Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? Any modern woman who is used to beingin the course of the main trends of fashion and create their own image, they are interested in the main directions of the office style of this season. Career growth and success in the service, whatever one may say, depend on how we look. We offer, not delaying to talk about the main novelties of business clothes of the 2016 season. The fashionable season 2016 offers a variety of models that allow people to find the right thing for people of different styles and views. Only have to do without outfits and provocative ideas. It remains only the most necessary, comfortable and convenient, so it was cozy in the office and on the cold street.

Old good classic

Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? This winter, fashion designers propose to abandonso fond of many black colors. The main color solution can safely be considered gray scale: it is present in almost all details of office clothing. A little new: gray suits (skirt and jacket, trousers and fitted jacket), gray monochrome jumpers, and just gray trousers. Quite a standard option. Only the tones and shades of gray are changed. Tommy Hilfiger offers a cool gray color, Marc Jacobs prefers soft and muted options of gray.

Pleasant beige

Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? Lovers of a warm palette of flowers will find thiswinter inspiration in another basic color of office fashion. We are talking about beige. Most often beige color is associated with autumn, but fashion designers suggest not to abandon it in the winter. Ensembles of beige color of various saturation can be called an indispensable element of a fashionable wardrobe for the office. This color is present in the collections of designers such as Zac Posen, a fan of English classics Julien Macdonald, a supporter of Italian emancipation Salvatore Ferragamo. To wear such sets is accepted together with high boots of the same tone.

Military style

Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? One of the leaders in the color range of office stylewas the color-khaki, who actively used the fashion houses Moschino, Max Mara, Dries Van Noten. For offices where it is necessary to follow a strict corporate style, this option, of course, will not work. However, there are many professions that are inherent in some democratic clothing. For them, khaki will be a successful novelty. It should also be taken into account that the military direction is gaining popularity this winter, and therefore the fate of the khaki in a business wardrobe may prove to be quite durable. Basically, this color offers cargo pants, but also look narrow skirts and knitted fabrics, which acquire a completely different sound.

Male Style Admirers

Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? Many fashion houses (Salvatore Ferragamo, MarcJacobs, rag & bone and many others) offer a three-piece suit as the most popular outfit for a business woman this winter. For an authoritative woman, who has become accustomed to making decisions herself, this is precisely an emphatically rigorous style. As additions to such suits, men's hats and low-boots with a narrow nose are recommended. If you are not ready to give up your femininity, it is entirely permissible to use only some elements of this direction.

Feminine blouses

Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? This direction is suitable for those who do not intend toto part with his femininity and is a categorical opponent of the male style. However, despite the fact that the cut of these blouses is called "secretarial", not every boss will allow wearing it in the office, since such models still come out of the strict framework of corporate standards. Some consider such models too frank and frivolous. Even if this is so, you should pay attention to such blouses. They will help to look sexy in the event that, of course, do not throw the boss in shock. This winter offers to purchase "secretar" blouses from expensive fabrics (Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloe).

A fitted jacket

Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? This is one of the very successful novelties of the fashion season2016. It is used in its collections by designers of completely different styles and directions: a bit fanciful Dries Van Noten, and strict Paul Smith. The basis for the creation of this model was an ordinary men's jacket, only for women's fashion it is offered in a very fit version. It looks very elegant, and if you wear it with a bell-tie and add a few elements of retro style, it will be just awesome. The designers did not limit themselves to one fitted jackets. Stella McCartney also offers very cute short fitted jackets.

T-shirts and vests

Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? This can be safely called the main find of the winterseason. The sleeveless jackets and waistcoats are unquestionable hits in the collections of 2016. Some of them are made of fur with a long pile. Also there are options, similar to sleeveless coats, which should be worn with thick sweaters. However, for the office, such options are likely to be misplaced. Preference should be given nevertheless to more quiet classical models. You can pay attention to the shortened waistcoats reminding men's, as at Ralph Lauren, or to choose the long waists, more similar to tunics, as at Tommy Hilfiger, or to give preference to a skin as it was made by Sportmax.

Cozy knitwear

Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? It is unlikely that you will be able to ignore this winterknitted things. They are the absolute favorite of the 2016 season and absolutely logically switched from everyday clothes to office style. In the office, it is unlikely that the voluminous binding and Norwegian drawings will be appropriate, but there is a huge variety of other options. Etro offers a jumper in a masculine style paired with a shirt. Chloe show a chic choice of soft warm divers. Sonia Rykiel and Michael Kors attract fashionists with beautiful knitted dresses.


Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? That's where the originality will be superfluous. Excessive details that attract attention with office style are not combined. The main condition in choosing shoes for the office is the absence of pronounced sexual details: bows, rhinestones, large buckles. Male style of business clothes also presupposes certain rules in the choice of shoes. Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? Such imitation of men's shoes can be observedmany fashion designers, in particular, Anne Valerie Hash. Do not lose their relevance of various versions of shoes-Oxford, only the shades that are used for business models, should be more calm. For those ladies who do not want to part with their emphatically feminine style, you can recommend models with an original unusual heel. These shoes will look original and at the same time will not cause complaints from your employers.

Bags for business ladies

Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? For business ladies, the bag is an attributeof paramount importance. Any traditional model, even the one you bought a year or two ago, will do. If you are fed up with such models, and you agree to decide on small experiments, winter collections offer many interesting models that are suitable for practical daily use. Fashion for office. What will we wear in winter 2016? The leaders of this season are small womenportfolios (for example from Cerruti). Classic handbag models will become more modern if they use a decorative stitch, similar to what you can see on down jackets and blown jackets Antonio Marras. We advise you to read: