shoes with an ankle strap The coming spring and summer season gave the worldshoes is another stylish trend. Hearts and minds of women of fashion conquered shoes with an ankle strap - they became a real trend in 2016. Moreover, leading European designers are confident that this footwear will remain popular for many seasons. Fashion women will still choose it in both 2017 and 2018. So let's look at those shoes with an ankle strap that delight women this summer, and define their color and accents. This we will do in the framework of this review - it is entirely devoted to stylish shoes with belts on the ankles.

Why exactly such shoes?

To begin with it is necessary to understand the reasons of popularity and to find out, why such footwear in a trend. Why do slippers with straps on the ankles in 2016 admire even the most sophisticated women of fashion?

  • Such a model, even regardless of the heel,soles or sock, in any case looks elegant. The straps on the ankle just give it grace, favorably emphasizing the beauty of a chiseled woman's leg.
  • This shoe is always noticeable - itproduces an effect and is memorized. Straps around the ankles - this is the stylish detail that involuntarily catches your eye: be sure, such shoes are sure to be appreciated by the girl-friends. Paying attention to this trend, you can become a trendsetter for shoes in your company.
  • Belts on the ankles are a "chip", nottied to a particular model, which gives the woman a certain freedom of choice. You can prefer shoes with high or medium heels, with a closed or open toe, and still remain in the trend.

In a word, the increased interest in such modelsIt's not surprising - they really deserve the attention of women of fashion. Shoes with a strap around the ankle are worth buying - for a couple of the next spring-summer seasons they will definitely occupy a central place in the wardrobe. So let's move on to discussing the color of the model. What do we recommend the designers of European houses in this case? shoes with an ankle strap

Shoes with ankle straps: color

Of course, the black classics will be enoughpopular in this season, but we want to remind the girls that in spring and summer it is just worthwhile experimenting and looking for more original or even extravagant options. The same position is occupied also by leading design houses - known fashion designers offer us the following color trends:

  • Shiny gold or silver shoes with a straparound the ankles will look more than appropriate during the entire season. The metallic outflow of models of this color is simply gorgeous - this option is perfect for courageous and confident girls who are going to a party or some other event and are inclined to appear there really effectively.
  • Another luxury option are shoes withstrap around the ankles, the print of which mimics the skin of reptiles. "Crocodile" and "snake" will be in vogue and this season: these shoes are already worn by girls who are not afraid to emphasize their sexuality. And correctly do - the pattern of the skin of reptiles in combination with belts on the ankles guarantees an abundance of attention to the legs.
  • Other prints will also be in favor: shoes with a floral pattern and an ankle strap are in the spring-summer collections of each design house. Bright patterns on floristic themes promise to become the most popular trend in 2016, because they will be preferred as romantic and tender, and active and addicted girls.
  • A bold variant - bright, but at the same time laconically executed neon shoes with a strap around the ankle. In the case of such models, the rule of thumb is: the fewer accessories, the better the color.
  • Another stylish trend in 2016 was Nudeshoes with a strap around the ankle. Models of flesh color look moderately unusual and at the same time quite expensive and interesting in order to be suitable for any event. In the coming summer season women of fashion will wear such shoes, literally without taking off.

With color everything is clear - it can be enoughfreely choose according to your preferences. So let's move on to the features of the performance and find out what "chips" we were pleased with the European design houses. shoes with a strap

Shoes with straps on the ankles: accents

Let's start with what can be donefashionable shoes for the summer season 2016. It assumes a greater degree of freedom: shoes with a strap around the ankle can be made not only from the skin - in the trend of fabric and even woven models. Of course, the last two options require careful attitude to themselves, but they look so elegant and cute that it is simply impossible not to include them in your wardrobe. Fashionable shoes with an ankle strap around the sample in 2016 usually have a high heel and a fairly thick sole. However, in this case, the following options are allowed: shoes that are in a trend, can be at low speed. Also, a girl can not worry about a sock: yes, closed shoes with an ankle strap around the ankle can be safely considered a classic, but it was such a hot summer! Therefore, open models will be in the trend - women can safely give preference to them. In this case, the choice of sock is not a matter of principle. But the key is the accessories of shoes: when it comes to the model we are considering, we need to have as few of them as possible. The fact is that the straps on the ankles themselves are quite bright decoration. Other accessories simply reduce the importance of "chips", push it to the second plan. Therefore, the ideal option - it's shoes with a strap around the ankle generally without any accessories. That's how we see models that are one of the central trends of spring-summer 2016 - quite free and, of course, interesting. If you need fashionable and conspicuous shoes, do not hesitate to choose shoes with ankle straps - such options are at the peak of modern fashion. We advise you to read: