pearl wedding 30 years since the wedding - this is a significant anniversaryin the life of each married couple. During these years, the couple together experienced a lot: both joy and sorrow. The couple already have adult children, grandchildren, who all come to congratulate the jubilees with a whole large and friendly family. What carries such a venerable date? What Old Russian rituals should pass the "newlyweds" on this day? Surely a couple, hand in hand, a third of life together, will not scare anything!

Pearls - a symbol of the thirtieth anniversary of the wedding

The thirtieth anniversary of the wedding is calledpearl. Pearls are a symbol of an expensive and beautiful life. A married couple is also identified with pearls: they are like a grain of sand, caught in a shell 30 years ago, overgrown with layers of mother-of-pearl year after year. Over the years, the pearl only grows, becoming stronger and bigger. So marriage: over the years, experiencing difficulties, acquired its form, and thirty years later turned into real beauty! The color of pearls is traditionally considered white, but in fact it has many shades. The color scheme of pearls symbolizes family life. White color - the color of the veil and wedding dress; pink - tenderness, lilac - dreams and dreams; orange - optimism; green - family happiness; red is the color of love and passion. Black pearl is the rarest of its kind; it symbolizes the path that is yet to be passed to the spouses. On this day, the couple give each other jewelery from pearls and mother-of-pearl. For his wife, a traditional gift on this day is a necklace of 30 pearls by the number of joint years lived. You can give a pearl bracelet, earrings, a ring. Unforgettable gift for the wedding anniversary will be a mantle made of natural fur, decorated with pearls. A gift for a husband with elements of pearls is harder to pick up, because this mineral is traditionally considered a female adornment. But, having shown imagination, it is possible and the spouse to please with an original ornament. It can be cufflinks, a pin for a tie, decorated with pearls; pearl cigarette case or cane, painted with pearl ornament. Modern gifts can differ from tradition and have a completely different character. If the spouse prefers the newfangled gadget to jewelry, it will be much more pleasant to present her with the desired gift. In this case, it will be even easier for men to please: a new camera, a tablet or a spinning will delight the hero of the day! An excellent gift for the couple will be a journey together. Such a trip will revive the romantic feelings. And if you hold a symbolic wedding ceremony in Venice or Hawaii, then such a holiday will be the best gift for the wedding. celebration of the pearl wedding

Folk rituals of a pearl wedding

Each anniversary has its own ancient traditions andceremonies. The festive day begins with such a rite: both spouses go to the nearest pond at dawn and throw there on the pearl. This action is accompanied by these words: "How many pearls lie on the bottom of the sea, so much we live together hand in hand." In return, they wanted to get a depth of feelings, an island of hope, a space of action. After the completion of this beautiful rite, the spouses return home, take up arms and swear by the mirror to each other in eternal love. Mirror has long been considered a magical subject, which remembers all the words and feelings spoken before him. This rite symbolizes purification, renewal and transition to a new level of relations. There is another rite, which is the most important and spiritual. This is a joint visit to the church and a presence in the service. The couple must put three candles in the church. The first - the Theotokos, in gratitude for the spouse; the second - the icon of the Crucifixion, for jointly experienced joys and sorrows, the third - the Holy Trinity, for the subsequent happy years. If the couple is not married, then this anniversary is an excellent occasion for this. The wedding is an oath before God in loyalty to one another and thanksgiving for a happy marriage on earth. The last rite, which is held on the anniversary of the wedding, is called "transfer of happiness." The rite is held for their children who recently married. A couple with a thirty-year experience symbolically shares the secrets of family happiness. The objects that are used in this rite bear a deep symbolic meaning. For the ceremony, you will need a ribbon, a blank sheet of paper, a pen, a ring, a rope, a plate. Anniversaries give the young couple a clean sheet and a pen on which they will have to record only good events in their life. Further, the culprits of the celebration give the children a ring with the words: "Let your love for each other be as infinite as the given object." After that, the elder associate the young feet with a rope so that they can never get away from each other. To the tied legs of a young couple is attached a ribbon with a plate. Young for each step passed with bound feet received one coin per plate. Towards the end of the journey, the plate is filled with coins. This action symbolizes the life path and accumulated wealth. Pearl Wedding Features

Birthday gifts and anniversary celebrations

Gifts from relatives can be presented separately or combined. Traditionally, they give a wedding anniversary:

  • Photos, photo collages or photo albums withpictures of memorable events of life. A photobook is a fashionable variant of reporting family life. Here can be captured the moments from the wedding of the young, the birth of children, grandchildren, trips. You can print a portrait of the couple on a large canvas or order a real portrait written from a photograph. Wall-papers also are an original gift for the anniversary;
  • Gifts for the house will always please the jubilee, by virtue ofits practicality. It can be a variety of household appliances: a coffee maker, yogurt maker, ice cream maker, blender, bread maker, multivark and more. Bed linen, bedspread, blanket will also be appropriate for this case.
  • Gifts with pearl finish: Dining sets, sets, caskets, sets for champagne and wine. This anniversary is identified with pearls, so the last group of gifts will be most preferable.

Invited to the jubilee, the little grandsons are verywill please their grandparents if they are presented with gifts of their own making. It can be an applique, a postcard made by one's own hand, verses, a story. And little girls, together with their mothers, can bake cookies covered in white glaze with jubilees. This dish will symbolize pearls. Before the celebration, the spouse hands the "bride" a bouquet of flowers with beautiful words or poems that express a warm feeling for her. The most pleasant end of the celebration is the invitation of guests to the table. The festive hall is pre-decorated with flowers in the wedding tradition. Relatives and relatives share such a momentous event with the jubilees. By tradition, before the celebration of the wedding anniversary, the spouses spend, as 30 years ago, the so-called hen parties and stag parties. On the eve, the spouses go to visit each separately to their friends. There they share the events of the past years in marriage. Spouses who have lived together for thirty years, are worthy of respect. The question arises involuntarily among young couples: how did they manage to sustain each other for so long? In life, everything happens, but only wisdom and mutual concern for each other helps to overcome all the difficulties in life, and look at your chosen one with love the same way as 30 years ago.