"A wise wife will arrange her house, and her stupidwill destroy. " (From the parable of Solomon). We talk a lot about what women like men. We put a lot of effort in order to effectively look and sort through many recipes of dishes to pamper delicious dinners of their loved ones. We care about men, trying to make their life more comfortable. And ... We are left alone! Why? Let's see what the men themselves say about this.

Male ideal woman. The reasoning of the experienced

Strangely enough, but the dream of every man, -is not at all like a sex symbol and not a copy of a caring mother with her hearty meals. The dream of any man is a woman who has wisdom. It is not by chance that almost all known statements about women's wisdom belong to representatives of the strong half of humanity! "It is generally accepted that wise wives do not exist in nature. This is a myth, a fairy-tale character, an unreachable male ideal. Because only ideally there are wives accepting husbands as they are. Without attempts of modernization and alteration. Wives who start the morning with a smile, a kind word and a hot breakfast, and not with the clarification of the circumstances of where this pious wandered almost until the morning. Wives who understand the soul of a real football fan and are able to bring a bottle of cool beer to her husband while he watches the Cup of Cups with the participation of his beloved team. Wives who understandably let her husband to a meeting with friends, and upon return offer a quiet rest. And so on, and so on ... "This maxim of one of my friends was born after I asked to speak on the topic of whether there are wives in nature. I will not say that I completely agree with the above theses, but I respect the point of view expressed with respect. What is wrong to hide, because there are many men, and, by some estimates, their absolute majority, who see in the wisdom of women a utilitarian, consumer background. What is the wisdom of a woman for such men? If you delve into the problem deeper, it becomes clear that it is often perceived only at the domestic level. Often, the keeper of the hearth in the male mind is a mother, a servant and a housewife in one person, a quiet and meek creature, which in every way indulges her husband. Such a substitution of concepts, as a rule, does not lead to anything good.

Encyclopedia of Women's Wisdom

What is wisdom? There are a myriad of definitions of this concept. Perhaps, of all the pearls of wisdom can be identified as follows: "The foolish never forgive and do not forget; naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive, but do not forget. " This aphorism of the American psychiatrist Thomas Shash most fully reveals the notion of true wisdom. With regard to a wise woman, this expression can be understood in such a way that she will in fact forgive all her husband's sins and patiently endure all his actions, whatever they are. How to become a wise wife of this kind and whether it is for the women themselves? Each solves itself. As an example - one sketch from life. He was one of those about whom they say "life was a success". His business flourished, and it is only natural that charming creatures of the female were present in the company's surroundings. He was married. Moreover, he was a loving husband. But, nevertheless, he sometimes had novels on the side. For his wife, these adventures were not a great mystery. She knew about them, but after every adventure she took her husband back, wisely forgiving his pranks. Time passed, and this man realized that all his fleeting novels were no more than smoke from white apple trees. And that he only needs a wife - faithful, loving and understanding. History is authentic, but about such a wife, the true embodiment of wisdom, perhaps, everyone would dream. In the circumstances described, higher understanding helped not only to understand and forgive her husband, but also to preserve the family hearth. The heroine of this story acted as a truly wise woman. Of course, patience was given to her very hard. But after all, in the end, she received a decent reward for him!

Lessons of female wisdom

The union of two is work. Work is daily, requiring from everyone not only patience, but also the ability to forgive, treat the partner with understanding. The ancient sages noticed that the man himself is not a man, just like a woman. And only when the union of the two forms a family, this new organism and can be allegorically called a person. If every half of this organism lives, taking into account the interests of another, then such an organism can live happily ever after. It is no accident that a woman is called the guardian of the family. From her wisdom depends largely on what kind of family will be. Of course, the role of men in maintaining the family hearth is also important, and no one belittles it. But it is the wife who possesses innate or acquired wisdom that can make her husband after work happily return to the house. A truly wise woman intuitively understands that the family is a great work, largely based on compromise solutions. To concede, forgive, understand - these are the qualities that best cement the cell of society. It is understandable that women's wisdom is a quality acquired. It is hardly worth demanding from yesterday's student right after the end of the honeymoon. Good and wise wives are not born, they become. Just as cognac over time acquires more and more gustatory qualities, so a woman, having passed through the thorns of the everyday life of family coexistence and entering the time of her beauty, understands exactly what the real woman's wisdom is. And it is, among other things, in the realization of the fact that there are no ideal people. And if a woman succeeds in loving someone who is close to him, with all his shortcomings, ambitions and vain aspirations, then the wisdom of this love will allow the family hearth to burn for a long time.

My half ... What I represent it

First of all, it's smart. The mind is the initial step towards wisdom, which comes with age. Wisdom is the product of years, reflection and inner perfection. In addition, she is patient, restrained and understanding. All these qualities came to her with the experience that was before me. She is able not only to understand me, which in itself is of great value, but also to feel my mood, to catch a halftone, not to let the conflict break out. She does not argue or insist on her own. Just listening to me and agreeing. Either gently and respectfully expresses his point of view, and then I agree with her. We with it an evident embodiment of the saying that the husband is a head and the wife is a neck. She is an excellent mother for our children. She knows how to give them all her love without a trace. Children feel it perfectly and, as a rule, they respond the same. Any question or problem can be discussed with it. Calmly and deliberately, she will prompt a decision, and from this the feeling of our unity grows stronger day by day. Her love is unobtrusive, but I feel it every minute. And this allows me to understand that I can not live without it. Probably, this is the ideal of relations between a man and a woman. In a word, that's it, my half. I believe that sooner or later we will meet to never part ... We advise you to read: