How to choose the right winter footwear? Winter is coming soon, which means that you already needthink about buying winter shoes. From the right choice of winter boots depends not only comfort, but also your health. After all, if your feet are always cold, then you will have health problems. What should I look for when choosing a winter footwear? How to choose a good, high-quality, convenient for the winter? When choosing a winter footwear, the first thing you need to pay attention to is what it is made of. It is better to choose shoes from natural leather, because in such shoes the feet do not sweat, and it better keeps the heat. Also inside the boots it will be better if the fur is natural, as it absorbs moisture better, and the feet do not freeze. When trying on winter boots, make sure that they do not crush your leg or squeeze your leg. Such shoes will not only quickly break, but you will be uncomfortable and cold in it. It is also very bad if the leg is loose. Ideally, winter boots should be a size larger, because after a hard day's work your feet may become full and shoes will become small. Choose shoes with thick soles. Because in boots with thin soles you will be cold. Also, the sole should not be smooth, as it is very slippery. Of course, winter footwear without a heel is more comfortable than on a heel. But it does not fit all the outfits. Boots on the heel look more beautiful and spectacular. But to choose you! Good luck!