how to take revenge on her husband for treason Oh, these men's treason ... These days they have becomeso commonplace that even a special conviction is not liable. Like, they are all males, because nature is like that. Sexual instinct is stronger than common sense. The instinct is there, not the instinct, and when the husband changes, it is always very painful. You give birth to his children, you erase, prepare, clean and trust, considering almost the most native person in the world. And all of a sudden as a fag on the topic - a faithful with someone slept. Okay it would be more, if you slept, and then the name of the temporary mistress forgot. Here, as if to and fro - the blood leapt, the mind fell into a stupor, and - forward, my playful horses! Then, maybe he'll regret what he did, start repenting, sweep the floor with his tail. In short, in this case, you can povrevet, poditsya, porat, finally, and forgive. But it often happens otherwise! He will take his precious spouse to some fresh beauty and rushes to her periodically, twisting and referring to meetings, business trips, excessive employment at work. How to be in this case? How to take revenge on her husband for treason so that it would penetrate to the liver itself? And whether it is necessary to revenge in general?

What not to do to pardon her husband for treason

What usually comes to the head of a woman who learned about the betrayal of her husband?

  • To drive out the scoundrel immediately with slippers,shirts and a favorite mug. Let him roll by perekatiplem to his bitch and have sex with her until he is sick! Let her, the bastard, understand what kind of fruit, and a hundred times regret that he contacted him. And he, such a rubbish, let him remember every minute his beautiful wife, which he lost, and suffers, repenting of his deed.
  • Immediately put the horns to the faithful, and such that in the airplane hangar, he could move with difficulty. And it does not matter with whom and how, if only these rozhshchi quickly grew.
  • Meet with the mistress of her husband, deprive her of her eyesand hair or spoil existence in some other way. The main thing - to spoil, so she knew how to go to bed with a family man. Look, fashion took zhenatikov seduce, dogs of a feminine gender!
  • And in some cases, from despair and resentmentI want to rush under the train, jump from the ninth floor, get drunk poison and so on. All of the above as revenge is no good. First, it's never too late to drive out. But not the fact that the "scoundrel" will regret it. But then we can completely bite our elbows - infidelity by infidelity, but a man inclined to adultery does not always have a lot of additional flaws. Everyone is capable of changing, including good family members. If such a person is not bad at home, decently earns and tries to do everything for the comfortable life of his wife and children, one must think hard before exposing him to the door. The replacement will be very difficult to find, and even when there is, where is the guarantee that the new spouse will not change one day? And then, it is likely that the strongest half of the first half will become very uncomfortable with his passion or alone. And then he clings like a leaf from a bath broom and starts whining, appealing to pity and forgiveness. You have to take back, because you will not get rid of it - it will put pressure on the most powerful levers of sympathy. This is not good. Once you concede in this case, you become an object that can be controlled. So you can go to the left again someday. After this, the wife will drive away? Nothing wrong. Sooner or later again he will let go. Secondly, it is not difficult to attach the horns to the top of the pious one. Hunters to jump into the bunk will always be there. Here just then? And suddenly one of these "hunters" will like, but will not reciprocate? Again to suffer? Or the fleeting sexual partner will start to dissolve gossip, supplementing them with invented juicy details. Then wash off the spilled pails on you ... Third, to spoil the face and to tear out the hair of a husband's girlfriend is not revenge at all. This is an unpleasant act of the head of a woman who has lost her head. Why put yourself in such an unattractive light? It is better, if you really want to communicate with her, to establish friendly relations with the crafty razluchnitsey. This can not be sustained, of course, but you can still pick yourself up if you want. And in conversations with her, it would be inadvertently to mention the most unpleasant shortcomings of the spouse. They say, he is not a prince at all, next to a similar type of living oh, how hard it is ... Dirty, rude, liar. Yes, and to the weak sex is extremely not indifferent. At work he has Lyudochka, so this ladies-lovers do not leave her! A neighbor Tanechka in general does not give a pass. And let Lyudochki and Tanechki in nature does not exist - it does not matter. Idyll in the relationship of lovers will disappear forever. Now this will be revenge! And, finally, in chetvertyh, swallowing poison, jumping under a train and doing something similar to take revenge on her husband for treason - the highest stupidity. To give up life because the man has got himself another is a real nonsense. Men in the world a dime a dozen. There is also a groom on our head. Oh, this is a beloved husband? Yes dog with him! We'll mourn a couple of months and calm down. In the end, there can be several "beloved ones", but one life. And to sacrifice her because of her husband's adultery, using her own death as revenge - idiocy. Especially as with the torments of conscience until the end of his days, he certainly will not be tormented. After a while, he will calm down and begin to taste the delights of existence to the fullest. So trains, ninth floors, poisons and everything that is attached to them, is strictly prohibited. Good. To drive out the deceived blagovernoy it is not necessary, to start up in all serious and not too it is impossible, to mistress to beat glasses and something else to them in addition it is ugly, to put on themselves hands and to think there is nothing. So then how to avenge the betrayal of a spouse, so that he, a fornicator, would regret his action? how to avenge treason

    Variants of revenge for her husband for treason

    In general, the most effective revenge for men,changed his wife - the merry and abandoned tranquility of this very wife after discovering the fact of unfaithfulness of the faithful. When she instead of hysterics and scandals friendly jokes and continues to do their own things - this is if not a knockout, then a significant blow to the breath. More precisely, a powerful clout on self-esteem. Such a clout, from which the brains melt, and the thoughts of another woman are completely blocked. They are replaced by one, painful and indestructible - why does not his wife hysteria, but chuckles ?! Apparently, she does not care? Hence, either does not like, or has got to itself someone! This idea will pursue our hussar everywhere - at work, at dinner, on fishing, in a dream and even in bed with a mistress, if he still gets there. As a result, the poor man can neither eat nor sleep, lost in conjecture, what is happening, and trying to achieve the location of his beloved wife. The best variant of revenge and to think up difficult. However, not every one of us is able to keep ourselves in hand and smile serenely, having learned about the betrayal of a loved one. Usually emotions are raging, like a tornado, and they do not have enough strength to control them. Revenge seems the most acceptable way out. Otherwise there will be an explosion of indescribable power. In principle, we can agree with this. But it is better to try first to listen to the weak voice of the mind, which tries to break through the storm of feelings. Can not hear anything? We'll beat a couple of plates, we'll tear off the shirt of a traitorous traitor, we'll kick his shoes, we'll whip off a pillow ... In a word, let's release steam, we'll have an opportunity to reason more or less soberly, and think about how to avenge treason. The most accessible and simple variant of vengeance is to stop doing for the faithful what he previously counted on us. That is, we do not erase his belongings, we do not prepare breakfast for the spouse, lunches and dinners, we do not follow the wardrobe of this ladies' man, we do not pay his bills, we do not solve domestic problems for him. Ended clean socks? Not our problem. Let him put the dirty in a bag and drag him to his substr ... pardon, girl-friend. So she did not think that she had picked up an angel in the flesh. Came from work hungry? Nothing, dinner in another place. Oh, you're tired? And did not you run to your mistress? (You do not need to say this phrase aloud). He buys on the way from work shop dumplings, cooks and eats. And the dishes will wash themselves. It is necessary to get used to independence. This option is not bad, but only if the spouse used to not wash himself and did not cook. If you erased and cooked, ignoring his household needs will not be a revenge. Then you can choose another way to annoy the reveler. For example, to dissolve rumors about how he is unskillful and dirty, pour a laxative into the soup, constantly pour tea and coffee, hide the remote from the TV, when there is football ... In a word, constantly adjust any tricks. Trifle, but it works on nerves. If they have a husband is not steel, of course. And, finally, another version of revenge. The most, perhaps, pleasant. Busy yourself. Build a career, buy a couple of cool little things, visit a hairdresser and make a new haircut, find a very fascinating hobby. That is, to make the eyes shine, the gait becomes light and flying, and the men on the street stumble when they meet with us. Hide the pain away - she is old women and makes them ugly and miserable. We can! We are a weak sex! Hence, we have a colossal endurance, patience and willpower. And this rake let him rush, realizing that he does not know his wife at all and that he did not appreciate her. In general, I would like to once again note - before thinking how to avenge treason, you should at least relax a little. Otherwise, you can do this - for a millennium do not rake! Calm down and try to understand - why did this kotyaru incur there? Boredom, spontaneous desire, lust, an attempt to assert itself, a disgusted home, a bored wife? Perhaps, in his betrayal, there is an essential part of our guilt? If so, you need to review your own behavior in the family, and not set a goal to take revenge on the one who was pushed on the adultery. Review and forgive. After all, the family is always more expensive than going to the left. We advise you to read: