blown boots for women The cold came, and every girl startsthink about what to choose shoes for this season. Of course, it should be warm enough, fashionable and extremely comfortable. But to collect all these qualities in one model was very difficult before on the shelves of women appeared blown boots. This term means boots with the appearance that they were inflated with air - hence the name. It is believed that the great-grandmothers of duffers were the boots of astronauts, often called "lunar rovers". They became fashionable in the 80s of the last century. At that time, blown clothes and shoes were produced in very large quantities. Now to "dudes" actively show interest in both small and large snow-capped cities. And if the understanding of such shoes you associate with old women in the bus or children of preschool age, the time to change stereotypes. These boots have long ceased to be a "hiking" or "ski" option, now it's cute and fashionable.

Advantages and disadvantages of blown boots

Blowy women's boots are sewn from waterproof material. Unlike other shoes, they do not get wet and do not become deformed after drying.

  • The top part of such boots is most often made of different synthetic materials, suede or even knitted fabric.
  • Dummies have velcro fasteners - this is very convenient, because you can adjust the width of the bootleg. There are also models on lacing. The sole of these boots is thick and massive.
  • Such shoes can keep warm even in cold winters, for example, in the north, where strong colds are a common occurrence.
  • Also between layers of fabric can be placedheater. For this purpose, both natural materials, such as fluff and wool, and synthetic material, in the form of a conventional sintepon and special "cosmic" materials, are suitable.
  • Duteshi is a universal winter footwear, whichfits all. They are perfectly used for winter sports. These boots are extremely light and elastic, the leg feels quite cozy and comfortable in them.
  • The thick, rippled outsole makes them very stable on a slippery surface, and the water-repellent materials covering them perfectly protect against slush and wet snow.
  • Among other things, blowing winter boots for women - this is a great "field" for design experiments, and if you like to stand out from the crowd - choose "Duty"!

blown female boots It is difficult to identify the negative sidesthis footwear, but nevertheless such are available: First, during strong frosts artificial cover of potholes can be cracked, that will spoil their appearance. Secondly, such shoes fit well with sports and street styles. With an evening outfit or a business suit they can not be worn. But here in the complete set with jeans, leggings, blown jackets or fur vests air boots will look great.

How to choose the right boots "dummies"?

If the climate is warm enough and humid, thenpreference is best given to boots with a waterproof coating. In the case of frosty winters, it is better to choose textile and synthetic "duffs", but one should pay attention to their sole. It should be thick, fluted, soft and with a slight roughness. We advise you to read: