoise, yellow and bright purple. Particular attention deserves the prints of the warm season, spring-summer - it's all kinds of stripes, flowers and stars.

Top 10 most fashionable patent shoes

Lacquer shoes are back in fashion, so all the famous designers have included them in their new collections. Among them, there are 10 most fashionable models, made of patent leather.

  • Bright red boats on a high thin heel. They look great with a little black dress, and emphasize your femininity.
  • Lacquered shoes of golden color will be especially popular in the coming year of the dragon. In such shoes every woman can feel like the queen of the evening.
  • Shoes of juicy spring flowers: green, orange, turquoise, yellow, will give your image freshness and cheer up. These shoes are better to combine with clothes and a bag of muffled tones.
  • White patent shoes on a high heel fitpractically to all colors of your outfit. You can safely experiment with dresses and trousers of any colors, but do not forget to add white accents to your image. This can be a bracelet, beads or other accessories.
  • Classic black boats with translucent lace inserts will give a special charm to your evening dress. Such shoes will be especially fashionable in the coming season.
  • Monochrome lacquered shoes on high heels or platform. This model will emphasize the sex appeal of any woman and visually make her figure slimmer.
  • Lacquered shoes with shiny details andstones. Their owner will undoubtedly be the focus of attention. Moreover, the coloring here does not matter much, because the main focus is on flashy details.
  • Shoes with an open toe do not come off the fashion podiums. They will make your leg even more elegant and make up a perfect tandem with a dress up to the knee.
  • Shoes made of crocodile and snake leather. In the new season, this model promises to win the hearts of women of fashion. After all, in the year of the dragon, this material will be at the peak of popularity.
  • Boats with an unusual heel. The original decorated high heel will not leave indifferent any of the fair sex. The main thing is that the shoes and clothes are made in the same style.

Every year, women's fashion is becoming more and moredemocratic. If before the patent shoes on the hairpin were the perfect pair just a cocktail and evening gown, now everything has changed. Pages of fashion magazines are full of photos of patent shoes with absolutely different styles of clothing. Starting from strict office and ending with casual everyday. According to many stylists, it is very important to combine such shoes with a bright top. lacquer shoes with a hairpin

Red high heel shoes

Another symbol of seductiveness andsexy shoes are red lacquer shoes. Their return to the fashionable Olympus, they owe Valentino. It was thanks to this designer that extravagant red shoes again shone on the catwalks. This aggressive and bright detail of the ladies' toilet is capable of capturing the admired looks of the stronger sex. Thus, scientists at the University of Rochester proved that women who had a bright red accent in their image were more attractive to men than others. Brightly scarlet shoes, of course, bring coloring into the image of any girl. But you should be able to properly combine these models with other elements of the wardrobe, so as not to look ridiculous. The most important rule, which should obey the wearing of red lacquer shoes on the hairpin, is relevance. A fairly successful everyday option is a combination of scarlet boats and narrowed jeans of dark tones. Very effective look short loose skirts or overalls with a similar shoe. A stylish combination can be considered a long summer sarafan and coral shoes with high heels. And for fashionable and courageous girls, you can advise to combine red lacquer shoes and clothes with an animalistic design. It looks very bright and tasteful. As for the shades of outerwear, the designers advise to combine neutral colors - white, beige, black, gray - with screaming shoe tones. Very relevant look red boats and business suit. A beautiful tandem can make scarlet shoes and a dress with a small floral print. Moreover, designers show the whole palette of hot shades, from bright crimson to muted burgundy.

Why not wear bright shoes?

Expressive fire shoes have many advantages, but they impose certain taboos for their owners:

  • You can not combine several bright red things at the same time. It is necessary to place accents in the image with the help of stylish scarlet accessories.
  • Do not combine shoes so flashy colors with colored pantyhose. This overloads the image and looks tasteless.
  • When choosing lacquer shoes in red, discard the platform; similar models are not winning and are unlikely to adorn their owner.

Self-sufficient and original scarlet shoes forHigh hairpin does not tolerate competition with a handbag of similar color. They look very aggressive and can set the tone for the ladies' toilet. If you choose this style, you should remember that such shoes require a woman of refinement, elegance and inner harmony, otherwise you risk appearing vulgar and defiant. Undoubtedly, bright shoes with high heels can cause increased attention among others, because they are very feminine and elegant. But the main thing is to feel comfortable and confident in such extravagant footwear. Be able to create a holistic image and keep a proud posture. Then you will definitely succeed, and fashion shoes will give you an individuality and charm. We advise you to read: