Oxford women Oxford, or Oxford shoes, the firstthe mention of which dates back to the middle of the 17th century, was originally worn only by Oxford students, where the name came from. Later, these leather boots, featuring a special perforation, as well as decorative lines, lining and lacing, have turned into classic shoes of true gentlemen. However, several years ago this kind of footwear, which until recently was considered exclusively masculine, with the light hand of fashionable couturier safely migrated to the ladies' wardrobe and made a real sensation among modern women of fashion. What are Oxford women's shoes, with which to wear shoes, from which many are simply crazy? This you will learn right now, having made a short trip to the world of women's fashion.

Design, materials and color of fashion shoes

Despite the fact that during the years of its existence the Oxfords have changed a lot, they, oddly enough, still retained all the same features - perforated pattern and classic lacing in the center.

  • Female models of this style fashion shoescouturier added graceful heels, which make the women's gait not only more attractive, but also add to their owners a few centimeters of growth.
  • Oxfords are not necessarily leather models, they can also be made entirely from suede, textiles or combined materials.
  • As for the color scheme, this type of footwear inCollections of the majority of modern designers are presented both in classical colors, and in bright saturated tones. A wide choice of color palette - from beige, cream and black to lilac, platinum and ruby ​​models, decorated with a cage or an intricate pattern - will allow every woman to choose the perfect option for any occasion of life.

Today, a rare designer footwear collectiondoes without the classic shoes on lacing. With what do fashion legislators offer women to wear beautiful, stylish and practical shoes? Of course, every true lady will find in her wardrobe a lot of things that will allow each day to create new ensembles that favorably emphasize not only the dignity of the figure of her possessor, but also testify to the impeccable taste. Oxford Women's Shoes

What is the combination of fashionable Oxfords?

Oxford - women's shoes, which looks great with many things from the wardrobe, for example:

  • With fashion tunics, knitted and knitted dresses;
  • With short knitted cardigans, knitted sweaters and stylish waistcoats made of natural fur or leather;
  • Comes with short trousers, shorts and fitted blazers;
  • With lace and fluffy skirts, the length of which is slightly higher than the knee, but on condition that you have beautiful and slender legs;
  • Business women are advised to combine designersOxford with business trousers or skirts, as well as with denim trends, short leather coats or short jackets in the style of auto-ladies - they will help to give the image business notes, and at the same time emphasize the individuality.
  • Also not bad in the ensemble with such shoes look tregginsy, leggings and jiggins with stylish fitted jackets or fashionable cardigans.
  • It is advantageous to combine shoes of this style with straight skirts and classic raincoats.
  • Some modern designers are not even against such a combination as lacquered Oxford and exquisite evening dresses.
  • Do not forget about the fashion accessories: costume jewelery, a three-dimensional bag or a small stylish bag-clutch, kepi or colored crocheted crocheted tippet - all these incredibly beautiful, fashionable, stylish and exquisite things will help to complement the image you created, give it a special charm and finishing touches.

And although the fashion dictates its rules, today every girl has the right to choose independently, with what she wear fashionable and stylish shoes.