wooden wedding Anniversary of the wedding is always a joyful andunique event. In today's time, a truly great luxury, when two hearts manage to keep their love for many years. That is why every year lived to the day of the wedding are more thrilling and sentimental. So, the first anniversary of family life: 5 years. What could be more beautiful? Household difficulties are over, many issues are resolved, and the grinding of the characters has long happened. Truly a golden time! Therefore, it is necessary to properly prepare for this beautiful date. It will be about how to celebrate this anniversary, as well as what to give for the first anniversary of a joint life. Read the ideas of gifts from spouses to each other and presents from friends of the family. What to give for 5 years of the wedding?

5 years of wedding: everything is just beginning!

This event is very touching and romantic. And therefore, it is worthwhile to bring a little lyrics into the story, in order to understand the essence of this holiday as best as possible. It's interesting that every anniversary of the wedding has its name. Typically, this is any material that is a symbol of the date. So, the fifth anniversary of the date of marriage is usually called a wooden wedding. What is the reason for this name? Why was the wedding (namely its anniversary) so named? The thing is that by this time some couples already have time to acquire a new home, their cozy nest. And since in the old days houses, as a rule, were built of wood, the wedding was named in honor of this material for the construction of the dwelling and its improvement. Another value is due to the fact that for five years after the wedding, the husband and wife manage to give birth to at least one child. Thus, it symbolizes the genealogical tree, the continuation of the genus. Since ancient times, when choosing a gift for a wedding, it is customary to focus on what name this or that anniversary has. But this does not mean that, for example, for 5 years from the date of marriage, you need to give a piece of wood. Do not take everything too literally. Where it will be more interesting in its gift to beat this topic, so that the gift was pleasant to the spouses. In addition, it would be good to give something that can be saved as a memory. The five-year milestone is quite a serious date, which can not be left without proper attention. gift to each other

Anniversary of the wedding: what to give to the spouses for each other?

Spouses who have lived quite a long time inmarriage, of course, can allow you to give your beloved second half something meaningful and more valuable than friends can do. And expensive gifts are not accepted from someone not too close. For example, spouses can give each other watches, which are equipped with a wooden bracelet. Do not be surprised, because there are such. By the way, this is one of the fashion trends in accessories in recent times. So, a female watch model can be quite elegant. Let it be an elegant bracelet and no less beautiful dial. If opportunities permit, then it is possible to inlay small precious stones or even Swarovski crystals. Male version of the watch should be more restrained, but not less stylish. Very much a man-like option with several dials. A very interesting gift will be a wooden box for jewelry. But it should not just be a casket. Let it be cut out something special. For example, words or symbols that are important to both partners. A wife, in turn, can also please her husband. Everyone knows that most men dream of their own study. So why not give something that will become the basis of this important element of a man's personal zone? Good and elegant table of mahogany - this is something that will certainly please the spouse. Do you want to move away from the theme of the tree? Then you can safely give each other jewelry: bracelets, rings and stuff. Such gifts always remain relevant (regardless of the date and occasion). And if you want to do something truly eternal, you can plant a tree together. This option is perfect for those who have their own country plot. Let the planted tree symbolize the love of a couple that will grow stronger every year, stronger and more beautiful, like the seedling itself. a symbolic gift from friends

What kind of gifts can friends and close families give?

Friends of the family can give a pair of not so expensivegifts. The main thing is attention to such a significant and very important date for them. A souvenir with wood carvings can be a good and original gift. On such a gift it would be nice to depict the names of the husband and wife. But much more surprising surprise will be a portrait of the couple, performed on a tree. You can give and the tree itself, that's just not street, but room. It can be any citrus plant: tangerine, lemon or other. A more extravagant and unusual option is a dwarf bonsai tree, dwarf birch, apple tree and others. It will remind you of the date and the donor. And what kinds of gifts can you still admit? A genealogical tree with mini-frames for photos of all family members is what will make sense. After all, what can be more valuable than a family? And therefore you can and should give a genealogical tree. Every year it will grow more and more, within the framework there will be new photos. If spouses are endowed with a sense of humor, then it is worth giving them as a gift a mini bar ... in the form of a wooden globe. And for a greater impression it can be filled with those drinks that the culprits of the celebration themselves prefer. Here is a globe with a secret! The holiday just will be. And if the husband and wife are intellectuals and like quiet games, then for them the real joy will be a set for playing chess. Let it be a chic wooden variant, in which each figure is made by the hands of a master. Handmade was appreciated at all times. In addition, there is a part of the soul. This is really a gift for many years. Books and albums are also appropriate for a gift for 5 years of the wedding. This is a kind of particle of the previously mentioned material. At the same time, the book will always remain an excellent gift for all time. Only it is necessary to find out in advance about what the tastes of the perpetrators of the holiday are. In addition to this, it will be original to give a pair of rocking chairs. What could be better than a combination of such an armchair and books? It only remains to add a fireplace here. These gifts for 5 years of marriage can be presented as a sign of love and attention. And this is not all ideas. The most important thing is that the gift reflects not only the essence of the person to whom they give, but also the one who gives. And let it contain a piece of soul and love. In this case, everyone will be satisfied, and the holiday will be remembered for a long time.