how to avoid treason Treason in the family - the topic is rather beaten. However, it did not become less relevant. Because an open relationship, when the husband to the left, the wife to the right, somehow do not get very excited. Well, our people, in the majority, can not calmly refer to the fact that the half has someone else! If this fact is found, they lose their heads. And they come in such a rage, from which it's time to hide not only the participants of adultery, but all around in a radius of several kilometers. What kind of happy family can there be? The situation is awful. And many people understand this. But secret changes do not become less. Why? How to avoid the betrayal of a spouse and create all the prerequisites for his fidelity?

Why do people change their halves?

How would we not try to be tolerant and reasonableto perceive human deeds, indulgent attitude to the betrayal of loved ones is not enough for anyone. And it's not about jealousy to representatives of the opposite sex. Although it is present, of course. Just infidelity is perceived as a betrayal of a person to whom both our destiny and the fate of children are entrusted. A family is a microcosm in which everyone has his place and his duties. And if someone forgets about it for a while, chaos begins. Well, if there are treason, and in general often comes the family apocalypse. How to be? How to avoid the betrayal of family life and the complete collapse of hopes, and can they be avoided? In general, yes. After all, this happens mainly when the spouses did not find in the marriage what they were striving for. It would be very good if the young people who wanted to start a family knew about the main needs of each other in advance and were ready to satisfy them. After all, why most of us get married? Women want from her husband:

  • Affection and love. For the weaker sex, such feelings of a man are a symbol of the reliability of relations, security, relevance. When a woman sees the location of her husband, she as if receives signals from him: "I'm with you. I'll take care of you. I will help solve all your problems. I'm proud of you". A man should understand how much his half needs to do it, and try to show his affection and love at least sometimes. After all, you do not have to strain for this. Once again to call from work and say "I love", give flowers, give a hand when leaving the transport, to support the elbow is not difficult;
  • Interest in conversation. Ah, how we need to talk with dear half! And that they listen to us with interest and support the conversation. It often happens that a husband like to listen to what we say, but in fact he thinks about his own. Or do not want to talk at all, buried in a TV or newspaper. And what should I do? Run to chat to your girlfriend? But you really want to talk with him, the closest! And for some reason he stubbornly escapes from a sincere conversation;
  • Honesty and openness. We want to trust our faithful in everything. Only full trust in a person gives a sense of reliability of existence with him. And if the husband starts to talk something out and does not answer any questions, doubts about his truthfulness creep into the soul. We begin to get nervous and try to find an explanation for this behavior. And in the head of "vzbredaet" anything. When a spouse does not want to talk about what's on his mind now and what plans he has for the future, the woman becomes suspicious. She feels alone, defenseless and deceived;
  • Material support. Yes, we want the husband to bring enough money to the family. And not because they are too mercantile. Many successful women do not need money in money. Just his efforts to invest his share in the family budget are an indicator of caring for close people and the desire to make their life more comfortable;
  • Participation in the education of children. A woman wants a spouse to be an authority for her children and that he as worries about them as she does. If the husband behaves detached, believing that the upbringing of children and caring for them is the mother's task, then the family relationship becomes like a forced coexistence. Heat and reliability from them do not have to wait.
  • Well, that's roughly how they treat a woman's marriage rules. What do men usually expect from him?

  • Satisfy your sexual needs. Yes, our men are looking for a harmonious and regular sex marriage. This is absolutely normal. Because the representatives of the stronger sex, if they are not finished ladies' men, want to have a constant partner who understands and supports them in the intima. Good sex for men is just as significant as attachment and love to us;
  • Separation or at least understanding of interests. Husbands need to ensure that the spouses either share their hobbies, or treat them with understanding. Better, of course, to share. Because then in the family, besides love and sex, there is also friendship. And she means a lot for a man;
  • Physical attractiveness. This does not mean that the wife should always look like a supermodel from the cover of the magazine. Yes, it is not required. It is enough not to forget that she is a woman, and always try to emphasize this;
  • Home comfort. Men need a comfortable family atmosphere, like air. They just dream of being welcomed at home with warmth and love. To eprinimali and understood in any mood. And that the family was inspired and allowed to take a break from the working problems;
  • Recognition of their merits and admiration for them. Praise and recognition of merits - this is a very powerful male motivation, which can make the mountains collapse. Honest admiration from the woman inspires the strong sex and is an excellent incentive for great achievements. The approval of his qualities and actions awakens the desire to conform to the opinion of oneself and move forward.
  • Here are some of the requirements for marriageRepresentatives of both sexes present. Needless to say, both men and women do not always try to build a family on mutual satisfaction of such demands. People expect protection from marriage, but receive disunity. They seek sexual gratification, but find an intimate coldness. A person thirsts for the recognition of his exclusivity, but he hears in his address some reproaches and insults. The husband wants a separation or understanding of his wife from the wife, but from the woman they cause only irritation and ridicule. So why are we surprised at such a lot of betrayals and unsuccessful marriages? Unfortunately, often the spouses simply do not know how to calmly discuss the problems arising in the relationship. They begin to get nervous, break down, turn to mutual reproaches. And if the marriage was still in a more or less holistic state, now it is already cracking. When the atmosphere is heated, the crack grows. The conjugal couple will not come to their senses in time - to be in trouble. Someone from the couple will certainly try to find consolation on the side. If the search reveals something that is not enough in marriage, then betrayal will be inevitable. Most often it concerns men. And not at all because they are less decent than women. Simply, men have more prerequisites and opportunities. Do not get a man of sexual gratification in the family? He will seek it elsewhere. Physiology - the lady indomitable. Does not evaluate his achievements and dignity the other half? A man will begin to raise self-esteem with the help of women who sing him praises. And so on. Lonely representatives of the weaker sex in our days a dime a dozen. And among them there will always be one that will fill a gap in the life of a man. It is likely that she will not be alone. In principle, the situation can always be changed for the better. But for this we need to know what common mistakes women make, trying to keep their husband from hiking to the side. how to avoid betrayals in family life

    What can not be counted on in trying to protect her husband from infidelity

    I must say that the male treason is not insurednot a single woman. No matter how mature and moral our man was, there is no head in his head, and there will be a frivolous thought about the closeness to some beauty. Well, under favorable circumstances, a fleeting fantasy can become a reality. The chances of such an outcome in the event that a man is a good family man and knows how to control himself is not great. But they are. About hardened red tape and can not speak. Just turn around and he's already flirting with someone. This case is almost hopeless. And if the woman decided to marry Lovelace, then it must be ready for his adventures. No, sometimes it happens that such kotyary calm down. But for this, their kitty must be very patient and reasonable. So what should we do, dear women? To see through the fingers of the tendency of men to be unfaithful and to allow for spouses' spree does not all work out. How to avoid the betrayal of her husband, and what are the proven ways for this? In general, each of us has some kind of arsenal of similar means. But only seemingly once-proven tricks and advice of our moms and grandmothers in practice often do not justify themselves. The common female misconceptions in this case are:

    • The belief is that if the faithful is good andtasty feed, he did not look in the direction of other women. The one who said that the way to the heart of a man lies through the stomach, either cunning or poorly knew men. They, besides a full stomach, need a lot more. Wife-cook - it's wonderful. But not enough. Once spoiled by culinary delights, a husband may lose his head from one that is only capable of fried eggs and sandwiches. Relations are not built only on the need for food;
    • Confidence that the betrayal of a man will be keptchildren. Oh, how wrong those who think so! Yes, the children are holding. But for the time being, until the time. If the attraction to the wife disappears and the man finds another woman, he, as a rule, is gradually freed from strong attachment to children. And if the new passion becomes a part of the life of a man, he can set a family, even if there are three children in it;
    • Aspiration to become an ideal hostess. That's so delusion so misleading! Cleaning the house is definitely important. But which of the men was kept by the lick of his wife's lodging? They do not even notice it! There is not a heap of garbage in the middle of the room - and all right;
    • The belief is that if it's always chiclook, the husband does not look at anyone else. Actually, it's a commendable effort. But the insurance against male infidelity, it also can not be. Because he will look, and even get carried away by the one who does not look like his wife. And not the fact that she will be a beautiful woman. Simply, this is another woman, new and unexplored.

    In fact, each of these points is not devoid of meaning. But in itself, he does not guarantee the absence of male infidelity. Do not give such guarantees and excellent sex with the use of all kinds of poses from the Kamasutra. Firstly, there are men who are rather uncomfortable feeling in bed with an overly passionate and skilful woman. And secondly, it is necessary that a man wants this woman not only because she is in sex - a virtuoso, but also because it attracts something else. So how to become an ideal couple for your husband? Frankly, there are no ready-made recipes. One thing is clear: a husband must always feel such interest to us so that he does not even have to go to the left. We must try to become his most loyal ally in everything - in sexual life, in the arrangement of the house, in relation to hobbies, in solving problems. And try to make sure that her husband does not feel like he knows us along and across. Let us reserve ourselves some mystery and unpredictability. Let the faith live the desire to solve us. If the betrayal still took place - we will not chop up the heat. In life, everything happens. It is better to wait for emotions to calm down, to approach the situation sensibly and with restraint, and try to find the true reasons for what happened. Perhaps it is enough to eliminate them, and the question of adultery of the husband will fall away? Often, it is not difficult to do this. We advise you to read: